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Nifty Homestead was founded to help aspiring and expert homesteaders learn and grow. We post resources on gardening, raising animals, natural building, sustainable energy, and tons of other topics related to homestead living.

Founding Homesteaders:


Kristina & Kane Jamison

kristinaKane’s Bio: Kane is the Chief Homesteader at Nifty Homestead. When he’s not harvesting, he spends his time sketching possible garden layouts, taking care of miscellaneous home improvements, and planning our upcoming homestead projects. You can contact Kane directly by emailing [Kane at NiftyHomestead.com].

A message from Kane:

My wife and I moved onto our 1/7th acre Seattle homestead in March, 2011. Since then we’ve torn out thousands of square feet of grass, built a 120-foot-long earthbag wall, and added a chicken coop—and a few flocks of hens—to our property.

While we’re lucky to have good careers and could easily drive two cars, buy a bigger house, and get all of our meals delivered to our door, that’s not really our style. We love eating eggs from our hens and fruit from our own trees, building homestead projects, and knowing that we’ve managed to reduce our family’s environmental footprint through the choices we make regarding food, energy, transportation, and more.

But, what I like even more is teaching others how to bring the same meaning to their lives. That’s why I started Nifty Homestead.

Right now, sustainable living is a choice we can make. In a few generations as humans face challenges like rising sea levels, over-production of oil, and skyrocketing populations, it’s how we’ll all have to live. While I think technology and renewable energy can fix many of the problems we face, I still think that simplification and reducing our footprints is key to building a sustainable future and making the transition to a post-oil society.

For my family, that means embracing (and enjoying) old-but-new-to-us skills like caring for chickens, growing our own food, and getting rid of dated suburban concepts like maintaining a pristine green lawn that you have to mow every Sunday.

Since you’re reading this, you’ve already figured that out. The guides and articles on this site are meant to help you be successful at this new way of life, but also feel fulfilled. The ideas behind sustainable living are as important as the skills needed to do it.

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-Kane Jamison

kristinaKristina’s Bio: Kristina is the Chief Homesteaderess at Nifty Homestead. When she’s not experimenting with new recipes, she is working as a nurse here in Seattle. She can often be found snail-mailing homemade cards, running local trails, and hanging out at Westcrest dog park with Ben the dog.

Kane & Kristina post additional updates about their own homestead on SeattleHomestead.com.

Nifty Homestead Authors:

seth kolloenSeth Kolloen: Seth is our managing editor. When he’s not watching the Mariners, he and his wife tend to their urban patio garden in Seattle, wishing it was possible to grow bell peppers in Seattle.

Lucia WyssLucia Wyss: Lucia splits her life between town and country. When she’s not in Olympia with her garden, she is helping her partner at Hidden River Farms raising pastured pigs and growing organic grain and veggies.

Marya CaseyMarya Casey: Marya lives on 5 acres in Olympia Washington with her partner and his family. Together they grow and preserve food, raise animals, make medicine, keep bees and are currently working on a natural building project.

keirenKeiren: Keiren founded the website InspirationGreen.com in 2008, to cover her interests in art, building, developing countries, love of animals, healthy living, and the environment. Inspiration Green merged with Nifty Homestead in 2016.