Koch Brothers’ Products

Koch Brothers Products — We’re Surrounded.

If you have been following news about the Koch brothers, you might be curious as to which products they manufacture.

It turns out, the Koch Brothers, with a net worth of over $40 billion each, own stakes in a ton of industries like paper and wood products, chemicals, textiles, plastics, etc.

Here are a list of companies and industries in which the Koch brothers own a stake:

  • Paper Products: Angelsoft, Brawny, Dixie, Mardi Gras, Quilted Northern, Soft n Gentle, Sparkle, Vanity Fair
  • Wood: Georgia-Pacific (largest plywood manufacturer in US – also owns most of the paper companies above).
  • Textiles & Plastics: Polarguard, Stainmaster, Dacron, Lycra, CoolMax/SolarMax, Thermolite, and more.
  • Chemicals, Coal, & Oil: Crude oil processing, Flint Hills Resources, lots of other commodities handled.
  • Nitrogen: One more reason to make your own fertilizer – Koch Industries produces many synthetic fertilizers.

Those are just the best known brands – there’s many more on the list below. =(

Koch Brothers Products: Paper Products

koch brothers products

koch brothers products

koch brothers productskoch brothers products

koch brothers productskoch brothers products

koch brothers productskoch brothers products

koch brothers productskoch brothers products

koch brothers productskoch brothers products

koch brothers productskoch brothers products

koch brothers productskoch brothers products

koch brothers productskoch brothers products

Georgia-Pacific owns all of the brands above, and also distributes paper towels, napkins and soap dispensing systems used in commerical settings. Some GP commercial toilet paper brands: Envision, Coronet®, SCA, Tork and Fort James. GP also produces Pacific Garden liquid soaps.

koch brothers productskoch brothers products

Georgia-Pacific produces ink and office paper under the labels: Advantage, GP (including GP Harmon recycled papers), ImagePlus and the Spectrum® family of office paper products.

Koch Brothers Products: Wood

Georgia-Pacific is the largest manufacturer of plywood in the U.S.

Including Plytanium Plywood®, DryPly® plywood, Ply-Bead®.

Georgia-Pacific is one of the country’s largest suppliers of corrugated boxes and containers.

Various, numerous wood products, dimensional lumber and building materials: Blue Ribbon, Clutter Cutter, DensArmor Plus, DensDeck, DensGlass, DensShield® gypsum board, DryPly, Fireguard®, Grant Forest OSB Board, GP Lam, Hushboard, Nautilus, Ply-Bead, Plytanium, Southern Gold, Sta-Strait, Thermostat, ToughRock and Wood I Beam.

Koch Brothers Products: Textiles and Plastics

These are under the Koch Brothers brand Invista Products. Invista produces a large selection of products under this business, including polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polymers for carbonated soft drink, water, beer, juice, food and custom container applications. Production also includes polyester intermediate feedstocks, film products, fibers, and specialty polymers for a variety of applications, inlcuding PBT-based engineering polymer.

  • Stainmaster
  • Dacron
  • Lycra
  • CoolMax
  • SolarMax
  • Polarguard
  • Thermolite
  • Antron
  • Comforel fiberfill
  • DBE® dibasic esters
  • Tactel
  • Tactesse Carpet Fibers
  • Terathane
  • ADI-Pure®
  • Polyshield®
  • Polyclear®
  • Oxyclear™
  • Performa®
  • Cordura fabric
  • Supplex® Fabric
  • Somerelle® Bedding

Documentary: Koch Brothers Exposed

The full-length documentary starts with the background of the Koch brothers—their father started the empire with oil money earned in the Soviet Union. This is an updated edition of the documentary, showing the latest political contributions made by the Koch Brothers. It goes on to discuss their plans for eduction, their opposition to the minimum wage, their work to increase barriers to voting, their opposition to unions, and the environmental impact of their businesses.

Koch Brothers Products: Chemicals, Coal & Oil

Through its subsidiaries Koch operates refineries in Alaska, Minnesota and Texas, with a combined crude oil processing capacity of more than 800,000 barrels per day. Koch Industries owns or operates about 4,000 miles of pipelines that transport crude oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas liquids and chemicals. Koch Minerals and its affiliates are among the world’s largest dry-bulk commodity handlers, marketing and trading more than 40 million tons of coal, petcoke, cement and other related products annually. Flint Hills Resources produces about 9 billion pounds of building-block chemicals per year. Koch is a leading producer of paving and roofing asphalt. Koch Oil Sands Operating LLC has leases for 1.1 million acres of Alberta oil fields. Their Pine Bend, Minn. refinery is one of the largest single buyers and refiners of Canadian heavy oil. Source: www.kochind.com

Koch Industries Produces:

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Jet fuel
  • Naphtha
  • Asphalt
  • Fracking Chemicals
  • Benzene
  • Toluene
  • Metaxylene
  • Paraxylene
  • Orthoxylene
  • Cumene
  • Cycohexane
  • Heavy reformate
  • Pseudocumene
  • Sure Sol ® 100
  • Sure Sol ® 150
  • Purified Isophthalic Acid
  • Maleic Anhydride
  • Trimellitic Anhydride
  • Ethylene
  • Chemical Grade Propylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene

“In Flint Hills Resources manufacturing plants, various hydrocarbon products are the basic feedstocks. At the refineries, the main feedstock is crude oil. The refineries produce a wide range of transportation fuels for motorists, truckers and the airline industry. In the olefins plants, the company processes natural gas liquids into ethylene and propylene. In the polymers plants, those two products are processed into various forms of olypropylene, which are key ingredients in products such as consumer and healthcare products, packaging and other plastic products. In the aromatics plant, products produced during the crude oil refining process become xylenes, cumenes and other light products. Those products are the building blocks for many other chemicals and plastics.” Source: www.fhrstage.fhr.com

Koch Carbon LLC and its affiliates globally trade and transport petroleum coke, coal, cement, pulp and paper, sulfur and other related commodities through a network of bulk import/export terminals in the United States and Europe. The C. Reiss Coal Company is a leading supplier of coal and related products typically used in industrial applications or to generate electricity.

Koch Exploration Company LLC and its affiliates acquire, develop and trade petroleum and natural gas properties in the United States, Canada and Brazil.

Koch Oil Sands Operating LLC has leases for 1.1 million acres of Alberta oil fields. The Koch’s are developing a bitumen recovery project known as the Dunkirk In Situ Project which is roughly 60 km West of the Fort McKay native community. Source: =The Globe & Mail.

Frac-Chem: is an oilfield chemical manufacturer & wholesale chemical supplier with an emphasis on hydraulic fracturing, stimulation and coil tubing chemistries.

Bernie Sanders Speaks About The Koch Brothers

In this 17-minute speech from 2014, Senator Sanders discusses the Koch Brothers and their influence on politics, which has only increased since the Citizens United decision eliminated limits on campaign spending. Sanders goes over the Koch brothers’ positions. Asks Sanders: “What do they want? Why are they spending so much money on politics? What do they stand for?” He focuses on the Koch Brothers’ desire to repeal security net programs like Social Security.

Koch Brothers Products: Pipelines

Koch Pipeline and its affiliates own or operate about 4,000 miles of pipelines that transport crude oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas liquids and chemicals. Koch Alaska Pipeline Company owns an approximate 3 percent interest in the Trans Alaska Pipeline System, as well as a has a 28 percent interest in Colonial Pipeline Company, owner and operator of the world’s largest-volume refined products pipeline.

Koch Brothers Products: Fertilizer

Koch Fertilizer and its affiliates have the capability to manufacture, market and distribute more than 10 million tons of nitrogen fertilizer products annually. They distribute to dealers, so their product has many a label. “Fertilizer today is an intensely industrial business more akin to oil refining or chemical production.” Source: www.kochind.com

Koch Brothers Products: Equipment

Koch-Glitsch and its affiliates are global leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of mass transfer and mist elimination equipment. The company’s products are found in refineries and chemical plants worldwide.

Koch Membrane Systems develops and manufactures membrane separation systems for a variety of applications worldwide, including membranes for microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.

John Zink Hamworthy Combustion and its affiliates are global leaders in ultra-low emission process burners, boiler burners, duct burners, flares and thermal oxidizers. The companies are also global suppliers of flare gas/vapor recovery and vapor combustor systems.

Molex makes electronic connectors, sensors and other electronic gear.

What You Don’t Know About The Koch Brothers

Daniel Schulman, author of Sons of Wichita: How the Koch Brothers Became America’s Most Powerful and Private Dynasty, discusses the family’s history. In researching his book only Frederick Koch agreed to speak to him—Frederick isn’t involved in the family company and instead spends his time restoring homes. He also describes the 20-year series of lawsuits within the family—”one of the most brutal family feuds we’ve ever seen.”

Koch Brothers Products: Cattle

Koch Ag and Energy Solutions operates three ranches with a total of 15,000 head of cattle in Kansas, Montana, and Texas. “Matador Ranch in Texas offers a number of hunting packages that include first-class accommodations. Everything is provided to ensure an enjoyable experience.” Source: www.kochind.com

Koch Brothers Services

Koch Supply & Trading companies around the world trade and provide risk management services in crude oil; refined petroleum products; natural gas and gas liquids; gas, power and emissions;  industrial metals; and other commodities and financial instruments.

Optimized Process Designs LLC provides consulting, engineering, design, procurement, fabrication and construction services for the natural gas and gas processing industries worldwide. OPD has been the general contractor on some of the largest natural gas plants built in the U.S.

Koch Knight LLC and its affiliates are leaders in acid proof solutions. The companies offer construction, engineering and services through a global network of manufacturing and outsourcing facilities. Their products, made from state-of-the-art ceramics and plastic materials, are available worldwide.

Invista provides the resources and know how to deliver world-scale technology for licensing to a growing portfolio of technologies in the polyester, polyurethane and nylon value chains.

Koch Brothers European Brands

  • Colhogar®
  • Delica®
  • Demak’Up®
  • Inversoft®
  • Kitten Soft®
  • Lotus®
  • Moltonel®
  • Nouvelle®
  • Okay
  • Tenderly®
  • Tutto®

Source: kochind.com

Pollution by Koch Brothers Companies

Koch Industries emits 24 million metric tons of greenhouse gases a year. Koch Industries is the nation’s 13th largest polluter/emitter according to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s Political Economy Research Institute. See detailed emissions breakdowns:  peri.umass.edu

Koch Industries spent a total of $37.9 million on oil and gas lobbying during 2006 to 2009. Source:  sourcewatch.org

According to the International Forum on Globalization, Charles and David Koch are America’s single largest source of private money for attacks against environmental protections. They have spent over $643 million to block or rollback legal protections for clean air, clean energy, clean water, and other environmental issues through sketchy scientific research, lobbying lawmakers, contributing to electoral candidates’ campaigns, media manipulation, etc. Source: kochcash

Petroleum coke (a byproduct of tar sands refining) has been irritating numerous residents in both Chicago and Detroit. Koch Carbon is storing enormous quantities of petroleum coke on the banks of Chicago’s Calumet River and Michigan’s Detroit River. The ever growing piles await processing, but refineries cannot keep up with the quantity. Source: thinkprogress

A routine aerial inspection found Koch Pipeline Co. spilled 400 gallons of crude oil in Texas in late October, 2013.

Environmental Charges Against Koch

November, 2014: the city of North Pole, Alaska filed suit against refinery owner Flint Hills Alaska Resources: “During the times that the defendants owned or operated the refinery, the defendants caused or allowed numerous and/or continuous releases of hazardous substances into the groundwater located beneath the refinery, and failed to contain or remediate the hazardous substances,” the lawsuit states. “Ultimately, these hazardous substances have migrated off the refinery property and have contaminated the groundwater down gradient of the refinery and within the city, including wells owned by the city and supplying drinking water to the city’s inhabitants. The presence of sulfolane contamination in the city’s groundwater has rendered that groundwater unfit for human consumption and endangers the public health or welfare, or fish, animals, vegetation or any other part of the natural habitat in which it is found,” the lawsuit states. Source: newsminer.com

December 2006: Flint Hill Resources fined nearly $16,000 by the EPA for 10 separate violations of the Clean Air Act at its Alaska oil refinery facilities, and required to spend another $60,000 on safety equipment needed to help prevent future violations. yosemite.epa.gov

May 2001: Koch Industries paid $25 million to the federal government to settle the federal lawsuit that found the company had improperly taken more oil than it had paid for from federal and Indian land. A federal jury found that Koch Industries had stolen oil from government and American Indian lands and had lied about its purchases more than 24,000 times. Source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Koch_Industries

September 2000: A federal grand jury in Corpus Christi, Texas returned a 97-count indictment against Koch Industries Inc., Koch Petroleum Group for violating federal clean air and hazardous waste laws, due to the release of at least 91 metric tons of uncontrolled, untreated carcinogenic benzene. In April 2001, the company reached a $20 million settlement in exchange for admitting to covering up environmental violations at its refinery in Corpus Christi, Texas. Source: justice.gov

March 2000: Koch petroleum which operates a refinery in Rosemount, Minn., was sentenced to pay a $6 million criminal fine and pay an additional $2 million in remediation costs. This is the largest federal environmental fine ever paid in Minnesota. Koch admitted that it negligently discharged 200,000 – 600,000 gallons of aviation fuel into a wetland and an adjoining waterway. In addition, their way of recovering the fuel (a year and a half later) destroyed a portion of the surrounding ecosystem and wildlife habitat. In a separate offense, Koch dumped a million gallons of wastewater with high ammonia content on the ground between November 1996 and March 1997 and also increased its flow of wastewater into the Mississippi River on weekends when no one monitored discharges. These actions allowed Koch to circumvent the weekly monitoring and reporting requirements of its wastewater discharge permit. The case was investigated by EPA’s Criminal Investigation Division, the FBI and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and was prosecuted by the U. S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Minnesota. Source: www.ehso.com

January 2000: Koch Pipeline agreed to a $35 million settlement with the U.S. Justice Department and the State of Texas as fines for the firm’s three hundred oil spills (300 million gallons) in Texas and five other states going back to 1990. Source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Koch_Industries

August 1996: Koch’s Sterling butane pipeline had a leak in Lively, Texas, on August 24, 1996. Two teenagers on the way to report the leak drove into the unseen butane cloud, and were killed when the gas exploded and burned. The National Transportation Safety Board concluded that severe external pipeline corrosion was the cause of the failure. Source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Koch_Industries

Koch Brothers: Climate Change Denial

A March 2010 Greenpeace report shows that Koch Industry foundations have contributed (2005-2008) nearly $25 million to organizations that oppose clean energy and climate policy. That does not include oil and gas lobbying of $37.9 million. For more info on Koch Industries’ funding of Climate Denial Groups — Source: GreenPeace’s report “Koch Industries Funding the Climate Denial Machine” pdf at greenpeace.org

In the August, 2010 New York Magazine article ‘Covert Operations,‘ oil tycoon David Koch was quoted as saying, global warming will be a good thing for the planet and will help “support enormously more people because a far greater land area will be available to produce food.” Source: newyorker.com

Koch Brothers: Revenue

  • Koch Industries brings in $115 billion in revenue annually.
  • Charles Koch has a net worth of over $42 billion.
  • David Koch also has a net worth of $42 billion. The Koch brothers’ combined net worth is $84 billion.
  • Charles Koch has called the recent push to raise the minimum wage ‘an obstacle to prosperity’. forbes

Koch Brothers: Voting Rights

Since the Citizen’s United decision, corporations can now attempt to influence their employees’ votes. The Koch Brothers jumped on that band wagon right away and mailed out lists of Koch supported candidates to their 50,000 employees during the last election. See info and a copy of a recommended election packet at thenation.com

Koch Brothers: University Affairs

They give as long as they can pick the teachers. See “Billionaire’s role in hiring decisions at Florida State University raises questions” at tampabay.com

Not Just Florida State…Utah, West Virginia, etc… Source: insidehighered.com

The Mercatus Center is a conservative Think Tank at George Mason University’s Arlington campus. It is a university-based research center that makes its research findings available to the media and public policy makers. According to GreenPeace the Mercatus Center has received over 10 million dollars worth of funding from the Koch Brothers. Mercatus also fights environmental regulation, opposes clean energy legislation and lobbys to prevent curbs on industrial pollution. Sources: greenpeace.orgmercatus.org

List of Koch Organizations

  • Koch Family Foundations
  • Koch Network
  • Freedom Partners
  • Americans for Prosperity
  • American Encore
  • 60 Plus
  • Generation Opportunity
  • Knowledge and Progress Fund
  • DonorsTrust
  • Donors Capital
  • TC4 Trust

Koch Brothers Oppose Electric Cars

This report from the show The Young Turks explains that the Koch Brothers are backing a new organization trying to stop the rising tide of electric vehicle adoption. This would hurt petroleum producers like the Koch Brothers. The group is likely to run ads attacking the subsidies given to electric cars.

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Author: keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building.

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Terrific. Filled with information I've wanted to know but didn't know where to find.

From now on, NO MORE BRAWNY!


I furious that you have so much disregard for the USA. To continuely pollute our country for your finincial gain is appalling.

Also, to try to buy elections is fraud!!! I'd like to see you sit behind bars for the rest of your nasty lives!!!!


This company should be ashamed of their disregard for the people in the United States! It would be wonderful to see them sit in jail and rot for buying their political party. They should be ashamed of their obsession with money and power.


You have lost touch with reality. I guess the millions of people that have made you wealthy don't mean anything to you. To secretly fund candidates in the name of special interest is disgraceful. I guess money and power are the only thing that matters to most republicans.


This is important research material, in evaluating the influence on Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Thomas. MN Representative Bachmann and the Tea Party, and the Republican electoral victory in November of 2010.


I pledge to boycott all these products and urge as many people as I can to do the same.


Its criminal that our elected officials, and courts have allowed this to continually go on but when you're getting your summer homes, kids college tuitions, and jobs after elected life paid for by the billionaires why wouldn't you?? Why would you have any morals? Obviously this is American politics at its finest!!!


As a hardworking member of society, college educated, and a veteran my family and I will be boycotting all of your products. The attack you are supporting against all hardworking middle class Americans is completely unacceptable!!!


I'd really like to know how much they paid in taxes.


Starting immediately, I am not buying any products produced by your company. I have printed the list and urging all of my friends, Via Facebook and on email, to do the same. Since I am from Wisconsin, I am especially disgusted by the way you and the new Gov. have decided to do business. Disgusted by the way, is putting it lightly.


I'm sickened!



Please help us in Wisconsin to fight these creeps. The ENTIRE budget agenda is about these guys. They are paying off our puppet of a Governor to take away our rights.


I have printed this list and will carry with me to be sure I never purchase any of the their products. I will also pass this on for others to make informed decisions about their purchases.


Fortunately I don't use a single of the consumer GP products...and will encourage anyone I know not use them as well. Please share this particular link on Facebook or via email to your list.


Thankfully, we live in an area full of woodlands and untouched prairie. We live a sustainable lifestyle, and many of these products mean nothing to us. Nonetheless, I have printed this off and have emailed over 1,000 friends, colleagues, friends, and neighbors and told them each to spread the word. We ALL can survive just fine without their poison! Do the same!!


I certainly have used some of these items, in the past. I even recognized labels my grandmother has sent me to the store to pick up for her. This list is very helpful in knowing what I won't be spending money on. I love it when shopping is made simple. These Koch brothers have a place in this world....somewhere.....not in Wisconsin though. Solidarity Forever


Toss Out With Rancid TEA!!!


I've put the list next to my shopping list. If the Koch brother's own it, I'm not buyin'.


Tea-Baggers know that no matter how manytimes they post; there are les of them than there are of us. I will be happy to boycott all Koch products and any associated with Walker supporters and any that support the other Republicans that are trying to break the unions.

Lets see how they like it.


I for one am finally glad to see just how much of our lives these vile men own. Well no more. Boycott everything they own if possible but the best thing is VOTE BABY VOTE. I think the reality of elections have conquences is beginning to hit home. Democrates and Progessives don't vote in number. Repub's do. So again VOTE BABY VOTE!


I will check the list of their products before I buy anything. Their ads are insulting. We know what 'Americans for Prosperity' stands for.


How many companies in the Koch brothers conglomerate have union shops for the manufacture of their products? Might want to be careful not to hurt fellow union brothers' jobs with this type of boycott.


well I guess I won't be buy any of Koch products

anymore it will be difficult to sort out because

so many are popular and used everyday but hey

i can live without them ... I like to breath clean

air and I like to voice my opinion and I think we

are only free as long as we have the opportunity

to say no




You guys got blinders on. Lets take a look at what Obama's bosses Rothschild & Rockefeller Companies Werner Lambert, Bristol Myer Squibb, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Sterling Drug, Sabien Pharma, Merk Pharma, Baxter Pharma, GlaxoSmithKline, ovartis, Amgen, Roche, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, Wyeth, GE, Exxon, BP, Mobil, ICX, FLIR, GE/RCA Government communications (L-3 government com...munications), Boeing, Monsanto, GMO Food Industries, All Biogenetic seed companies, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citi Group, Wells Fargo, Deutsche Boerse. <<<<<<<


Koch brothers oil company products, paper towls, toilet paper, plastic bags, plastic cups, paper plates, plastic plates, carpet cleaner ect.... Since NAFTA Koch has been regulated heavy on carbon gases. Making useful household items.<<<<<


The American Petroleum Institute, the largest oil and gas industry trade group, will start backing political candidates this year as the U.S. considers repealing $46 billion in subsidies and imposing pollution rules.

The group, whose members include Exxon Mobil Corp. and Chevron Corp., would make donations separately from industry executives and employees, who gave $27.6 million mostly to Republican candidates for Congress last year, according to the Center for Responsive Politics in Washington. API has paid for advertising on policy issues and to lobby on legislation.

Just to refute one of the lies you told about who supports Obama. Your not worth it but I could probably refute almost all of the companies you named.


I detest what these guys stand for. They give Americans a bad name and I have instructed my entire company to never use any of these products, ever again. Also, we will not specify any of their products in any of our upcoming construction projects.


Every dime we spend is a vote. Once every four years we get to vote on the president - it matters - but every time we buy something, every day, we are voting for who and what we want to support.... we create our world with these votes. So what world do we want to live in?

Why vote for the koch brothers?


i just posted this page to facebook and encourage everyone to share this with your friends


Read 'The Shock Doctrine' by Naomi Klein. Do We The People really want America to return to the Age of Robber Barons and hand over democracy to the likes of the Koch Brothers?


Seems to me if the Koch brothers really wanted to endear themselves to Wisconsinites, they should donate 1/10th of their wealth to solve our upcoming $3.6 billion problem.


Thank you so much for publishing this excellent synopsis of the extent of control that Koch Industries exerts over the world.

It clearly illustrates how they could easily influence unscrupulous politicians to ruin our environment for personal greed.

Vote with your dollar

Is there something out there that lists which companies create products we should buy? I would love to have a list of products I can purchase that are made by a company that supports workers, unions, and middle class values.

Is there such a list? If not, who can do the research and make one?

I want to vote with my dollar everyday and never support Koch bros or any other corporation that is against workers again.


The Koch brothers only came into the limelight because an IMPOSTER made a prank phone call to the governor or Wisconsin. Hmmm.


It's a shame that the rich people of the United States of America really don't believe in Democracy or the Constitution.

They buy anything from politicians to Supreme Court Justices to make sure that they don't have to pay their fair share in taxes and also try to limit any power that may cause them any loss in the status of their wealth.

They believe that the Middle Class is not needed anymore and they have taken their work that the middle Class has done and shipped those jobs overseas along with their wealth.

The people or enities who have helped them do this is as follows.

1. The republican party.

2. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

3. Wall Street.

4. The ignorance of the American Public.

5. Parts of the Democractic Party.

6. The big American Banks.

7. Big Oil companies.

Americans of the Middle Class. Think about this. We are an endangered Species! Since Ronald Regan was Govenor and then President!

If we don't act now we will lose the life that we use to know it to be. You need to divest yourselves of the enities listed above and start with local companies you know.

We have the power of the internet to pass out information that will help the Middle Class to survive.

H.R. Beaudoin


I knew that they had far rreaching tentacles.

If this isn't a monopoly, then I'm from a different planet.

I thought that there was federal restrictions on monopolies. EXCEPT THE KOCH BROS>


There are plenty of Earth friendly products. Look on the web. Also look for brands available in places like Earth Fare, Whole Foods etc. You may have to pay a little more but until we create a large market that is just the price we have to pay.


I don't know how these guys can live with themselves. Greed at the expense of others!


@ Post #39

Hellooooooo. We have known about the Koch Bros for quite some time.


Boycott all of the consumer goods nationwide! Make them see what happens when the consumers/WORKERS fight back! They need workers to make money and this can show them why. I for 1 pledge here to never buy another product of theirs.


It should be easy for anyone to look at this list and find one product you have been buying that you can do with out. These guys have been playing us all for suckers. Enough is enough.


Whew! I'm glad I already don't buy any of those brands but it looks like they supply so many other ingredients, that I may be supporting them whether I like it or not.


George Bush on TV and radio lied to the American public and said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and all his war mongering regeime lied with him..Rumsfeld said..'quote' we know he has them and we know where they are. George Bush said Quote: 'we have no evidence that Sassam Huseien had weapons of mass destruction'

Yep, He LIED and should be prosecuted for it and so should the wall street thugs who did an inside job and robbed America.


I have never used any of the products mentioned...I know realisticly that we will never break these bastards backs, just like we will never break any of the other polutters and anti union corporations but some day, maybe not while I'm alive, they will be broken and cut off at the knees.

It is a true statement: What goes around comes around

Fred Dodsworth

You guys rock. I've posted this to everyone I know and every where I can. Thank you.


Koch usurper of Democracy:


george schroder

The Koch brothers activities amount to a long list of major crimes against humanity committed for profit. Nay, more than that; crimes against biological life forms in general


There are too many products here to boycott, and too many industrial products. We need to pick one consumer product and have an impact there.

I say Angel Soft, Quilted Northern, and Soft and Gentle. They are consumer products for which there are ample substitutes, and they have real symbolic value; I wouldn't wipe my butt with Koch products.


Boycotting will most likely hurt the people employed by the Koch Brothers and the people who sell these products in their stores.

The Koch Brothers will make damned-well sure that their income keeps flowing in - even if they have to lay off some employees and make the rest of them work harder for less money.

AND, their Republican Bullies will make sure their incomes are protected by giving them subsidies and tax breaks.

A boycott is pointless and will damage the wrong people.


I already 'boycott' these products by shopping at my co-op and fair-trade businesses. I haven't seen the inside of a Walmart in over 5 years, and I'll be much more aware when shopping at Home Despot, thanks to this article.

What else can we do to REALLY send a message to these bastards?


Sage, freeing slaves hurts those slaves left. Hmmm. Maybe you want to rethink that 'Stay dominated by greedy bastards' belief system.

Boycotting means making a choice in alignment with being responsible for the impact of one's choices upon the earth, all living beings, our human family and our so called democracy (which is kinda about choice).

Putting out arguments that disregard responsibility and choice is kind of a fatalistic stance. I'm just sayin'


All this hate against the Koch brothers and George Soros is a Angel right? Who cares if a few left wingers don't but their TP? Lol!

Kristin Knupfer

I also pledge to boycott Koch Brother product, no problem. I have put together a list which I carry in my purse. We have a voice, we are the consumer. But what about the big ticket item, oil.


We need our own special Koch Bros./Walker toilet paper. Actual TP with pictures of their mugs. I would LOVE to wipe my butt with their ugly faces!

GOV Street Walker

Please spend 20 minutes and listed to the entire phone call between WI GOV and assumed Davis Koch. Plus, the GOV claims on his website bio to be 'the son of a preacher' This man needs prayer, because he has sold his soul to the corporate devil. Seriously, pray for Scott Walker.


You people are nuts. These guys have done more for providing jobs then Obama could ever dream of doing. They provide lots of products that people need. What have any of you fools ever accomplished.


buy the stock & GO to the annual meeting. Getting fined, having a bad reputation, etc., can't be good for long term gains.


Working people everywhere should boycott the Kochs and put them out of business. Maybe honest entreprenuers will arise to take over their share of the market. When workers have no voice they have no rights. It doesn't matter how many jobs they create if we go back to the'Barons' of yesteryear.


god help us middle class hard working tax paying voting human beings...


Thanks for the list. I will make sure not to purchase any of these products in the future. Companies with political agendas should be scrutinized closely.

They complain about taxes, when they pay almost nothing or pay the lowest rates in the developed world. Then, they throw the burdens of government on the lower and middle classes, while transporting their jobs to countries that pay an average of .33/day.

The Koch Bros. and wealthy capitalists like them will always want to reduce their labor and production costs. That they've bought the government officials to do so should be of concern to all of us. Pure corporate control will wreck the American dream, not make it possible.


Now I know which products to buy to support Governor Walker. I can see why the Koch brothers are so against the Democratic Party - they manufacture fertilizer too.


Some Democrats may manufacture organic manure. But these Tea Partiers make chemical fertilizers which pollute and harm long-term. The Koch Brothers rape and pillage our resources for profit for the few (or rather two).


As Lord Akton said, 'Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.'


Do believe I'll make a list and avoid the products I might think of using in my capacity as a consumer. Good grief! They manufacture so much!!!!!

martin L. garon

these men need to be brought to trial & prosecuted for their actions. iwhen found guilty they should be given a sentence commensurate with their crimes, maybe life without parole would mbe a good idea. they are waging war on the people of our country & should be treated as war criminals.


The Koch Brothers have been thieves that will never have enough because they are afraid, but they have been exposed in Wisconsin. We do not buy their products and we will pass the word to others not to consume what they sell.

If one of them donates monies to a hospital because there he got treated of cancer, how come he does not feel the urgency of others to have the same quality treatments? We need quality access to health care services not only in that particular hospital but all over the nation. We DO NOT WANT TO LIVE OF HIS CHARITY. We want Public Health Reform and health services for everybody. Single Payer health care is the way to really improve the public health of this nation!


Koch brothers buy votes by the truckload by means of disguised ads, and massive political donations. check links to Bradley Foundation, John Birch Society,especially original founders, Gov. Walker and his campaign chairman, Americans for Prosperity, Dick Armey,Tea Party etc. It seems that the Koch's father and the Bradley brothers were original charter members of the UNTRA RIGHT JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY....HAPPY HUNTING


The Koch brothers are a couple of rich skumbags who buy votes with their ill earned money.


One word for what they do 'Disgusting'


I don't buy their products! We need to stop buying their products! Besides so many of us don't have jobs how can we buy their crap to begin with. They need to go see it in some other country because we don't want or need their products here! They need us, we don't need them! DOWN WITH THE Koch Brothers -- oh, I'm sorry, I mean Cck Brothers!

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I like a lot the products they make. Most of you live in houses built with there products and use there other products every day. Look if you walk every where you go ,dont vacation on cruise ships, fly to any other place in the world, grow your own food and wipe with your finger keep making flat earth coments otherwise stop whining. Enjoy the benifits of the time in wich you live the goverment will keep these guys in line and fine them so you will get your goverment check. Thanks


Happy to say that I have rarely ever bought anything from this list (besides fuel, obviously) and will proudly continue to avoid these products.

How can we call ourselves free with bought elections? How can we call ourselves brave when the cowardly few sleep safely on piles of gold like medieval dragons and so many have lost their homes and livelihood?


A great list ... I will certainly avoid all these products in future.


GP product.


Besides the commonly known Koch brands do they manufacture any store brand products? I.E. Target, CVS, various grocery chains?

This is a really good question. I would assume so. I will do some research to try to find out...


Thank you, thank you, thank you for compiling this list of products that details the wretched handiworks of the fifth richest billionaires in the world---the obscene Koch brothers. There's not much I personally can do, but I can boycott their products and send this list to everyone I know.


A huge list, but every nonpurchase counts.


Thank-you for putting this list together! I am happy to know that I buy many of the products that put people to work in our country!


Snort! proglodytes boycott ...everything!


These people are a black blot on the planet. If they are allowed to continue their pillage of the earth, we are to blame.

As for the comments that if their products are boycotted, it will lay off many people--

that won't matter when the earth has nothing more to give up.


In an alley under the bridge lives a poor person in a box. Please go ask that person to pay you $10 an hour to sweep the area. With out rich people good or bad there would be no jobs. Americans need jobs. With hard work a person can become as rich as the next person. Look at the people screaming anti-capitalist propaganda ...they are the rich or getting rich off of a scheme. Wake up people, free your minds. We are loosing are freedoms to ideologies.

Brent D. Gardner, CLU, ChFC

Thank you for this list. Now I know exactly what products to buy so that I can keep more Americans gainfully employed and continue to support freedom loving capitalists.


Without rich people there would be no jobs.' Really? when most of the jobs in this country come from small businesses, with less than 500 workers? Most jobs come from people with ideas who use their own money(and little from banks) to get things going. 400 people in the U.S. own as much money as HALF of the U.S. population. Sick, and getting sicker.


I hardly use any of those household products, but I will be putting them on my weekly shopping list now. Well done.


I don't use any of their products but I'll be passing this on to make sure anyone I know doesn't either.


Just saying thanks for being a strong producer for our country!


Jeez. How massive the Koch Industry is -- no wonder they want to have a voice in state and federal policy. Perfectly explains Wis Gov Walker spending 20 min on that phone call to 'Faux' Koch --and why the real Koch brothers opened their lobbyist offices right next to the Capitol -- and why they want to be pouring money into campaigns (to influence policy in order to increase their dominance and personal fortunes.) Perhaps not boycott the products and affect the workers, but instead try to open the eyes of everyday Republicans as to what is REALLY going on here. Unless you are a fat-cat CEO like Koch, don't be fooled.


So basically what this list is telling me is that the Koch brothers are responsible for creating more jobs, economic activity, and tax revenue than all the protesters combined. To the brothers I say a heartfelt 'thank you'.


at a time when the Koch brothers were enjoying spectacular financial gains, Koch Industries laid off well over 2,000 people. Using the same approximate “jobs multiplier” Koch Industries used in its study last week, that means Koch Industries extinguished nearly 8,000 jobs in recent years:

– Koch's John Zink Company subsidiary laid off 63 people in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

– Koch's Georgia Pacific subsidiary laid off 118 people at its Roxboro, North Carolina plant.

– Koch laid off 50 people at its INVISTA plant in Wilmington, Delaware.

– Koch's Georgia Pacific subsidiary laid off 158 people at a paper-making plant in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Most of the jobs have been replaced with automated machines.

– Koch's INVISTA subsidiary laid off 50 people at its plant in Athens, Georgia.

– Koch laid off 150 people at its headquarters in Wichita, Kansas.

– Koch laid off 500 people at its Seaford, Delaware INVISTA plant.

– Koch laid off 400 people in its Waynesboro, Indiana INVISTA plant. As one of the primary employers in the city, the layoffs were expected to have serious ripple effects. City officials said layoffs at Invista will “force cuts across Waynesboro.” “The rest of the community, this will probably instill a bit of a wake-up call and they will cut back also,” predicted Waynesboro Vice Mayor Frank Lucente.

– Koch laid off 320 people at its Georgia Pacific plywood plant in Cleveland, Texas.

– Koch laid off 60 people at its INVISTA plant in Victoria, Texas.

– Koch laid off 169 people from its Flint Hills Resources plant in Odessa, Texas.

– Koch laid off 300 people at its Georgia Pacific plant in Monroeville, Alabama.

– Koch “indefinitely” idled its 60-worker Georgia Pacific mill in Louisville, Mississippi


why is there no mention of obama being in the pocket of George Soros? Double standard!!

I will buy buy buy Koch products


Mahilena... So you listed apx 5000 Jobs that came to an end? Labor stats show that Koch Brothers employee some 70,000 plus people... Thats kind of a small percentage of thier overall business? I worked for a small company that laid of 7 of thier employees (myself being one of them) and I was 1 of 13 people.. more then 50% of us! I think the Koch family has done fine by U.S. workers!


Get off the soapbox. Do you really think you are smarter then the majority of the people in America. If you have your way, we will all be back in the dark ages. That is except for those who are scaring others to believe that corporate America is to blame for all your ills.


come on folks, these guys own everything and give back very little. they hide all there profit so very little percentage of tax paid to our country even though they run it. wake up go ahead and buy their products if they are made HERE but make them pay their share back and help save mother earth.


Thanks for the shopping list. Actually, I don't buy Koch products because G-P is in competition with our local paper products producer. Maybe I'll try one of their hunting packages.



You forgot to mention how many jobs they created and how much revenue those jobs and products privide the Government and States.


Jobs...they employ 70,000? The Budget bills they are sponsoring here in WI alone are decreasing 21,325 FTE (full time employment) positions. See for yourself in Scott walkers Budget in brief Table 5. Not to mention the workers that will be laid off or take pay cuts because of the 'reform tools' Walker is giving localities (stripping collective bargaining).

And you are missing the point that they decreased jobs WHILE MAKING LARGE PROFITS. Which goes to show that giving tax cuts that help corporate 'bottom lines' goes into the pockets of CEOs not into creating jobs. If profits are down corporations fire workers instead of giving themselves pay decreases. If profits are up, they don't hire anyone because 'production' is high and profitable...no need for new positions.

How about the point that Koch Ind. which operates in numerous states and countries, only employs 70,000 workers while the WI government employs more than 300,000 workers (almost 200,000 of which are receiving 8% pay cuts).

The Koch Bros. are worth $43 billion ($21.5 billion each). They pull in $100 billion annually. They laid off 8000 workers in time of growing profit...lets pay those workers $50,000 each that is $400 million. Take that from $43 billion = $42.6 billion (0.9% less than a 1% decrease [they WI bills take 8% pay cuts from 200,000 workers and this is fair to the Kochs]) and those workers could have kept their jobs. And the Koch brothers would still have $21.3 billion each. Or take $400 million for worker compensation out of $100 billion annual revenue = 0.4% decrease or $99.6 billion annually. If we took the $37.9 million invested in oil lobbying alone we could pay $50,000 to 758 workers.

Do you not understand the term billion? Do you know if you count to 1 billion without stopping it would take you 31.6 years. Which means it would take you 126 years to count the $43 billion the Koch brothers have, if you count by 10 dollar bills!

Do yourself a favor and look at the income gap charts of this country. The rich are far too rich and greedy.

What if we taxed the Koch brothers under the tax rates of the 1950's and 60's? (91% for the top income percentage [the most prosperous time in American history]) $43 billion by 91% = $3.913 billion or $1.45 billion each. With the money taxed we could pay 781,740 workers. What would you do for $1.45 billion dollars? What would 781,740 workers do for the unemployment rate?

Those who scream 'if the rich aren't rich no one could buy or sell companies or build factories etc.' B%!! S#!%! The prices of companies and facilities would fall according to the supply and demand curve. In other words the prices are only that high because the CEOs are that rich.

How do people defend such greed. 'its not fair to tax the rich so much' But is it fair to let 10% of the population to own 72% of the wealth (fact, and rising)? Similarly that same top 10% own 87.8% of assets in this country. Conversely that means 90% of population only owns 12.2% of assets (homes cars facilities). Greed Greed Greed.

And what, people allow this to happen because they too might be one of the richest persons? They too are greedy?

The rich own the media and feed the public the same rhetoric and people eat it up and defend these greedy rich people without doing the math. They own everything, they have everything the income gap is worse than pre-great depression, and yet the working class republicans vote to give MORE tax cuts MORE money MORE deregulation to the greedy rich.

Trickledown economics has been running this country since the 1980's. 30 years later, and look at the mess we are in. The best part is, that the middle class is so poor that we can't even afford the products and services these greedy rich are providing anymore. So now the greedy rich are seeing profits decrease and recessions form because we can afford to shop at their stores or buy their properties. They are shooting themselves in the foot.

TABLE 5 [WI budget in brief(http://budget.wisc.edu/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Read-the-states-Budget-in-Brief-summary..pdf).]: FISCAL YEAR 2012-13 FTE POSITION DECREASES


Creation of University of Wisconsin-Madison Authority


Elimination of University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Board


Elimination of Vacant Positions


Closure of Juvenile Facilities at the Department of Corrections


Elimination of the Department of Commerce


Closure of Unit at Wisconsin Resource Center


Other FTE Position Reductions





the 781,740 jobs that could be created from taxing the Kochs a fair rate (the rate during the 50s-60s, the most prosperous time in American history) would pay those workers $50,000/yr pay workers $25,000 (like public teachers or the Average american and it would be 1,563,480 workers. And the Koch Brothers are still billionaires!

The last line of text in the previous comment should read 'we can't afford to shop' instead of we can.

vote, Trickle UP economics!


Boycott Koch Industries!

see previous comments for proof.

Trickle Up Economics!


OK, now lets see what companies George Soros own or have invested in, While your at it do an expose' of the counties Mr. soros has overthrown compared to the Koch Brothers. You spew all this onesided information but do half of your readers realize you are bashing the Koch Brothers solely because the support conservative causes as opposed to liberal causes. Wake up readers and do some research then think for yourself.


Thought I'd better admit to the typos in my last message since it was hastily typed. As we all know, liberals when confronted with the truth can only respond by insulting ones intelligence and correcting your spelling.


I do not understand why Soros is considered anti-big business. Soros helped transition his native Hungary from communism to capitalism. He funds many pro-democracy movements in Eastern Europe and Russia. He promotes 'open societies' - meaning open commerce. He funds Universites all over the world. He has given much money to alleviate poverty in Africa. He did put up money to try to prevent George W. from being 're-elected'. But that was a rare use of his money. He gave more money to New York State for under-privileged children than to that campaign. In total he has given away 7 billion dollars. And he is worth less than one Koch brother. If you did a listing of what the Koch brothers have given away and what Soros has, you will be amazed. The Koch Brothers mostly give back to themselves and the wealthy - such as sponsoring Operas.


Amma, Love the 'such as sponsoring operas'! In fact the Koch Brothers gave 100 Million to the N.Y. City Ballet and Opera Therter for renvations, over 200 million for cancer research, 20 million to the Natural History Museum... Now thats what I call heartless! Just so people understand... Individual donations to Federal Candidates, Parties, and PAC's From 1989 to 2010 the Koch Brothers gave 2.58 million. George Sorrors gave 1.74 million. 20001 to2010 Indv. donations to 527 organazations were.... Koch Bros. 1.5 million, George Sorros 32.5 milion. People give to what THEY choose to support and you can do the same! Amma please be honest and do not make it sound like 'Sponsoring Operas' Is the Koch Bros giving back to the wealthy because i am sure the Fine Arts community of NY would not agree with you! Side note... I bet you are mad that Congress has defunded PBS??? As well if you need an explanation as to what a 527 org. is post it and I will explain. George Sorros 'rare use' of money statement made me laugh!


You go ahead and give 77-91% of YOUR money away to the Gov. for at least 10 years and I will go ahead and think about letting the Gov. tax me at that rate for a few more years after that 10 year example you will set for the rest of us. You do not need to wait fot the IRS to tax you if you were not aware... just cut a check from you acct to make up for what is not being taxed yet and send it in with your tax return! I do think you should really think about the 91% rate as more of your money will help!


You forgot to mention how many jobs would be created by taxing George Sorros.


You keep bringing up Soros - but what laws is Soros violating? Koch - many; Soros - none. How many lives is Soros responsible for taking due to irresponsible business practice and withholding information about safety violations? Soros - zero; Koch - 2 (at least). How many jobs is Soros responsible for eliminating? S-none; K - tens of thousands. How many jobs did Soros send overseas? S - none; K- tens of thousands. It's idiotic to continue trying to drop Soros name as comparable whenever the Koch bros are mentioned; do both sides put up big bucks to different groups? You betcha. but Koch puts it up for themselves and their own advantage, while screwing everybody else at the same time.


What you're comparing isn't relevant. Soros and the Kochs both make lots; both donate lots to causes and political groups ... but it's the Kochs that are sending jobs overseas to communist countries, not Soros. The Kochs are trying to take away basic employment rights, not Soros. The Kochs are behind the movement to knock down middle class America and to their own exclusive benefit - not Soros. So stick to the subject, people. You want to support the Kochs and their actions? Then get the hell out of my country before you trip over your ancestors rolling over in their graves. Because their efforts are pro-Communist, pro-Plutocratic ... and ANTI-American. Join the Kochs in China.


Your website is so visually beautiful. The music videos are inspiring and the art is stunning. Thank you for the Koch list. I will pass it on to MANY who are tired of the bully brothers trying to rule the world. The motivation behind their master plan is a disgrace to all who believe in democracy.


I feel you are angry? The Koch Industries employees over 50,000 people in the US and some 20,000 world wide. I think as far as your pont of how many lives Sorros has ruined... Lets ask the Middle class of England how him making over a billion dollars by breaking the Bank of England effected them! And as for the Laws that Sorros is Violating??? Well when you set up your Company in an off shore Country and are not subject to US laws and taxes then i guess you are right, he broke no US laws. I could be wrong but the French nailed him on insider trading !French law broke?) China will not allow him to do business in their country (could it be that he is a dishonest buisnessman?) Reg please be honest to yourself as well as everyone else, Thank-you!


I am not in the top income percentages so I would not have to pay 91%. We Tax on an ability to pay basis. Are you a billionaire?

According to the IRS at least 70% of ALL income taxes filed in the US have individual incomes that are below $58,000...none of which would be subjected to any top tier tax rate. In the 50's and 60's that tax rate was 91% on those who make $500,000 or more, which today would be the equivalent of incomes $3,672,602.04 ($3.672 million) and up. Do you make $3,672,602.04 or more a year? If so then you should be paying taxes that control the income gaps in America if that be 91%. And I, if I made $3,672,602.04 or more would gladly pay any rate that helps the American middle class stay within a fair income gap compared to the wealthy, be it 91% or higher. Taxes on an income of $3,672,602.04 at a 91% rate would leave me with $330,534.83. Which is more than I need. Do you make $330,534.83 even before taxes?

This tax rate is fair and if I made $3,672,602.04 a year I would gladly pay high taxes that grow the middle class allowing them to fuel the economy of my country.

Also, I was using the tax rate as an example. The point which you missed, James, is that the Koch Bros. and every other rich person are greedy. And their greed is killing our economy. Leaving a broken middle class behind in the largest income gap in history of any country. Why do you let them brain wash you into thinking that it is unfair to tax the rich? Should we tax the poor?

Do the math before you accuse me of being unwilling to cooperate with my own ideas. Do the math before you spout conservative rhetoric that favors the greedy. Do the math and you will find that a tax rate of 91% isn't unfair for those who make more than $3,672,602.04, again leaving them with $330,534.83 of spending cash. Yes Yes Yes I would pay it if I were rich, you should too if you are rich. But considering how rare and few in number the rich are, you most likely wouldn't be affected by an increase in taxes to those who make more than $3,672,602.04. In fact you are more likely to be amongst the 70% of incomes that are below $58,000. And if you are in the top tier, stop being so greedy and help your country. Pay a tax rate that lets you remain rich, but not a hoarder of wealth.

Also, I would settle for less of an increase in top tier tax rates short of 91%. Currently set at 36%, I would settle for a modest increase to 39%, which was the rate under Reagan & Clinton and the rate that Pres. Obama suggested. Instead we keep giving them tax cuts. Even Pres. Obama agreed to extend the 36% rate formed under Bush Jr. in return for extending unemployment benefits. Why are we continuing to give the rich a tax break? They do not create jobs with the money from income tax breaks, jobs are created from company revenue, incomes are what they took from the company revenue and put in their pockets. The proof is that when tax rates were the highest (50's and 60's) the unemployment rate was at its lowest, reaching 2.9% in 1953.

Oh those poor billionaires if we tax them 91% (like the 50s-60s, the most prosperous time is America, with the lowest unemployment rate) they would only be...billionaires, poor poor billionaires! Such as the example of a tax on the Koch Bros. $43 billion of 91% would still leave them with $3.913 billion or $1.45 billion each. (by the way that is taxing their worth, I don't have their annual incomes in front of me)

It is about income gap control. Controlling greed. And building up the middle class (the majority of the population).

Trickle up economics!

p.s. George Soros would be taxed as well, all incomes over $3.672 million would be under the rate, though Soros has nothing to do with this. We can compare rich people to rich people all day with no finite result. Everyone here needs to stop trying to win an argument by changing the topic.


According to all sources the Koch Bros. are worth $43 billion ($21.5 billion each). But I am trying to find what their annual income is. Does any one know this or know where I can find the information if at all possible?

I want the information so I can accurately assess the hypothetical tax rate from the discussions below. Regardless of annual income the Koch Bros. worth would still be billionaire status. Read my previous posts and their corresponding comments below for more of the discussion.


According to info on line...the Koch brothers made 11 billion in the past two years...so 5.5 each...so just 2.75 billion per year, per brother, poor guys. I think a few Countries could live on that!


All the damage from the recent tsunami and earthquake in Japan is estimated to be: 'March 18--The insurance industry is tallying insured losses that could mount to an estimated $35 billion from the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan.' (and Japan is an expensive place!) Do think the Koch's should help out...they would still be left with 8 billion.


I am glad to hear that you would give up 91% of your money, I would not! If I earn it I want to pay my FAIR share and 91% is not fair! I would love to see a flat tax rate so EVERYONE pays thier share. Last stats posted by IRS show that The top 1% pay apx 18% of all income taxes paid, top 25% pay apx 84% of all income taxes paid, and the to 50% pay 89% of all income taxes paid. That means the bottom 50% pay 11% of all income taxes, What is fair about that? I am all for helping those that cna not help themselves but to pay for those that will not is not fine with me. The Koch Bros do pay taxes and I believe they have a right to do with their money as they please. George Sorros keeps his money in tax-free Caribbean county of Curaco and pays little to nothing in taxes in the US and yet spends Millions upon Millions to influance our Popolitical system, where is your outrage for that? Now on to your 50's and 60's stats... there were 11 months out of 20 years that were as low as 2.4% but the 20 years averaged close to 6%. My wife and I make a good living and pay a large amount in Federal, State, and Local taxes so do not tell me that I should pay more, if you feel that the Federal Gov. needs more again i encourage you to sit down and write out a check and if 91% of your income is to much then give just the 39% because if you expect someone else to pay, then you should as well! (or do you live by the do as I say not as I do mantra)? And by the way because Sorros keeps his money well hidden his worth is estimated to be 8 billion.


James, your stats prove my point, that we need to control the income gap in the US. If 25% pay 84% of tax revenue, that means they own that much of the wealth. In fact the top 20% owns 85% of the net wealth (all assets) in America, leaving the bottom 80% with only 15% of the net wealth.

The top 20% own 93% of total financial wealth (total net worth minus home values and other property), leaving the bottom 80% with only 7% of financial wealth. Is that fair?

The top 1% owns 34.6% of total net wealth, and 42.7% of total financial wealth. There are 134,372,678 taxpayers in the US (2005 number). That means the top 1% consists of 1,343,726 (1.3 million) individuals. Meaning 1.3 million own 42.7% of financial wealth leaving the bottom 99% (133 million) with 57.3% of financial wealth.

I used your stats on the top 20% and that proves my point, but I wasn't talking about the top 20%. I was talking about individuals that make $3.672 million or more. I got that number using the 50s-60s 91% tax rate on incomes of $500,000 or more. Adjusting for inflation that means today that tax rate would be on incomes of $3.672 million or more. The top 1% of incomes start at $350,000, which would not be subjected to the 91% tax rate (again only incomes $3.672 million or more).

I can't find out how many individuals make $3.672 million or more, but I did find that 13,480 individuals/families make $10 million or more. There are 134,372,678 taxpayers in the US (2005 number). That means that 0.000100318% of taxpayers make $10 million or more, which is a fraction of the top 1% of incomes. There are 1,343,726 individuals in the top 1% which makes the 13,480 incomes over $10 million 1.003% of the top 1%.

These small segments of incomes are the ones subjected to the 91% tax rate of the 50s-60s. 13,480 incomes over $10 million out of a total population of 307,006,550 is 0.0000439% of the US population. This is who we are talking about.

I am glad you, james, are arguing with me because I am learning even more accurate statistics. The source I quoted that had the 91% tax rate on incomes $500,000 and over was incorrect. I found more accurate data at http://www.taxfoundation.org. This data also includes the tax rates at other income levels as well.

They report that the 91% rate was on individuals that made $300,000 or more (not $500,000). The 91% rate was at $400,000 for joint marriage filing and $200,000 for separate marriage filing. Let me change the figures for the new information. I will use the $300,000 individual incomes. (These are for individuals not joint incomes)

Adjusting for inflation $300,000 in 1960, today would be $2,149,036.95 ($2.149 million). If we apply the 91% tax rate from 1960 it would leave the tax payer with $193,413.32 spending cash. Do you make $193,413.32 individually even before taxes?

Now that I have more information I can go further. I mentioned before that the top 1% of incomes starts at $350,000. In 1960 the equivalent of a $350,000 income was $47,897.30. In 1960 the tax rate on incomes of $47,897.30 would have been 66%,(incomes between $44,000-$50,000), which means today only 1% of taxpayers would pay 66% or higher.

Today the top 25% (beginning of the upper class) tax payers start at incomes of $77,500 and up. In 1960 the equivalent of a $77,500 income was $10,605.83. In 1960 the tax rate on $10,605.83 was at 32% (incomes between $8,000-$12,000), which means today the top 25% of incomes would pay a mere 32% or higher.

Are you in the top 25%? -or- Like 75% of Americans do you make less than $77,500. If you make less than the upper 25% your tax rate would be less than 32% according to the 1950's-60s rates (the most prosperous time with the lowest unemployment rate.)

The current tax rates on the top tiers are currently no higher than 36%. In 1960 a 36% tax rate coincided with incomes of $12,000. Today a 1960 income of $12,000 would be $85,961.48. Do you make $85,961.48 (individually not jointly) or more? Then you should pay 36% or more.

If you are one of the rich in the top 1.003% of the top 1% of incomes that would be taxed a rate of 91% in the 50's-60s, then I will tell you again: You need to pay more. If you are above an individual income of $85,961.48 then your tax rate should be 36% or higher. Don't tell me I should sit by while the rich don't pay tax rates that control the income gaps of this country. Just because of their greed.

I understand that the 1953 2.9% unemployment rate was only for the year 1953 (I wrote 'at its lowest', which was the lowest ever in US history). At its highest between 1950-69, the unemployment reached 6.84% in 1958. From 1950-1969 the average unemployment rate was 4.88%. (These are yearly averages monthly rates vary further but average to these figures) I dare you to find another 20 year period with such a low average. Thus I am still right that our countries lowest unemployment rates coincide with the highest tax rates, and most prosperous times of growth in US history. Where did you get 6% james? It's wrong.

What is fair? A flat tax rate which destroys the middle class, and grows the income gaps, or an ability to pay tax rate that controls income gaps to make sure the rich can't own everything. Do you want a fraction of the country to be extremely wealthy, or have a large middle class that fuels our economy? By the way we have always been under an ability to pay tax rate, only radical right-wing conservatives argue flat taxes. Not even main stream conservative legislators or presidents would even entertain the unfair idea of a flat tax rate. No one agrees with james that we should all pay the same rate.

If I make $50,000 and we tax it at a flat tax rate of 30% it would leave me with $35,000. If we tax the top tier income of $2.149 million that same flat rate of 30% it leaves them with $1.504 million. This is called a high income gap. If we use the 1960 tax rate, an income of $50,000 ($6842.47 in 1960) would be taxed a rate of 26% leaving the taxpayer with $37,000. Taxing the top tier income of $2.149 million at a 1960 tax rate of 91% leaves them with $193,413.32. They are still rich, but the income gap is controlled. (Also, a flat tax rate would need to be even higher than 30% to make up for lost revenue from the top tiers under an ability to pay tax)

Controlling the income gap is important for controlling fair market prices. If the rich weren't so rich prices would fall comparatively, allowing more citizens the ability to purchase products and services that fuel our economy. That is why growth was the highest in history during the 50s-60s, when the rich were taxed fairly. By the way, the rich will always contribute more tax revenue than the poor, even under a flat tax. The question is how much more. Do you want a democracy? Where wealth and power is distributed evenly? Or do you want a capitalist aristocracy where the few hold the power? We all know that money runs the world of currency we live in. The rich have the power. What kind of democracy do we have if we allow the few to own the majority of the wealth/power?

If the top 1% owns 42.7% of the financial wealth of the country, and there are only 1,343,726 individuals in the top 1%, and there is a 307,006,550 population in the US. That means that 0.4% of the population owns 42.7% of the wealth.

According to Forbes magazine there are 400 individuals with a net worth of $1.37 trillion. The net worth of the bottom 60 percent of U.S. households was $1.26 trillion in 2010. 60% of US households out of a 307,006,550 population comes to roughly 184 million US citizens. These figures mean that 400 individuals own more ($11 million more) than 184 million US citizens. Is that fair?

A flat tax rate only serves a small fraction of this country, which you and those you know statistically would not be a part of. Why are you doing the bidding of the rich? What do you gain out of putting our countries wealth into the hands of a few? They don't create jobs. If that were true then the unemployment rate would be low during low tax rates, but it is the opposite. Again the lowest rate of unemployment coincides with the highest tax rates on the wealthy (4.88% from the 20 year period between 1950-69 when the top tier was taxed 91%).

Are you hoping that someday you will be one of the few that own everything? Then you have greedy eyes, you want to own it all. You care nothing of the health/wealth of the majority of citizens. You don't care about your countries economy, if you want to someday be able to own the majority of the wealth, or even think it is fair to let someone else own it. By the way you will never get there. Money makes money. If you don't have it now the few that have it won't share with you.

Let me guess, you think the rich 'worked hard and earned' their wealth. Everyone I know works hard. Everyone I know earns the right to make an income that is fair comparatively to the 'rich'. The top 20% rich don't work 85% harder than the other 80% of taxpayers, so why do the have 85% of the wealth. Those 400 persons who own more wealth than 184 million taxpayers didn't work harder than them. They certainly don't deserve, and haven't 'earned' the right to that much. It is about income gap control.

I guarantee that you are getting your ideas about flat tax rates from sources controlled by the rich. Such as fox news. I bet you think that public radio and TV are liberal liars. You need to do some research for yourself on the income gaps in this country. Start here:

Article on wealth distribution:


Statistics on the income gap found on Wikipedia:


Income tax history:


Unemployment statistics:


Also visit the US census website for population and more facts:


p.s. Again I am not talking about what Soros does, it has nothing to do with my arguments. He would be subjected to these rates as well. I am not favoring any rich person here, and am 'outraged' at all rich people not paying enough taxes. I am conversing with you because you commented on what I said. I never said anything about Soros.


Ann, what site did you find the information that the Koch Bros. made $11 billion in two years? For my own use.

Here are the figures of the Koch Bros. income taxes under the hypothetical scenario where the rich would pay the tax rates of the 1950-60s. A rate of 91% on incomes $300,000 (today $2.149 million) or more. (The 50s-60s was the most prosperous time in American history, with the lowest unemployment rate of 4.88% over the period from 1950-69). For more of this discussion scroll below to read previous statements/comments.

According to Ann's research (thank you ann), the Koch Brothers make $5.5 billion of annual income ($2.25 billion each). At a 91% tax rate from $2.25 billion annually it would leave them with $202,500,000 ($202.5 million) annually in spending cash, or $405,000,000 ($405 million annually). Even if they together spent $100 million every year, they would be billionaires in less than 3 years. Each of them separately would be billionaires in less than 7 years. Poor poor millionaires/billionaires.

The rates from the 50s-60s are used as an example. As well as using the Koch Bros. income as an example (since this page deals with them directly). But these rates would be applied to every rich person.

My major point is that the current tax rates (no more than 36%), fuel the income gaps that destroy our democracy.

Go to this site for US federal tax rate history:


Go to these sites to see information on the income gaps in the US :





In 1960 there wer 26 tax brackets. In 2011 there were just 6 brackets.

The wealthy complain that taxes are too high and that flat taxes are more fair. yet the current tax rate is 35% on incomes $379,150 and up.

In a sense the rich have their favored flat tax rate from $379,150 - the richest billionaires. Perhaps including more and higher income brackets would lessen the strain on the upper class as well as control the income gaps, and grow the middle class.

More on the discussion below.


The Koch Bros. are worth $43 billion ($21.5 billion each). Their company pulls in $100 billion annually. They make $5.5 billion of annual income ($2.25 billion each).

They laid off 8000 workers in a time of growth...lets pay those laid off workers $50,000 each that is $400 million. Take that from $5.5 billion annual incomes = $5.1 billion (a 7.3% pay cut), and those 8,000 workers could have kept their jobs. The WI bills the Kochs support take 8% pay cuts from 200,000 workers and this is fair to the Kochs. Or pay those workers $25,000/yr. and they could have hired 8,000 + keep the 8,000 they fired. That is 16,000 jobs, and the Koch brothers would still make $5.1 billion annually.

-or- Take $400 million for worker compensation out of $100 billion annual revenue = 0.4% decrease or $99.6 billion annually.

If we took the $37.9 million invested in oil lobbying alone we could pay $50,000 to 758 workers or $25,000 to 1,516 workers. Do the Kochs care about the economy and unemployment rates or do they care about greed?

Do we not understand the term billion? Do you know that if you count to 1 billion without stopping it would take you 31.6 years, which means it would take you 126 years to count the $43 billion the Koch brothers have, if you count by 10 dollar bills (1,260 years by ones)!

Do yourself a favor and look at the income gap charts of this country. The rich are far too rich and greedy.

What if we taxed the Koch brothers under the top tier tax rates of the 1950's and 60's? In 1960 the tax rate on the top tier/bracket was 91%. That 91% was on incomes $300,000 and up, today $300k = $2.149 million so only incomes of $2.149 million or more would be subjected to the top tier rate of 91% from 1960.

The 1950s-60s was the most prosperous time in American history with the lowest unemployment rates (averaging 4.88% from 1950-69). In fact the lowest unemployment rate in history was 2.9% in 1953 which coincides with the highest tax rates.

The Koch Brothers make a $5.5 billion annual income ($2.25 billion each). At a 91% tax rate from $2.25 billion annually it would leave them with $202,500,000 ($202.5 million) annually in spending cash, or $405,000,000 ($405 million collectively). Poor poor millionaires, it would takes them 5 years to become poor poor billionaires.

With the $4.095 billion taxed ($2.0475 billion each), we could pay $50,000 to 40,950 workers or $25,000 to 81,900 workers. That is a lot of public sector positions. What would 81,900 jobs do for unemployment rates?

If the Kochs weren't forced to pay a 91% tax but instead invested 91% into their own company they could more than double their workforce, or pay to clean up the pollution they've caused.

Keep in mind I am not singling out the Kochs (they just happen to be the topic on this page). Everyone is subjected to taxes. That means everyone could create tax revenue/jobs like this.

Tax rates vary according to income brackets, again a 91% rate would only be on incomes $2.149 million or more (top tier, less than 1% of all incomes).

Tax rates from the 50s-60s contained 26 tax tiers/brackets ranging from 20% on incomes below $2,000 ($14,326.91 today) to a tax rate of 91% on incomes above $300,000 ($2.149 million today).

TrickleUP economics

Boycott Koch Industries!


The Koch brother's Americans for Prosperity, has the attention of Florida's Gov. Rick Scott, backing Scott,s political agenda. Also Reason Foundation, where David Koch is a Trustee , is who Scott based his decision to kill High- Speed Rail in FL. Our local news , just named the Koch brothers as a think tank, no background history on these billionaires political influence. The local T.V. doesn't even mention their names, so most people in Fl. are clueless about the Koch brothers, and Gov. Scott connection.


Doesn't it seem like spending 37.9 million on researching and developing sustainable energy alternatives or something instead of oil and gas lobbying would be a little more productive. They could even sell us the clean energy and continue making piles of money. I can't even begin to understand why they would devote so many resources to ensuring that what they sell us is as detrimental as possible in every way. I don't get it.


“Obama didn't really interact with his father face-to-face very much, but was apparently from what I read a great admirer of his father's points of view. So he had sort of antibusiness, anti-free enterprise influences affecting him almost all his life. It just shows you what a person with a silver tongue can achieve.”

-- Conservative activist David Koch, in an interview with the Weekly Standard, on President Obama.


If you read Obama's book you would know that he did not agree with his father's points of view...


if u look at their web site you would think they are an awesome company...wow...what a shocker to see the big picture....sad that people are so greedy..how much money is enough money to satisfy a person....dont they have grandkids to worry about...what they are doing to the planet is sinful


Look at all the contributions these guys have made to our world!

I wonder how many jobs they have created over the years? Plenty I bet.

Opposing fanatical 'green' energy initiatives? Fantastic! Recycling (except for aluminum perhaps) is BAD for the environment people!

Here' are some ideas: Read, Analyze, Think!

You can put lipstick on a Marxist...


Greed like this is absolutely mind boggling!! These people have everything anyone could EVER wish for, yet they want MORE!

We can do something, though. We can hit 'em where it hurts. No...not their testicles (although I'd LOVE to take a whack at those!) Where it hurts for them the most is hitting them in their wallets! It doesn't make sense does it? They have more money than anyone could spend in ten lifetimes. Yet, boycotting their products WILL impact these greedy boys' lives. I pledge that I will never wipe my hands, mouth, face or butt with Koch bros. products again!!

I boycott their products (the ones I have control over). I carry around a list of what they sell in stores and NEVER buy them. As far as Lycra, well it is very difficult to buy a bra that doesn't contain Lycra. This page is going into my favorites list on my computer so I have a handy reference to consult before I buy almost anything. Even carpet!


We need to put pressure on them ot to carry their products, as they offer quite a few...


I ran across this report while searching for grant opportunities for a non profit in a town with an invista plant. Koch industries is very proud of donating $1m to the victims of Japan's earthquake. Other than that, I see no giving in their local communities or nation wide. $1! Look at how much they have spent in legal fees paying off law suits and in lobbying! Amazing


Have begun an immediate boycott of all Georgia-Pacific products due to the company being owned by the Koch brothers. I will also write to Costco and ask them to reconsider carrying other products.


As I read different people analyzing what these miscreants would have paid in reasonable times, I can't help notice that there seems no recognition that the top tax rate only applies to income above the limit...most income is subjected to lower limits.


If these brands were owned by 1000 different people, would that make it okay for the makers of the products to receive a fair price? Who cares if they are all owned by two brothers. Society rewards them for the value they create. BTW, add these brands: Chevron, Exxon, Mobil, BP, Shell, Phillips Connoco, Unocal 76, etc. Koch refines gasoline for all of them. Good luck with the boycott. And forget the hospital. You can't be treated without Koch products.

Justine A Trowbridge

No wonder Fred Upton is relaxing pollution regulations. The koch boys and he are buddies. They probably said, 'Hey Freddie, how about letting us dump more crap and poisonous pollutants in the waterways. That way every drop of water will be poison and then we can sell purified water back to the little people so we can make even more money. We think it's a good idea, what do you think Freddie?'


No one should be buying these 'products' anyway. They endanger us all due to their use of trees, natural resources and toxic chemicals. Is your life really so difficult that you need virgin forest toilet paper and can't find reusable plates? Corporations dominate us because we let them. Stop supporting the Koch brothers with your lazy incompetence.

According to David Cay Johnston of tax.com, there is 2 TRILLION dollars wrapped up in the corporate tax code. We need that money now.


my dad's retirement pension is now owned by Koch enterprises, some type of investment firm his check is late????? Watch out America!!!!!



research hemp...we need a change and being a mother and wanting the safest products is my passion!

Hemp is currently ilegal to grow because out stupid government cant tell the difference between hemp and cannabis...even when hemp has no thc and can not be used as a drug....

Isaid I wasn't going into detail so just imagine how much more info is ohn this plant....

Please rrsearch and ask ur state to legalize!!!!


The criminal collusion of pollution of Koch Industries against America's public and environment is horrifically displayed in the scientific research that has indicted Koch Industries for their willful negligence and collusive bribery of legislators (primarily Republican state and national legislators) has created an asault upon the health, environment and well-being of our nation's children and families.

BOYCOTT KOCH INDUSTRIES as the despicable and willfully destructive polluters that numerous indicments have proven them to reflect such arrogant and egregious pollution against the people of America!


Thanks for the list. I will plan to purchase from this list over the next year to counteract any lame, leftist boycott attempt.


Thanks for the list. Thes guys know no end to greed. I will forward yjod ;ody to at least 25 friends. As for 'Willy' below...there are all sorts of things he can do to work against his own interests. I think if he really feels strongly about screwing himself

he should donate money directly to the koch brothers.


Ohh, Jonathan, the evil greed. It just breaks your heart, doesn't it? Except when it's practiced by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, George Soros, or your favorite Hollywood celebrity. And, Jonathan, did you ever compare your own income to the median income of, say, Bangladesh?


Oprah Winfrey, George Soros, and my favorite Hollywood celebrities do not disperse millions of tons of greenhouse gases into 'our' atmosphere every year, nor do they produce millions of pounds of carcinogenic chemicals each year that end up in 'our' homes, nor do they dump aviation fuel into 'our' wetlands, nor make caustic fertilizers that kill 'our' fish, nor do they fund climate change denial groups from the money taken out of 'our' pocketbooks... Wake up. This is 'our' planet, we only have one! Don't you care about the health and welfare of your grandchildren? Of ALL grandchildren?


Thanks for listing the Koch brother's products! Now I know which to buy to support their efforts. Go ahead and blast them for making their millions. I don't see any of you accomplishing what they have. I don't see you mentioning the number of employees they have. Sure they could have joined a union, worked when and where they were told to, gone home at the end of the and sat on the couch until bedtime. Instead they took a chance, worked their asses off and built an empire. That's America. Deal with it! As for 'RESPONSE' who mentioned George Soros like he is some sort of man to be admired, check again. He collapsed the Bank of England and has wrecked havoc all around the globe. If it stinks, his fingers are usually stirring the pot. I guess how he makes his money doesn't bother you?


This has absolutely nothing to do with George Soros. This is about the Koch brothers and their raping of the American people's resources. This is about their utter greed, they take but do not give. You know nothing about the other people who commented here, why do you categorize them as couch potatoes. I know not your line of thinking. Small businesses employ more than large in America... Or would you rather have just a few employers, and the rest can be slaves to them? Sounds like that is what you would like... Well, I don't and a lot more I know do not, and this is America, and it is time we took our country back out of the hands of 'gigantic' corporations who are only concerned with lining the pockets of their wealthiest/largest shareholders, or in the Koch brothers case with their personal pockets, with no regard to the environment, nor to the well being of the American public as a whole...


We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.'

We the 'people' - not we the 'exclusive few people' - a more perfect Union - yes Union! - a joining together in common cause and good. Insure domestic tranquility... well getting harder with two political extremes...but there must be a way, other wise we will not uphold this inspiring hope of a great nation... Promote general welfare... well, again I do not think the founding fathers meant only for the very few. Secure liberty for our posterity - that is a big one, I want to leave my children with a healthy nation, a fair nation, one where they have a loud and heard voice, one that respects the environment and all its people. I want there to be something left to give to my children. Clean air, clean water, hope, health, a future...


It never fails to amaze me, how much contempt the average working stiff has for the guy(s) who sign their paychecks! Had it not been for the people who put their personal financial worth at risk then most of us would probably not have incomes, homes, food, cars or computers to play with.


Mary K, I find it hard to believe that people on the right scream about wealth redistribution and government imposed class warfare, when every day in this country the Koch brothers and their shadow PAC's, practice class warfare. If it were up to them, labor laws, environmental laws and wage minimums would all be things of the past. The top 1% continues to get rich off the working man's labor. The Koch brothers are the most obvious form of privately funded tyranny. There are CEO's and companies out there that care about their workers. The Koch's are not among them. The Koch brothers + Dick Armey (anything but an outsider) = The Tea Party . . Screw them.


I also am glad you are providing a list of product for me and my friend to buy. I got my start over 30 years ago pumping gas at a Koch gas station. I am now a well paid IT guy, thanks to the Koch brothers letting me get a start out of high school.

'Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.' -- Benjamin Franklin


Had to look up that Ben Franklin quote you referenced - Ben did not, and would not say anything like that! 'Widely attributed to Franklin on the internet, sometimes without the second sentence. It is not found in any of his known writings, and the word 'lunch' is not known to have appeared anywhere in English literature until the 1820s, decades after his death. The phrasing itself has a very modern tone and the second sentence especially might not even be as old as the internet.'


I am not suprized by your nom de plume, because even though you show an aptitude for math you show a lack of knowledge of economics and what it is to be an American.

I agree that the Koch brothers and those like them (billionaire G. soros included) could do quite a bit to help the economic situation of thousands of people and help to clean up thier messes (and prevent future ones), but it is thier money and thier decision. To tax them more is just giving more money to other greedy rich people. I have yet to see anyone with a greater capacity to flush money down the toilet than the government (all governments). Everyone in this country has the right to spend the money that they make in whatever way they see fit. It is thier money.

To focus on them because of how much money they make is just jelousy. If you want to make a difference, put environmental pressure on them. Make them become the poster children of industrial safety by shining a light on all the 'accidents' that have happened in thier companies and make them step up to the plate and be an example for other companies to follow.

It may be idealistic, but in America anything is possible.

Voice of People



My name is Ian Doite...you have your economics backwards like you have my name backwards.

Income gaps are higher than ever...

Do you know what income gaps like todays do to the supply/demand curve? When the rich are allowed to be as rich as they are today prices follow the averages. Making prices out of reach for the middle class. Restructuring the wealth would bring prices down and allow for more consumerism, which would fuel the economy. We need to control the income gaps and grow the middle class, that is smart economics. The numbers prove this. When taxes were highest economic growth was the highest, the middle class was at its strongest, and the unemployment rate was at its lowest.

Obviously, you are misinformed about economics...I bet you took classes on economics, or even majored in it. Economists teach greed.

I once had a professor brag to an auditorium how he had a client who owed $2 million in taxes and how he laundered the money through chicken farms (accountants call it re-investing) to get him a $200,000 tax return. Thats receiving $200,000 instead of paying $2million in taxes. He never saw a chicken in his life, there was no chicken coup.

I agree that we need stronger regulations on industry. Thanks to Reaganomics we've been deregulating industry/business since the 80's.

Lets put the taxes back where they were, lets put the regulations back in place, and be proud of our country again.

Is the American dream 'I could own it all' or is it 'We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity'.

Controlling the income gap is important for controlling fair market prices. If the rich weren't so rich prices would fall comparatively, allowing more citizens the ability to purchase products and services that fuel our economy. That is why growth was the highest in history during the 50s-60s, when the rich were taxed fairly. Do you want a democracy? Where wealth and power is distributed evenly? Or do you want a capitalist aristocracy where the few hold the power? We all know that money runs the world of currency we live in. The rich have the power. What kind of democracy do we have if we allow the few to own the majority of the wealth/power?

The 50-60's experienced the most prosperous times with the lowest unemployment rates (4.88% avg. 50-69). The 50's-60's had 26 tax tiers and rates were as high as 91% on incomes over $300,000 ($2.149 million today). Presently we have only 6 tax tiers and the top tier rate is only 35%, which creates a flat tax of 35% on incomes $379,150 and up. Why don't we look at reinstating more tax tiers and raising the tax rates on the uber-rich? We need income gap control. Going back to what worked in the 50-60's would only affect the wealthiest citizens, only 1%. 99% of citizens wouldn't receive a tax increase. Only incomes $379,150 and up would be affected or 1%. Incrementally add 20 more tiers to the tax system ranging from 35%-91% on those making $379,150 and up. Flat tax, trickledown economics doesn't work. Ability to pay, trickleUP economics is needed. Want proof, google 'US income gap', that is the real problem, created by an unfair tax system. Let's go back to what works.

According to Forbes magazine there are 400 individuals with a net worth of $1.37 trillion. The net worth of the bottom 60 percent of U.S. households was $1.26 trillion in 2010. 60% of US households out of a 307,006,550 population comes to roughly 184 million US citizens. These figures mean that 400 individuals own more ($11 million more) than 184 million US citizens. Is that fair?

Some think the rich 'worked hard and earned' their wealth. Everyone I know works hard. Everyone I know earns the right to make an income that is fair comparatively to the 'rich'. The top 20% rich don't work 85% harder than the other 80% of taxpayers, so why do they have 85% of the wealth. Those 400 persons who own more wealth than 184 million taxpayers didn't work harder than them. They certainly don't deserve, and haven't 'earned' the right to that much. It is about income gap control. TrickleUP economics!


Lawrence, do yourself a favor, everyone do themselves a favor and look at these sites.

See for yourselves what the tax history says about economic history, and what the runaway income gaps and deregulation has done to our country...

We don't have a spending problem, we have a revenue problem. We need to reinstate the taxes of former mid 20th century decades. To redistribute the wealth, grow the middle class, and fuel our economy. We also need to regulate business and industry to create fair non-monopolistic markets, and control environmental destruction.

Review these sites:

Article on wealth distribution: http://sociology.ucsc.edu/whorulesamerica/power/wealth.html

Statistics on the income gap found on Wikipedia:


Income tax history:


Unemployment statistics:


Also visit the US census website for population and more facts:


With the exception of our governor Scott, I can't think of anyone who deserves jail time than the Koch Brothers.


Thanks for the list. Funny story, I just stopped using angle soft anyway. 11 useless rolls of sandpaper set on the shelf.


Thanks very much for compiling the list. Now we have to act on it. We have to break these bastards.


I have to say this as plainly as I can: The Koch Brothers are the lowest kind of criminal slime, as immoral a pair as you're going to find. They would have thrived in Nazi Germany. Their agenda is nothing less than the destruction of our civil society. They want a society that is completely controlled by corporations: yes, that is, in fact, a variation on fascism.


lets all boycott these products and help stop these extreme right, enemy's of the middle class, and poor people of our and I mean OUR country.


First, this is a great list of Koch's products and spheres of influence. Thank you for the start, whomever you are. Emotional responses aside, it used to be possible to effectively economically boycott the goods and services of a specific business enterprise. However, in today's economic environment, it ain't so easy. Koch's products are everywhere in our everyday lives; in easy to recognize, toilet paper form and in nearly impossible to detect, roof sub-decking plywood form. And, the fact that we can't even find out whether these guys supply the house brand paper products for Wal-Mart, Costco, Sam's Club, et al. makes concerted action that much more difficult to achieve the desired results. Seriously, how do we change our purchasing habits in such a way as to actually get these guys' attention? In addition to their economic clout, how do we weaken their political power? Is it feasible to not vote for any candidate who takes contributions from the Kochs or is that too hard to find out?


Criminals and murderers, like the Koch brothers, do not deserve the tax breaks and subsidies they receive from the government. They also so not deserve the hard earned consumer dollars we spend on their products. This article was great. I plan to find an alternative to every product on the above list. I refuse to help these amoral, greedy SOB's to fund any more corrupt politicians.

Simon Hilarides

You people scare me. The Koch brothers have always been champions of liberty and completely open about it. This ridiculous smear campaign about 'shadowy-evil-rightwing-billionaires-trying-to-take-over-the-world' is laughable. The 'right-wing' organizations they support like the CATO institute are devoted to causes like ending the PATRIOT act, stopping corporate bailouts, ending the drug war. Or the Institute for Justice: a 'right-wing' law firm devoted to things like fighting eminent domain takeover (pro-bono) of people's homes by corporate assholes like Donald Trump. They're libertarians for chrissakes! Here are some other examples of their 'abominable' charitable donations:

over $100m to support ballet and theater

over $150m to support cancer research

$7m to PBS (yeah, real 'right-wing')

Oh yeah, and $40k to Scott Walker

Yeah, go look it all up.

Thanks for the list though, I'm going to buy as much of these as possible.


Would bet that the below post of 'Simon Hilarides' was done by a Koch marketing team...


These guys are business men and they are fighting for our freedoms unlike most of the Fascists companies GE, Newcorp, etc..etc.. running our government putting us and all our children in debt and taking away our freedoms. They make money and put it back into economic growth to keep the country growing unlike the war mongering CIA invested carlyle group who donates heavily to NPR we don't want to talk about them. Sure you losers who are looking for a job go ahead and boycott a company who stays in the US providing jobs, making products in the US, These are great people who are defending our nation and the constitution it is built upon.

Simon Hilarides

haha i knew someone would accuse me of working for the Koch marketing team! i just had to come back and check. you can check me out on the internet, though i'm pretty unimportant. i actually work on a farm in Maine, i have a degree in philosophy from Reed College and i used to play in a goofy punk band in highschool 'the ordinary kids'.

go ahead, you can look me up too!! and boycott me if you want!!

oh, here's another cool Koch brothers donation:

last year $20m to the ACLU to fight the PATRIOT act

on top of all of these donations, you guys fail to notice that many of the products they produce are made from trees! when those trees are made into products like plywood and used to build homes and such, they act as a carbon sink!!! this is not included in their 'peri' toxic score, but it should be (i guess maybe it would be difficult to calculate?) especially given that over 42% of their score is based on Georgia Pacific.

I'm itching to keep going but my wife is telling me I have to go to sleep...! Cheers!


I don't use these products much - but I'll be certain to try and never use them again.


It is interesting to see how some forms of rape are overlooked in the United States. If you have enough money, then you can get anyone to look the other way.

S. Koch-non affiliated

With all that great Koch science going on, I hope they achieve two things: 1. A time machine to send all you left wings back to the stone age so you can't cry about intelligence and technology. 2. A gas or compound that seeks out left wing psychosis and the causing gene and eliminates it.

noreen delsanno

I refuse to buy anything from these blood suckers.


The Koch Family got its start building power plants and infrastructure for Joseph Stalin. Funny how they now claim they are capitalists when that family has dedicated its existence to destroying progress and mankind.

The Koch Brothers are enemies of the people and need to be treated as such.


Take direct action; read my review of Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue: http://bit.ly/hD0Z8J


We should unionize Koch employee's world wide and collective bargain with them.


They have their greedy fingers into just about everything. They have a destructive impact on the environment with their enormous political control. If enough of us flex our economic muscle by not purchasing their products, maybe we can defeat them.


I've been saying this over and over again. We need to buy local products. I shop at Meijer, a store that is based in Grand Rapids, MI, for my paper towels and t.p., etc. I buy the store brand, but who knows where that comes from. I try. I buy mostly fresh, local produce when I can, local milk and eggs. Bob's Red Mill flours and grains, and I shop at thrift stores for most of my shoes and clothes. Even then, I have a hard time buying anything nowadays that is made in China. I am trying to be a conscientious consumer, but I'm not a saint. I wish more of my friends would join me though.


These brothers should be listed as terrorists-intent on the destruction of the planet in order to increase their profits. Libertarians want the liberty to destroy others? And the planet on which they live? And to get away with breaking a myriad of federal laws? Oh, I forgot. Laws should not have been made which restrict their freedom to self-profit!


margaret boardman

we need to stop buying their products and let them leave the US. If it was that simple. They are criminals with money and thats that . fines don't do a thing to punish or prevent further violations to our land and people. They should be jailed along with the Bush Gang.

S. Koch -nonaffiliated

Without people like the Koch brothers, you'll walk or take a horse. No soap to wash or paper to wipe. Sickness moves in, but you won't have medicine to combat it. You won't have amber waves of grain. There goes the horse. You'll have a bacteria laden rag to wipe up small messes, and no way to clean water and air. No army, navy, air force, police, personal protection, and you'll cook your food over wood. A party of carcinogens. You'll mostly go naked. You'll smell like a sewer, especially without the deoderants, perfumes and feminine napkins, along with the regular napkins. No lighting. Reduced to the even more licentious Dark Ages, but perhaps with much less sex.



Our Family will stop purchasing any GP products today and get the word out-we the little guys fuel (sweat off our brow) these barons. Funny as lots of stuff on the list is in our cabinet right now-shame on us-thanks for the word-


There isn't anything wrong with Koch making products and selling them for profit - but they shouldn't harm the environment in the process and use those profits to influene our elections! They are trying to buy our democracy right out from under us!


We would survive because someone else could make those same products without illegally dumping poisons in our waters and destroying our air - all the while spending millions to influence our elections and destroy the EPA that holds them accountable! They are not a 'God' that we must depend on as S. Koch seems to imply.


Lawrence says 'To tax them more is just giving more money to other greedy rich people' but he is wrong...to tax them more is to make them acknowledge that the Billions they earn are a result of the work of their people and a direct result of the benefits of living in this great country...taxing them more would offset the great damage they do to our environment and our health and help fund programs that hold them accountible... i.e. protect the environment and people's health. Everyone knows there is waste in government - but I am thankful for the programs that protect our sick, provide for our elderly and disabled, make sure our water is safe to drink, our food is safe to eat, our infrastructure is sound, protects our safety, provides eduction, laws, courts, firefighters, police and the many other unnamed and unappreciated tax-payer funded government BENEFITS. I think it is patriotic to pay taxes. It's also patriotic to point out waste or bad policies - that is a democracy. People like the Koch brothers think our democracy is for sale to the highest bidder! Our founding fathers knew and spoke of the dangers of too much wealth in the hand of the few - they recognized this as the greatest threat to our democracy and we should too!

S. Koch -nonaffiliated

The crime lies in your filthy inhuman politicians who are willing to sell you and God's earth out. Anyone who is involved in as much as the Koch brothers is bound to pollute, but perhaps the benefits outweigh the tribulations. We damn near killed all the indians too, but that arose out of politics. We're starving for energy because of politics, and that makes all things increase. If we want to destroy someone for crimes or mistakes then there would probably be no one here. As long as your faux leaders are permitted to commit treason on levels of humanity, ecology and nationally, and not support punishments for bribery (lobbying), you'll have this destructive corruption. Imprison the politicians and you'll see people like the Koch brothers, if accusations are true, fall in line. Leaders should always be held accountable on a much higher standard.


To the best of my ability, I will not buy products where Koch Bros Industries has a vested interest. This means no more clothes with lycra and no more Dixie products. I have not bought Georgia Pacific products for some time. I wish I knew in which gasoline products Koch Bros is invested. I am thoroughly disgusted by their pumping money into things that hurt working Americans. My mother became a union organizer in her late 40s, early 50s when she had to go to work following my father's death. She recognized unfair treatment when she saw it and I fear we are returning to those days.


The one thing people are not getting about the super rich is...deductions.

The average rich person pays less than half the stated tax that I've read about on posts here. Take the criminal Gov. of Florida Tricky Dick Scott. In 08 or 09 he made $16 Million yet after deductions he only paid 16% tax. It all comes down to deductions. You can charge the super rich 91% tax rate but if after deductions they only pay 16% tax then whats the use?

The Koch bro's are the lowest life form on the planet. Anyone that would destroy the environment for a buck should be put down like a rabid animal...It's as simple as that.

I don't care about their wealth, I care about their destruction of the environment. It's sad that Americans allow this to happen day in and day out. Band together folks, there is more of us than there is of them...even with their bought and paid for mercenary army.


What sort of parents did you have? Would they be proud of you now?


I'm surprised that no one has mentioned some of the more insidious things David H. and Charles de Ganahl Koch have done.

They, especially through media buys and organizing via Americans for Prosperity and the Tea Party and various other front groups, and directly from their own political contributions, are winning a war on working people.

They don't want the poor or working class to vote. That's what's behind their 'voter I.D.' laws, for instance. The Kochs are basically anti-Democratic, and they've been enabled by the Five Stooges on the Supreme Court. They are particularly close to Scalia and Thomas.

Pro-privatization, they are determined to destroy public employee unions in particular because in their delusions they believe they can save on the little taxes they pay by wrecking public schools, replacing correctional officers with fast-food worker 'guards,' etc. They don't want to compete against even modest union funding of candidates, so they get 'paycheck deception,' bars to collective bargaining, pension raiding and similar legislation passed.

They are major supporters of the American Legislation Exchange Council which produces floods of draconian criminal justice and anti-regulation legislation. ALEC (with the Corrections Corporation of America and Nativists like racist-for-hire Kris Kobach) were at the core of SB 1070 in Arizona, the 'Breathing while Brown,' 'Show me your papers,' law.

By supporting and electing the radical right wingers who have only the faintest of libertarian ideals, but who are unswervingly opposed to fair taxes, they are supporting the womb police, the medical marijuana police, the homophobic and theocratic loons who have been elected in increasing numbers.

Although they are nominally libertarians, they support the private prison industry which lobbies for the drug war and other wars on minorities to fill their gulags. They support public relations outfits mislabeled as 'think tanks' and 'research' organizations, including in universities and colleges.

David has been a major supporter of cancer research (he has it) and evolution science, but he doesn't want poor people to get health care supported in part by the state, and he has installed anti-evolutionists on school boards because part of their agenda is to defund public school through vouchers for the wealthy and charter schools for the middle class.

I read somewhere that none of those new congressional representatives elected last year believes in global warming. A great many believe in 'The Rapture' or that they'll go to 'heaven,' but they don't believe in evolution.

Last year they bought and paid for a score of governors. Everyone knows about Scott Walker, some posters here know about Rick Scott, but we should all be familiar with other newer Koch gubernatorial subsidiaries such as John Kasich (OH), Sean Parnell (AK), Paul LePage (ME), Tom Corbett (PA) and Rick Snyder (MI), who joined earlier Koch hacks such as Jan Brewer (AZ), Piyush Jindal (LA), Mitch Daniels and Butch Otter (ID).

They also hire public relations stooges to post on sites such as this one, trolls-for-hire, to defend their odious reputation.


Tell me why do the Koch Brothers want to change the political system here in America? They have amassed a fortune under this political system. They have also been granted free reign to pollute our planet. Their father spent time working in Russia and came back here anti-communist. Their father's anti-anti sentiment is being blown out of proportion by his two sons. There is no threat of communism in this country.

counter point

Contrary to Conservative belief, the US Constitution does not state an economic system or preference. It simply states responsibilities of various branches of government, and in ammendments assures rights of individuals. Now where does it pick a religion nor does it claim capitalism as it's ecomonic system. It does state that it will ensure an army for protection, and seek to promote the 'General Welfare' of the people. So, the founding fathers were smart as they tried to put control of what happens in the hands of the people. Unfortunately, the basis of power has swung to the Golden Rule, Those With the Gold, Rule. Those that follow them are their dogs.


Products to boycott


Wow! They own all those companies? They must be providing quite a few jobs. Good for them for helping keep the economy going.


The richest 0.0001% leveraging their wealth to buy grossly disproportionate amounts political influence is not only done completely in the open but now approved of by the peasant-class now. It's a sad day, their brainwashing is now complete.



Thank you for having this and letting people know abouth this. I will no longer purchase any of these products and will scream from the mountain side to everyone I know to do the same. We made them billioniers and we the simple people can take it away.


I love these guys. They may save our country.


The Koch brothers are heroes. I personally will buy more of these products. Life is a great competition. Those who 'spread the wealth' are the losers of the game. They simply want to justify stealing what they were too lazy to earn.


Paul-Go get the prize. Whoever has the most toys at the end wins.


success economically, for sure.

Success at the expense of our precisious irreplacable ecology (in so many ways)

Success in political corruption and tax cheating.

Success in getting a record number of people to hate them because of their appalling behaviour. What a disgrace.

There is more to life than money, even in America. If you don't believe that, then you've been corrupted. Get help.

Boycott ? At the very least. The owe big time.

S. Koch -nonaffiliated

I still say the real, inhuman crimes are with your politicians, and they are from our citizenry. That is an undeniable indication of where America's morals lie. When a politician does not do the will of the people, the people should not have to wait for the next election. A referendum should be taken, and depending on that outcome, it would be determined whether the person should be bodily ripped from his office, imprisoned, or executed in a public square while it is televised and narrated as to why. This system would only require it being done about 3 times at the most until the scumbags realize that it is a reality. This would be a deterrent then to the fecal matter of the world trying for office. There would be no buying of politicians and everything would fall in line. Clean ways of doing things would be found. Vote me in and all things would be done by referendum, but be cautious, very cautious. If I detect an overwhelming immorality, I will defeat it and have my army ready to cancel you out.


I find it funny that people still think boycotting their products actually dents their wallets. This is America, we are a capitalist society where those who have more money have more freedom. Our politicians are actively trying to further separate the class difference by tricking the poor and/or ignorant masses (read: tea party movement) to believe that the conservatives are protecting their 'freedoms' when they vote to cut soc. Security, education, medicare, and any other SOCIAL service we have. It's an instilled 'got mine, f*** you' attitude. An attitude that the majority of this selfish country believes where if you know someone (like yourself or the other 95% of the country that makes less than a fortune a year) can't afford health care, the 'patriotic' thing to do is to tell them they should have tried harder and 'nought wipth mhai tacksxz dollires' them til they die from whatever illed them before getting patrioted.

Open your eyes, we're in a recession, yet prices keep rising, wages continue to stagnate. Unemployment is high, and corporations are seeing record profits. Our capitalist nation has failed, we.are no longer free we are slaves to the corporations with dollar-bill-ball-and-chain around us and our leaders. The only key to our shackles is moving away from this terrible attitude and holding corporations responsible for every crime they commit and that the american people have the freedom to be an individual but have the means to success only by working their fellow american.


Obviously the greed of the Koch Brothers has no limits. They don't care how much harm their industries' practices do to the environment we have to live in. They don't give a damn as long as their money keeps flowing in fo they can influence legislation and the media with their lies.

A boycott of their products is almost impossible because they own so much. But if they were prosecuted for the many gross illegalities they commit each and every day, something might bring them to stop that conduct. Are their any moral and courageous entities that could take on such a task and see that they're accountable for the damage they are doing? I wonder.


May God give them heart attacks!


They look like clowns from a circus to me!


The U.S. economic system is free market capitalism nitwits. Will you people please get out of my country.


I have quit buying the GP products listed. I still use paper products, though not as many, but I never ever buy the GP products. I keep searching this list, so I can opt out of things owned by Koch Brothers.


Why is it never OK for a rich conservative business man/woman to support conservative causes and organizations, when it is apparently fine for liberals billionaires to support their own views by dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into far left extremist positions?

Point in case: Mr. George Sorros. A self avowed communist and dictator builder. He has given almost all the funds to Greenpeace, the Global Warming (now change) groups, not to mention groups intent on over throwing the US Government.

I would challenge the writer of this article to put just a tad of info about both sides into the articles.

I believe history will show the Koch family to be patriots and honorable men and women. I also believe history will show that the lowest point of this nation has been the past 4 years.

As for the poster who mentioned that the Constitution does not dictate the financial form of government of this nation, it DOES NOT 'give' the governmennt powers, it limits the powers and authority of the central government. Read the Constitution for yourself. My guess is that less than 200,000 Americans have taken the time to actually read the Constitution and many fewer the Federalist Papers.


Don't listen to the fools telling you that boycotting these reactionary bastards has no effect, as they are LYING. Every dollar is accounted for in corporations, up or down trends are taken very seriously, and beyond that, investors are known to pull out money from companies on the drop of a hat regarding daily news going one way or the other. Boycott everything these bastards are part of making, and write letters to companies who support their products, letting them know you wont be buying from them either. Let every friend and contact of yours know, and keep this up as often as it takes to make people remember.


I can't give up angel soft and stop wiping my ass on the Koch brothers!


It is unbelievable how many idiots out there defend these scum. Wake up morons Corporations like these murderers are killing our constitution and lining the pockets of every Politician they can. Boycott everything these pigs make.


Gees, after reading these comments one might think Koch industries do not have any employees, pay taxes, or are American citizens. Capitalism creates jobs - jobs you fools- jobs equal paychecks which equal purchase power without dependence on government. Long live the Koch brothers and every one of their companies. I love capitalism, America, and the freedom to decide by own future. I for one do not want to be dependent on government, for those of you who do I understand Greece is looking for a few good slaves to the government.


Liberals/Democrats do not feel capitalism is wrong. What they feel is wrong is that in the past three decades, deregulation has allowed a 'very' small percentage of the population to become grossly wealthy; at the expense of our planet and at the expense of the rest of the population.

Leonard Staley



@Randy Daniels

You are right on.

It is funny how the Libs love to yell and scream unless it has to do with their peeps.

Continue buying these products..

Hard working people will always be reconized.


Why don't you Conservatives get it - we have one planet, we need to look after her. The Koch brothers are among the worst polluters in the world. Polluting the environment our grandchildren will inherit is certainly not noble. Money will not mean much in the future if the planet is inhospitable. Hard working people who rape the planet for selfish means will be thought of as criminals by our grandchildren.