Bottle Cap Art

Ideas are cheap, art materials are expensive. One artist didn’t get his start until he was able to find plastic bottle caps he could use for free.

The Plastic Bottle Cap Art Of El Anatsui

bottle top art
El Anatsui was born in Ghana before its independence in 1957, but since 1975 he has lived in Nsukka, Nigeria where he is a professor of sculpture at the University of Nigeria. Image by Nash Baker.

bottle top art
El Anatsui – “Rain Has No Father”
In 1999, the artist happened upon a bag of bottle caps thrown in the bush. He inquired, and found that the local distillery removed the metal caps and seals from used liquor bottles before refilling the containers. And so a steady source ensued.

bottle top art
El Anatsui mostly uses aluminum seals from the tops of liquor bottles, but also incorporates flattened or rolled bottle caps as well. All are meticulously wired together.

bottle top art
El Anatsui
With the help of numerous assistants, Anatsui flattens the seals and folds them into strips that are then woven together with copper wire.

bottle top art
It takes almost two months to finish one sculpture.

bottle top art
El Anatsui –

bottle cap art
El Anatsui –
Thousands of strips of aluminum taken from the seals used on liquor bottles.

bottle cap art
El Anatsui – C-Monster

bottle top art
El Anatsui

El Anatsui: When I Last Wrote to You about Africa, was the artist’s first career retrospective. The 2012 exhibition featured some sixty works in wood, metal, ceramic, painting, print and drawing. For a slide show of works in the show:

More Amazing Plastic Bottle Cap Art

bottle top art
Bottlecap Giraffe – Unidentified, 1966, the Smithsonian –

plastic bottle top reuse
Plastic Bottle Top Portrait by Mary Ellen Croteau
Bottom is detail of nose area.

bottle top art
Chuck Close by Molly B. Right
The bottle caps overlap and date from the 30′s to the 70′s. Transparent washes of glaze are often used to further define the image. Most of the portraits are 4′ x 5′ and are on sheet metal.

bottle cap art
Medusa by Molly B. Right

bottle cap art
Philip Simmons by Molly B. Right

bottle top art
Great Blue Heron – Molly B. Right

bottle cap art
Bottle Cap Mosaic with help – send this company an image of what you would like to create, they will send you back a template, you supply and attach the caps! tilemosaicmaker

plastic bottle top art
Bottle cap mural at Fish Restaurant, Charleston.

bottle top art
Gilbert Whyman – Bottle tops on mesh.

plastic bottle cap art
Plastic Bottle Cap Mosaic. A 100m2 mosaic from approximately 90,200 discarded plastic bottle tops. Created for the world cup during 14 June 2010 – 13 July 2010. More pics:

bottle top art
Aaron Buehring –

bottle top art
Robert Melee, Enamel, plaster, bottle caps on wood –

bottle top art
Rick Melee – Redefined Gradual Substitution, 2000 enamel, plaster, beer bottle caps, on wood 25″ diam, 20 X 30 inches

bottle top art
Tom Denninger –

bottle cap art
Barcade, Brooklyn, NY pic by Joshua Reid

aluminum can house
Kipps Bay Decorators’ House
Tin can top panelling made by Clare Graham, in area designed by Matthew White
and Frank Webb.   Close up below…

tin can wall
Kipps Bay Decorators’ House
Tin can top panelling made by Clare Graham, in area designed by Matthew White and Frank Webb.

plastic bottle top art
Bottle cap windows in Columbus, Ohio
and how to plastic bottle cap crafts book:
© Michelle Stitzlein

bottle cap table
Bottle Cap Table

bottle cap backsplash
Bottle Cap Backsplash

bottle cap furniture
Phoenix Commotion Home.
Beer bottle cap floor. Image by Miro Dvorscak.

bottle cap chair
Flattened Bottle Cap Chair and Table.

bottle cap art
Rick Ladd –

bottle cap art
Bottle cap do.
Photo by Eric Lafforgue.

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Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building.

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Breathtaking, fabulous, beautiful, awesome...I don't have enough adjectives.


This is sooo great! congrats to the artists....inspirational!


how do you connect the plastic bottle caps together. i'm trying to make a dress out of them....


I have been collecting bottle caps for 3 years! :It is almost impossible for recycling centers to recycle them which is why every bottle cap that enters my house gets saved. What an inspiration this site is! I have a new project. Thank you!

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Share with me your art ideas. Thanks and regards, Boldwin




Amazing it real very beautiful art


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I thank you so much for this site as I am currnetly working on a similar project in Mauritius

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Wow! This was tons of fun and very inspirational!



these are amazing pitchers of people and what they have done.


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