Barbed Wire And Galvanized Wire Sculptures

At least you know it’s sturdy—barbed wire was the first manufactured fence able to restrain cattle.

The Barbed Wire Sculpture Of David Oliviera

wire sculpture
Wire Sculpture by David Oliviera of Portugal.

wire sculpture
Wire Sculpture by David Oliviera.

wire sculpture
Wire Wolves bounding down a stair by David Oliviera.

wire sculpture
Wire Sculpture (Imoto, 2012) by David Oliviera.

The Wire Sculpture Of Sophie Ryder

wire sculpture
Wire Eye by Sophie Ryder.

chicken wire sculpture
Wire Rabbit in Yorkshire, UK by Sophie Ryder. Wound metal wire.

wire sculpture
Wire Feet by Sophie Ryder.

wire sculpture
Wire sculpture by Sophie Ryder. Rib cage is an old boxspring.

The World’s Best Wire Sculptures

barbed wire sculpture
Wire Sculpture (Configuration, 2009) by Barbara Licha. 3′ high.

wire sculpture
Wire Sculpture (Mr. X 1 & 2, 2010) by Barbara Licha.
Born in Poland, in Australia since 1982.

barbed wire sculpture
Barbed wire sheep by Paul Byatt.

barbed wire sculpture
Ernie Poe uses coiled antique barbed wire for his sculptures. Since the age of 73, the former cattle rancher has built more than 300 barbed wire sculptures.

barbed wire sculpture
‘And Light Fell on her Face’ by Gavin Worth.

barbed wire sculpture
Barbed wire chairs at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art by Benni Efrat, 1999.

barbed wire sculpture
Barb Wire Bowl (I Am) by Diane Hansen of Minnesota.

barbed wire sculpture
Barbed-wire emus by Laurie Nilsen.

barbed wire sculpture
Elizabeth Berrien known as the Wire Lady.

barbed wire sculpture
Lazy Stretch by Jo Burchell, UK.

wire sculpture
Wire sculpture by Alexander Calder.
Lots more here:

reuse wire sculpture
Coat Hanger Astronaut by David Mach of Scotland. Mach creates assemblages out of mass-produced objects. Most often these include magazines, teddy bears, newspapers, car tires, match sticks and coat hangers.

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Author: keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building.

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I'm a driftwood sculptor and am always fascinated by the beautiful work other people have done using all sorts of media; especially recyclable materials. I have been doing a lot of sculptures using fallen maple, oak, and other leaves. If anyone has done anything like that, please contact me.

Thanks, louie


Great!I like it! Roy


Check out John Veeken Sculpture via search engine for some amazing barbed wire artwork.

butterbean carpenter


I'm a retired rancher and have miles of rusted 'bob-war' we've taken down.. I'm no artist, but would like to try to make something with the wire.. This wire was made before WW2 and is very 'breakable' when bent.. I would like to know how to 'work' it into shapes, without breaking it into little pieces..



I enjoyed seeing your work, it's wonderful.