Outdoor Stone Oven

Outdoor Masonry Oven Inspiration

outdoor pizza oven
Masonry oven in Pittsburg, PA.

Outdoor bread oven in Vermont by Champlain Valley Landscaping.

Bread oven in California built by Alan Scott in the style of the great stone French ovens.

wood fired outdoor oven
Wood-fired oven in Waters, Michigan.
Built from a Los Angeles Ovenworks refractory clay kit.

outdoor stone oven
Wood burning oven, Blue Mountain, Pennsylvania.
The owner used local stone. Built from a Los Angeles Ovenworks refractory clay kit.

How to construct a bread oven. Fritz Bogott of Northfield, MN. gives step by step instructions.

Wood-fired Oven. Built by Mark Mendel

outdoor stone oven
Wood burning oven in Oregon.

Wood-fired pizza oven.

outdoor stone oven
Outdoor Kitchen by Los Angeles Ovenworks.
Del Mar, California
Wood-fired pizza oven.

outdoor stone oven
Wood-fired stone pizza oven.

Pizza oven and wisteria arch.

outdoor stone oven
Outdoor kitchen in Camden, Maine.
Design by Deborah Chatfield.

outdoor stone oven
Outdoor stone pizza oven in Camden, Maine.
Design by Deborah Chatfield.

wood fired outdoor oven
Wood-fired oven.

wood fired outdoor oven
Wood-fired oven.

Wood fired oven in Marysville, Washington.

wood fired oven
Wood fired oven

Benefits Of Outdoor Ovens

  • Shorter cooking times because you can cook at higher temps. These ovens can get to 1000F and the stone holds the heat evenly, cooking the food with retained, radiant heat from all sides and conduction from the hearth. When you burn wood fast and at a high temperature the wood burns efficiently. Burn wood slowly and it creates soot and particulate matter.
  • An outdoor oven in the summer keeps the heat outside. An indoor stone oven in the winter, especially in combination with a masonry heater, keeps the heat inside.
  • Stone ovens do not hold moisture, so breads become crusty on the outside. If you start with a wet dough, the crust will seal in the bread’s moisture, within the loaf.
  • An electric oven might draw 3500 watts per hour to maintain a 550F temp. Three pieces of hardwood, depending on oven dimensions and insulation, might give you a hot oven for a few hours.

The Two Types Of Stone Ovens

Black or Roman Ovens

A black or Roman stone oven is one in which the fire (source of heat) is in the same oven chamber where the food is to be cooked. The food can enter the chamber after the fire has been pushed to the side (such as when cooking pizza), or the fire is taken out after the interior of the oven has been heated to a sufficient temperature, and then foodstuffs such as bread are placed inside and cooked by the radiant heat retained by the masonry. Ovens used for bread should have more mass than ovens used for pizza alone.

White Ovens

A white oven has a separate firebox directly below the baking chamber.

wood fired oven kit
Ceramic Oven Kit

Outdoor Stone Oven Kits and Plans

There are numerous types of kits available for the central oven itself:

Multiple prefabricated ceramic parts.
Multiple prefabricated concrete parts.
A single cast piece of concrete.
A single prefabricated oven unit.

DIY center oven can be made from:
Hearth slab and mortared fire brick.
Hearth slab and cob. (See cob oven page.)
Stacked bricks or dry-laid stone.

DIY Stone Oven


Ceramic Stone Oven Kits

Forno Bravo
Le Panyol


Superior Clay
Vesuvio: woodfireovens.net
Valoriani kit via Jaimie Oliver
Los Angeles Ovenworks

Concrete Stone Ovens

OmniPro Pittsburg
Chicago Brick Oven, Mario Batali
Rocky Mountain Stove.com

Great downloadable plans to build around a kit here: losangelesovenworks.com

A Must-Have Stone Oven Cooking Book

The Bread Builders: Hearth Loaves and Masonry Ovens by
Daniel Wing and Alan Scott

Mobile and Countertop Units


stone bread oven

Frankfurt, Germany, 1568

Brick Outdoor Ovens For Purchase


Traditional Brick Braza Wood Fire Oven, Wayfair.com.


Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven, Amazon.


Traditional Brick Lisboa Wood Fire Oven, Wayfair.com.



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  2. I really enjoyed visiting this site as I plan to build an oven (maybe with a kit) in the lawn of my newly built home on Vermont. I want a bit of jazzyness with functionality and I noted a few here on your site which fit the bill. Thanks so much.

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