Outdoor Brick Ovens

Recycle some old bricks… into a wood-fired oven.

Outdoor Brick Ovens Around The World

outdoor-brick-oven-sandy-koepkeBrick wood-fired oven.
If you purchase a prefab ceramic or stone chamber, all you’ll need to do is complete the veneer. sandykoepkeinteriordesign

outdoor-brick-oven-forno-bravoRecycled brick pizza oven in California.
Built from an Alan Scott design. Originally found on fornobravo.com

outdoor brick pizza ovenRound pizza oven made of recycled bricks in Greensboro, NC.
‘This oven is so well insulated that the owner says he can have ‘a roaring fire for over 3 hours at over 1000 degrees inside and yet the outside brick surface temps are less than 90 degrees, which is what the air temp is during the day outside.’ Via:  fornobravo.com

outdoor-brick-oven-community-oven-ontarioThis community bread brick oven was built for the Montgomery’s Inn Museum in Toronto, ON. Although the primary use is intended for bread, the oven is done in half-mass construction equivalent to a standard pizza oven mass, since the oven is intended for a variety of uses and bread baking is not anticipated to exceed 2-3 batches from a single firing. The oven core is heavily insulated for exceptional heat retention and even baking. The oven is finished with reclaimed clay brick and stucco with integral roof done in cedar shingles with cedar fascia and soffit. stovemaster.com

brick wood fired ovenOutdoor brick oven with roof, on a base of stucco over cement blocks.

outdoor-brick-oven-forno-bravoBrick outdoor wood-fired oven.
Typical ovens for bread are 14 to 18 inches high in the middle of the dome or vault, and 9 inches high on the sides. This oven loses a lot of heat due to its height and large opening. fornobravo

outdoor brick pizza ovenWood fired oven in Hungary.

brick wood fired oven
Outdoor kitchen in Hungary, as above. Looks like you might need a building permit for one of these in the U.S. though. fornobravo.com

wood fired outdoor oven
Gregory Kay ordered the interior of this oven from EarthStone Ovens and installed it himself. The kit, which cost about $3,300, (!) included detailed plans, concrete blocks, and fireproof tiles that Kay used to build the igloo-shaped oven. chicagohomemag

how to brick pizza ovenFlueless French Bake Oven. Follow along with the workshop, lots of great pictures for the DIYer here: mha-net.org

how to brick pizza ovenOne hour brick oven. How to, and the next generation ‘Four-Hour’ oven here: people.umass.edu

Chicago Brick Oven Cbo-750 Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven On Cart - Copper Chicago Brick Oven Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven – Copper: Massive 41×28 cooking surface, you could bake pizzas, you could also roast whole chickens. Around $6K.

outdoor wood fired oven by PRC
PRC Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven: Insulated oven hand-made in Portugal. Around $2K.

Cuore Ovens Wood-Fired Oven Kit: This kit of pre-fabricated parts is meant to serve as the internal fire chamber of your oven. They provide assembly instructions for the chamber, how you finish it is up to your imagination. Around $1K.

Rustic Wood Fired Oven - Faux Brick Front by Rustic CedarRustic Wood Fired Oven – Faux Brick Front: Comes fully-assembled (though you’ll need some strong people to move it into place). Around $2K.

Jamie Oliver’s Outdoor Brick Oven

jamie-oliver-dome-brick-oven jamieoliver.com

outdoor brick ovenJamie Oliver’s brick oven in the UK.

brick wood fired ovenBrick outdoor oven in Arden Hills, Minnesota.
Via: Saint Paul Bread Club. spbc.info

Brick Oven with Magnaini Kit Interior

outdoor pizza oven mugnaini

outdoor brick oven mugnaini

Building An Outdoor Brick Oven Chamber, Step-By-Step

Masonry Heater Association: mha-net.org
Colin & Julie Owen: colin-julie.com
Wood Fired Pizza Vault – woodfiredpizza.org
Arched Oven: howtospecialist.com
Vaulted Arch: considine.net

For lots more info and pictures of stone ovens: inspirationgreen.com

Outdoor Brick Oven Kits and Plans

There are numerous different types of kits to construct the central oven itself:
Multiple prefabricated ceramic parts.
Multiple prefabricated concrete parts.
A single cast piece of concrete.
A single prefabricated oven unit.

DIY center oven can be made from:
Hearth slab and mortared fire brick.
Hearth slab and cob. (See cob oven page.)
Stacked bricks or dry-laid stone.

Ceramic Kits

Forno Bravo
Le Panyol
Superior Clay
Vesuvio via woodfireovens.net
Valoriani kit via Jamie Oliver
Los Angeles Ovenworks

Concrete Kits

OmniPro Pittsburg
Chicago Brick Oven, Mario Batali

Great downloadable plans to build around a kit here: losangelesovenworks

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    Thank you so much for this webpage. I am in Argentina and I will build an oven. I still do not know the proper size for the dome. I am planing to build a bread oven. Please could you guide me regarding this matter? thanks again.


  2. • I appreciate your Brick Oven site with views of various Brick Ovens.

    • Peace-Farms Brick Oven & Bread Baking Project location is in the Kanyawegi area by Kisumu and Lake Victoria in Kenya. The plan is to build the oven, mainly of local brick and metal during June/July of this year of 2015.

    • Wood is in short supply; however, corn cobs, stover fuel, is available from our farm development projects. Propane could be used; however, the preference is to use naturally available fuel.

    • The goal is to build a brick oven, of a design to be determined, and for the oven to be capable of baking batches of Bread and other baked goods, with the bread being offered for sale at local roadside Farmers Markets.

    • In the event of the Brick Oven project being successful, the plan is to duplicate the Brick Oven project in other areas of the Greater Kanyawegi Community by Lake Victoria.

    • The plan is to build the brick oven with local materials, and with supervision have local people assist in building the oven. Brick Oven Plans, suggestions, information and advice is welcome from the, “Brick Oven Building Community”.

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