A Moon Gate For Your Garden

A moon gate rises out of the earth, like the moon rises in the sky; both spheres celebrate the continuous cycle of birth and death…rising and falling…

moon gate
Moon gate, built of unmortared granite blocks, built in 1996 by Dave Araneo of Massachusetts. “It’s is one of the oldest technologies around,” Dave says. “You build a wood form, place the stones to either side, and build up. Then you finish with a keystone and remove the form. There is a wonderful energy to these structures.” More recently, Dave constructed a small moon gate using flat pieces of stone. “I used a garbage can for the form, then kicked it out. It has survived storms . . . it may even survive grandchildren!” Via: artsandcraftshomes.com

moon gate
Stepping through a portal.
Mary Reynold’s Gold winning Garden at Chelsea Flower Show, 2002, Tearmann sí – A celtic sanctuary. maryreynoldsdesigns.com

moon gate
Tropical Moon Gate in Brief Garden, Near Bentota, Sri Lanka.

moon gate
George’s moongate. The top portion is 3/4″ external plywood made like a tube but covered with ceramic tile and grout and then painted with three coats of black waterproof roof paint to make it weatherproof. koi-z-are-us.20m.com

moon gate
Moon-Gate by Alec Finlay, 2008, Scotland.
Photograph, Alexander Maris.

moon gate
Denver Botanic Gardens in January.
Note the pebble pathway.

moon gate
Austwick Hall in Yorkshire, built and designed by the owners. Via: thegallopinggardener.blogspot.com

moon gate
Moon gate covered with vines.
Fangta Park, Songjiang, China.

moon gate
Johnny Clasper’s Scorpio Sculpture.

moon gate
Moon Gate in New Jersey.
Built using 7.5 tons of Pennsylvania Endless Mountain fieldstone. Via: inthecompanyofstone.blogspot.com

moon gate
Moon Gate in Rhode Island.

moon gate
Andy Goldsworthy.

moon gate
‘The Moon Gate’ – at Steane Park in Northamptonshire, taken from a design by Mary Reynolds at the Chelsea Flower Show of 2001. Image by WindBlown2011. www.flickr.com

moon gate
Moon Gate designed and constructed by The Stone Man, South Carolina. stonemanrocks.com

moon gate
Moon gate integrated into stone wall. Blithwold, Rhode Island. blog.blithewold.org

moon gate
The moon gate frames the pagoda style pavilion and the “good karma” boulder. Masons hand chiseled each stone on site and set the stone against a wooden arched form which was later removed. By McHale Landscape Design, Upper Marlboro, MD.  mchalelandscape.com

moon gate
Moon gate, in the Chinese Garden of Friendship, Sydney, Australia. Photo by Jon Harley. flickr.com

moon gate
Moon Gate by A. Wee.
Suzhou, China. flickr.com

moon gate
Moon gate at Ross Priory.
Loch Lomond, Scotland.

moon gate
The moongate at Claydon Gardens in Buckinghamshire.
Via: thegallopinggardener.blogspot.com

moon gate
Green moon gate, window in a hedge, Orsan.
Image by Francois Berraldacci.

moon gate
A moongate set in a trellis provides the separation between a dining terrace and small garden beyond. By Leonard Design Associates, Arlington, MA. leonarddesign.info

moon gate
Wooden moongate to an outdoor kitchen, Pleasantville, NY. www.fivecat.com

wood moon gate
The moongate with a western bent. A half circle trellis frames a garden. Dyton, Ohio. customoutdoorstructures.com

moon gate
Moon Gate with Asian Inspired Gate Latch by Sean Hennick of the San Francisco Bay Area. shop.360yardware.com

moon gate
Moon gate, Palm Grove Gardens, Bermuda.
Klotz: commons.wikimedia.org

moon gate
Moongates are a common feature in Bermuda gardens. It is regarded as a symbol of love and Bermudians believe people who walk through a Moongate are blessed with good luck. Copyright Scott: flickr.com

moon gate
Moon gate at the 2011 Rhode Island Spring Flower & Garden Show. ledgeandgardens.typepad.com

An Ancient Moon Gate in Cornwall

moon gate
The Mên-an-Tol, (the hole stone) Cornwall, United Kingdom. Also known as the Crick Stone for it heals a crick in the back. This Bronze Age monument has been standing in West Cornwall for nearly 4500 years and local legend claims if a woman passes through the stone hole seven times backwards on a full moon, she will soon become pregnant.
moon gate

Moon Gate by Magma Design Group, 2013.
The existing stones act as both a support mechanism and as a foil to the textures of the stone that they brought onto the site. After a few years, the moongate stones will age and blend in with the rest of the stone on the site. Massachusetts. By magmadesigngroup.com

Chinese Moon Gate

“Doors either did not exist or were left open. (Socially, closed doors were not considered courteous since they implied exclusion, while the open door symbolized the welcome extended by the essentially out-going Chinese temperament with its spontaneous and natural relationships developed over the ages in the highly socialized life of a large family). Doors were often only a means of enhancing a view into the garden or to the scenery beyond, such as the moon door, a beautifully placed circle framing some special outlook. Not only was every aspect used to its full natural advantage but “if one can take advantage of a neighbour’s view one should not cut off the communication, for such a ‘borrowed prospect’ is very acceptable.” From the Yün Yeh, a Ming treatise on gardening.

“The garden was not, however, merely aesthetic but creative and a reminder of, and contact with, the creative forces and the great cycle of the seasons, birth, maturity, decay, death and rebirth.” From The Symbolism of the Taoist Garden by J.C. Cooper.

How To Build A Moon Gate

Step by Step: www.gardenhillacres.com
Wall and moon gate workshop: thegreenists.com
Building a Venus Gate: www.gavinrose.freeservers.com
Custom wood moon arbor: walpolewoodworkers.com
Thin rock moongate at Ballymore Gardens in Ireland: ballymoregardens.ie

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  1. We grew up in a house with a Moon gate. As a matter of fact we called the place ‘Moongate’. I love this site, and would love to integrate a moon gate into my own place.

  2. I love these pictures and how to copy some of them. As a Feng Shui follower, I want one in my money corner of my yard, as they remind me of Chinese money.

  3. Where does one purchase steamed wood for moon gate structures Like 360 Dan and five cats pictured on your site.


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