Plastic Bottle Homes and Greenhouses

Americans threw away 33 million tons of plastic in 2013, according to the EPA. How long does it take a plastic bottle to degrade in a landfill? Some say 500 years, some say 1,000. Plastic hasn’t been around long enough. We (in our lifetime) will never know how long today’s petroleum-based plastic bottles take to break down in the environment. But we can do something with them while they’re around.

Plastic Bottle Homes Around the World

house with green roof

plastic bottle home

eco tea house glass bottle house Eco-Tec’s Casa de la Fe. Used vehicle wheel rims make up the foundation and some of the pillars.

plastic bottle house Casa de la Fe (Faith House) Honduran Foundation for the Rehabilitation and Integration of the Handicapped. The texture of the outside surface depends on which way the bottles face.

plastic bottle construction Eco Tec’s Sky Field House under construction.

How To Help? Buy A Reusable Water Bottle

The best thing, of course, would be to stop using plastic water bottles completely. We recommend these eco-friendly, reusable water bottles.

glass and plastic bottle house An Eco-Tec home in Bolivia. PET bottle bottoms on the left. Wine bottle bottoms on the right.

wine bottle house This home in Bolivia incorporates lots of wine bottles as well as PET bottles. Here they used concrete pillars instead of PET columns.

plastic bottle house Eco-Tec Africa – solving Nigeria’s housing shortage. Ecotec-Africa &

polli rlastic bricks Polli’s self interlocking plastic bricks are translucent thereby allowing the play of natural light to shine through. The manufacturers add they are good thermal and sound insulators and can withstand hurricane force winds. No BPA, but wish they could make the fireproof backing curtain for walls out of something other than PVC. Can be used for walls, greenhouses, roofs, etc.

plastic bottle house Ecological Bottle House, near the Iguazu Falls, Misiones, Argentina.

bottle cap curtains Photo credit: Xinhua/Martin Zabala. Love the bottle cap curtains!

plastic bottle room The family will instruct anyone who is up for a visit, or if you pay for their travel expenses, they will come to you.

plastic bottle wall Water bottle wall in Danone office, Tokyo. Great idea as partitions in an office!

plastic bottle wall The Morimoto Restaurant’s bottle wall in NYC is composed of 17,400 half liter plastic bottles filled with mineral water and then backlit with LED lights.

plastic bottle wall Water bottle wall. The wall is two stories high.

plastic bottle wall Back outside…

Plastic Bottle Greenhouses

plastic bottle greenhouse Plastic bottle greenhouse on Blue Rock Station, Ohio. This one sits on old tires and is made from 1000 2-liter plastic soft drink bottles. Flickr photo by ticticticticboom

bottle greenhouse Plastic bottle greenhouses are all the rage in Europe. Picasa-Cudlees.

plastic bottle green house Owlsoup Photo on Flickr

plastic bottle greenhouse Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

plastic bottle fence Photo by bryanilona on Flickr

plastic bottle shed A Danish plastic bottle shed. Flickr photo By christof

Plastic Bottle House Innovations

plastic bottle house Eco-Tec’s Ecoparque El Zamorano, Honduras.

Ecological House: Constructed with 8,000 bottles with composting toilets and a solar water heating system. The green roof can weigh 30 tons when wet and has been supported by the walls without any extra reinforcement. It is the first house in the world made from PET bottles without using cement in the walls.

serbia plastic bottle house

Tomislav Radovanic, a retired math professor from central Serbia has built a house of waste plastic. “The house is comfortable and it practically cost me nothing,” Radovanovic said, adding that the bottles are good insulators. The foundation is concrete but all else is plastic; gutters, windows and furniture are made from recycled bottles.

plastic bottle house


Eco Tec’s Sky Field House: The first vaulted ceiling using PET bottles.

All Eco-tec projects have a strong social focus. Most of the PET bottles used are recovered in clean-up campaigns and recycling drives. The community then fills them with sand. They train the unemployed and handicapped in their construction methods. They build water tanks, schools, community centers, urban benches as well as homes. Andreas Froese, Eco-Tec’s inventor hopes to also build some PET homes in Haiti utilizing construction debris. Most of the PET bottles used are recovered in clean-up campaigns and recycling drives. (


Ecological Bottle House, near the Iguazu Falls, Misiones, Argentina.

Alfredo Santa Cruz and his family built this house and matching play house out of used plastic bottles, Tetra Packs and CD cases. They used 1200 PET plastic bottles for the walls, 1300 milk and wine Tetra Pack boxes for the roof, 140 CD cases for the doors and windows, plus 320 PET bottles for the furniture. (

polli brick building Taiwan’s plastic bottle building: EcoARK Exhibition Hall.

Not just a bottle picked off the street. Polli-Brick from Minimize is made from recycled PET bottles. The building can be disassembled and then reassembled elsewhere. Looks like that might take a bit of time though as the building is 279 feet long.

Plastic Bottle Houses Under Construction

water bottle wall Plastic Bottle Construction. Cement.

plastic bottle construction details Plastic Bottle Construction. Adobe.

plastic bottle construction Plastic Bottle Construction. Eco-Tec in Bolivia

plastic bottle water tank Plastic Bottle Construction. Eco-Tec builds many cisterns/water tanks.

water bottle construction Plastic Bottle Construction. How to make an arch.

plastic bottle fence A painted wall.

water bottle construction Eco-Tec’s aquaduct.

How To Build A Plastic Bottle House

Plastic Bottle House Videos

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Author: keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building.

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WOW amazing!... i now know what i'm going to use in a greenhouse i'll do...

christophe genty

Wonderful, howesome, marvelous..... not enough vocabulary for me to say how is the idea. Please continie and show us, the occidental 'polluter', a good way to use the things we use to throw away.

Thanks again


inspiring...greenhouse time.


LOVE this.....I would be gratefull for 1 of these houses.Amazing what a bit of effort and a great creativity can do.


This is FABULOUS. Congratulations. I can absolutely see myself doing this, have imagined the wine bottle walls would be fun. I am a disabled artist in Oregon. Last spring I started crocheting vhs video tape into sculptures, baskets and vessels more specifically. The mylar is very thermal, I would love to show anyone how I do it. Rugs, curtains, baskets, and I think I am on to getting my weaves strong enough for furniture. Oh, plus, what I am trying to figure out how to build a structure with the left over vhs cases. They are shaped like flat bricks. Also, all the parts that come from inside the tape will be used in my art work. I'm here in my homeland, usa... does anyone want to adopt an eco artist??? Take me somewhere the public is not so spoiled and wasteful.


These are some wonderful examples of what a person can do with discards. I raise rabbits and have taken to going to the recycling depot for the multitude of aluminum inter-fitting pipes from all the discarded patio sun covers. I use the metal pieces as frames and braces and construct light and sturdy rabbit cages. The pipes also make great wind chimes when cut to varying lengths and hung.


amazing stuff


I've seen some wonderful things done with plastic bottles; ie:, but whole buildings is a great idea. I live near a glass house built from embalming fluid bottles and it's pretty amazing too. Now I just have to figure out where to store the bottles until I have enough to build with. Thanks for the great ideas!!


i love these recycled ideas, they are exactly what i am looking for....i love the creative and fun nature of the form building and think it is the only way to incorporate reusing trash and finding creative solutions to expensive many wonderful ideas....thank you loads and loads!!!


Absolutely adore this project and will write about you at . It's an excellent article. Inspirational: giving us all a 'CAN DO' mentality.


I love it ! This is what we need.

Would square be easier to build from?

If we could heat 'em and compress 'em we could, make them harden square. The great thing is the are thermal double glazed and great for both hot and cold places.


Eco-Tec's Ecoparque El Zamorano, Honduras.

It is the first house in the world made from PET bottles without using cement in the walls.'

You can easily find the build process of this house on the internet. There is a huge amount of concrete used here. Also stone columns. And even steel beams and columns. Using pet is a good thing, defying gravity is something else.

A civil engineer.



I have been looking into greenhouse ideas for my new england home - now I'm thinking I want to expand my thinking in a way bigger way!


Como puedo hacer para obtener asistencia tecnica en linea para desarrollar un proyecto de muro de proteccion perimetral usando su ecotecnologia. Soy de El Salvador, recientemente fui al ministerio de medio ambiente y ellos carecian del conocimiento


Guyana, my South American home is now over run by Brazilian products, and the main culprit is PLASTIC BOTTLES, oh how i would so love to build my plastic empire now. Thanks for the Inspirationgreen guys.


Absolutely amazing: so simple, resourceful, helpful and sustainable. I am encouraged, inspired and grateful. I am posting (and linking back) to my site and will make our march challenge to make a structure from plastic bottles.


Love the ideas involved with recycling plastic bottles for building. What is their shelf life? Great idea for Hati! No emissions over time? Green house ideas are wonderful, would like to build one of my own. TY for the info, and the appretiation for creative human beings!


Give the word 'greenhouse' a whole new meaning.

Dominique Espitalier-Noel

Incredible ideas and absolutely brilliant as recycling... Thanks Dominique


What great ideas everyone has! In the shots where the bottles are exposed as part of the design, I have two questions... are there concerns over gassing off as they deteriorate? How long will an outdoor structure last? Nice job everyone!


I love this idea. If I had a lot, I'd consider doing this


The most brilliant idea EVER! Who ever thought that any good could come of this plastic bottle mess we've created! This is so good on so many levels! I'm greatly inspired!


This is truly inspiring...I had already decided to make a plastic bottled greenhouse and having a look at how to do it....these photos are amazing and have sparked a real passion to join the recycling others. I just think it is so so wonderful to be able to use our rubbish to build houses etc....turning a curse to a blessing....Cheers and have fun All:)


It is an most Brilliant idea I have ever seen.

I like this verry mutch and I think I will do this in my house in Thailand also, there I can find and collect manny bottles.

verry verry nice.


I LOOOOOVE innovative ideas that serve the planet! Thank you soooo much for this!!!!




I don't want to drink out of them and certainly would not live in anything made from them. problem not solved.


Thank you. Very inspirational!

Cheryl Jones Latimer

this is a solution. We must always think outside the box & transform the Mind Sets of today. this presentation here certainly brings Light that brings more Light to housing, greenhouses, garden designs & for 3rd world countries allot & for wherever a home is within the heart...It can become a reality.

My brother recently passed on from Cancer & Scott would have loved this designs...for sure....thank-you for the Light in a home..



Fantastic! as someone who promotes healthy alkaline ionized water, and is working with people who are bottling the water in order that the larger percentage of people can access the water without paying $700-3700 for a machine...this makes me feel a whole lot more comfortable about the concept............I was very concerned about the bottle factor...but when I see these kinds of answers..

Alan Ogilvie

Electro Water


This is FABULOUS!!!! Thank you for all the photos. I've been wanting to build something with those bottles, but I never really knew how to do it. I've got lots of ideas now.

Eyal Friedmann

Wow.... beautiful and mind blowing. wish these thing would be done regularily around here in israel...


My comments are not my original thoughts, rather points made during a discussion of this amazing craftsmanship and brilliant use of resources.


Recycling plastic= excellent.

Plastic gives of toxic gasses when heated by the sun or other heat sources= bad, cancer-causing bad.

I don't want to be a downer as I LOVE this website and the idea's behind it.

I just wonder how, or if, things even out.


Wow an awesome idea. we could all use them to help others who need homes where would you go in the US to learn more


These are amazingly creative, BUT having considered building a plastic bottle greenhouse I have decided against it - off-gassing, especially of dioxins, must be a serious problem, this will be absorbed by your plants! Even when rendered I should imagine its problematic, look at how much we have been warned about off-gassing formaldehyde, off-gassing from laminate floors etc. But still, if I had nothing else....And of course Glass should be fine.


Thank you for this. It gives hope for the world!


for every bad there is some good. and this is a project that shows that we have some amazing creative ppl that with their magical hands can repair some of the damage that other have cause!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Amazing we all need to take a better look at our world and what we can make with what we throw away. This is a perfect example of what can be done if you just try to do good in the world.

Theodore Taylor

Great Idea! Is this working in Brazil?

Bonita Flor Maria

People in Mexico have been doing this for years! They use bottles or cans & instead of cement, they use clay right from their backyard! They use broken glass for their kitchen countertops


Fantastic! I would like to see more about the durability factor in climates like BC. It's very smart, and very friendly. Glad to see it and will share this with others.


What about fire?

Isn't it dangerous?

Elizabeth Hendley

I am building a small museum in Ecuador in 2012 with plastic bottles. This is so inspiring.

thanks Elizabeth


Where can we get instructions how to do this ourselves in english? The english translation of the website doesn't appear to work.


Hi, Here's an Instructables' How-To:

And Earthship videos here:

That squidoo link above has a how to greenhouse, as I come across more, I'll list...Have fun if you build one!


These are amazing! Does anyone know if there's a way to donate bottles to projects?


Surely the best solution is to buy liquids in glass bottles which can be re-used? When I was a boy, if you took a glass bottle back to a shop, the shop keeper gave you a small amount of money. The bottles were returned to the factory and re-filled, thus saving energy, materials and giving small boys some money to spend on making model aeroplanes. However, the curse of the plastic bottle is with us, but it is good to see something constructive coming from this wasteful technology.


I really like both idea and designs shown here, but would really like for somoene to seperate fact and fiction in regards to the off-gassing issue that several people have raised, but noone seems to be able to answr... Offgassing is supposedly not a problem with the worn out car tyres used in the walls of earthships, but what about PET bottles? If someone could provide some insights, science or personal experiences on the subject, I would be very grateful.

Deborah Ellison



I don't know this for sure, but I would think that the buildings that are constructed with some type of 'plaster' over the bottles that give it a smooth appearance when it is painted would not have the off-gassing issue as it would be trapped by the 'plaster'. Painting might also contain the gasses. Any other thoughts?

mariau urrusti

Coca Cola should do new bottles, new disign special for construction.


Really, really cool, but ultraviolet light (such as from the sun) degrades plastic, which overtime would weaken the structural integrity of the bottles. I wonder how engineers address that.


i know we can make abeeter life but to see what we drink and life in at the same way is the good thing 2folds. of the life


As to Doni mentioned, I would not be nervous of off-gassing if the plastic bottles were hidden from the sun, under a coat of adobe or plaster or cement. I think they would last hundreds of years like that. But, plastic bottles exposed to bright sunshine, as in a greenhouse, unfortunately there would probably be a bit of offgassing...


Great projects. However I'd like to point out one thing:

If you are building a greenhouse, do not use green bottles, as they block all the red and blue light that are essential to plants. Green light is unusable to plants.


Always have wanted to participate in such things, and still hope to live in and build one some day


It is GREAT!!!!


I think this is so cool.


I love all the ideas and especially using sand in the bottles like the Earthships do with tires for their homes!! The office dividers are a great smart idea for light transfer and it looks so cool you have given me ideas for my retirement home projects!


Bill Seward


Brilliant I love them, the perfect way to recycle all that waste. It makes me pleased to think that someone else is manufacturing the building materials!!!!


thumbs up for me and there should be more of it maybee shire councils should take some ideas of here for future projects GREAT TO SEE THIS HAPENING

platypus bushcamp

GREAT IDEA this idea could save lots of landfill areas with this idea the imagination can go wild with different projects need to get the govt on side


While I despise the waste involved with plastic bottles I can see this as a perimeter fence to keep things out and things in. I love the starlike bottle bottoms.


check this out fabulous


Thank you for this amazing website showing how people all over the world are using resources in such a positive 'life enhancing' way. I can't wait to get cracking, with my own creations. This is wonderful :O)

Roxanne Falkenstein

really I know what my new walls will be made of for my sun porch enclosure!


Why have I not heard of this before? It is fantastic. I want one.


Utterly Brilliant!


just watched the video clip on recycling of plastic bottles >as a young girl growing up in NZ

it was always to my fascination how clever and clean the idea was to build homes out of recycled materials.Loved it and Thank you!!

Anne Bobroff-Hajal

Enchanting architecture! I love the way exposed bottle bottoms create stars.


Maybe we aren't doomed and there is hope for the future of the earth.

These are brilliant. Habitat for Humanity should get started on this idea immediatly.


I am loving what can be made from rubbish,

these building made from plastic bottles look great, if thermal properties live up to my expectations, I may try and build one.


Looks nice, but I wouldn't want to inhale all the plastic softener exhalations that are emanated from this bottles.

This poison in plastic disturbs the health of living beeings. Better stopp using plastic and stick with natural materials as earth and wood.




It is amazing... Thanks for creating a solution for these people... we in Mexico have also a lot of need in provinces... a question raise to me if in these houses will hold heat outside, are they cold or warm? just wondering... I would love to feel inside one, is there any built in Mexico?? Thanks thanks thanks, Namaste


I am going to see the web site on how to build a greenhouse. I'd love to have one. Great dwelling and things we all waste. I recycle a lot of things. Keep up the good work.

Alfredo Verdicchio

Fantastic. Endless Possibilities.


Marvelous creativity! Yet, if it becomes an excuse to continue manufacturing and using plastic bottles, that is not a good thing. Plastic is toxic...

Wasantha Mendries

This is excellent idea for Eco life


I LOVE this, and am planning a two story gardenshed/playhouse. Do I need a 4'X 4' frame?


now that is an amazing use for recycling, however, i have to agree about manufacturing just for that reason!


Love it! Let's see the discarded plastic bottles in San Miguel, Mexico not only recycled into more plastic but actually used for construction.


This is a great concept. I'm impressed with the creative structures as well as the simple houses, wells, greenhouses etc. However, it's painful to consider how many plastic bottles there are in the world; worse yet, how many are NOT being used!



Birgitta Adolfsson

Creativity has no limit!

June Rose Quinn

Great solution, easy simple and cheap, lets go for it!!!



Elizabeth Bondatti

This is amazing!! I love the iedea,but I wonder if my neighbors would mind if I made a greenhouse of bottles in my backyard...

claudia jara puentes

Maravillada...encantada...felicitaciones a los forjadores del futuro.

Y para mi un tiron de pelos...hay que imitar lo bueno



This is exciting! Thank you for making this page and allowing people to see how to make use of their own waste. I hope the idea spreads like wild fire!


Love these ideas. Love to see it for real and help save the world. Everyone should see these pictures.

Miriam nyambura

This is beautiful.i would like to get instructions on how to build a glass bottle house.from the foundation ,the windows and the roof.thank you


This is very good ideas!!!

Meybe we wil be have green earth in more years 🙂

Thanks for this site

Napoleón Velástegui

Muchas felicitaciones por la promoción de temas y soluciones importantes que contribuyen a resolver problemas que se han tornado críticos en nuestra vida.


Recycling and creating new things from old used things -this is amazing, but as said earlier in the form, the plastic is very toxic, plastic, especially as we now it today (meaning most producers of products have no idea what is in their plastic etc.) must disappear from our lifecycles! Keep up the good spirit -love




I am so impressed. What a must see this

is and Must do. What a relief to see all those

bottles going to something good and useful.

Lindsey Findley

So very impressed with the ingenuity and progressive approach to using 'waste'. Thank you.


So......ooooooo great to see the plastic staying out of the oceans and being utilized in this way. Stunning AND beautiful.



I am so greatful to see people implementing great ideas. I am curious if the same methods could be employed to build dahms as the sea level rises.

Shannon Courtney

Love it! I think I would like to implement the idea for my garden and create a small greenhouse of my own in my backyard.



bUT, how long will they last in the sun and hot weather?

What about salt spray environment of Ocean climates?

Will the useful life be extended if they are filled with water?

filled with sand?


This is fascinating....why wouldn't plastic be durable?


I would think sand would definitely help the strength and insulation of the structure, don't know if it will help to prevent the plastic from degrading. Found a site saying plastic jugs may take as long as a million years to fully degrade!

If building with exposed plastic bottles in a hot, sunny climate I would be worried about off gassing. If covered well, I would not worry about degradation or offgassing... Cheers!

elisabeth schell

i love what you are doing. keep up the good work!


I would like to give it a try of constructing a wall around our lot using PET bottles with cement. But is that simply mixing cement with the bottles?

Hope I could get some ideas here.



I just want to thank you for all of the interesting ideas,.. I would love to hear more about what you are doing now and in the future.

Thanks again for the terrific ideas for the kids and I to put to work =)


Would love to start building plastic bottles green house, can you share step by step how to build it? adobe and plastic house are in my heart too!!! Thank you 🙂 Keep shining


thank you for what you doing, hoping that it will reach more humans mind to work out a better world. thank you please continue


Great ideas on what to do with plastic bottles In Bolivia I saw an outdoor eating space that had embedded bottle caps into the ground to create a floor!


This is awesome! HELP SPREAD THIS INFORMATION!!! Share it with everyone and help make a difference in your world!



What a great article!!! Take a look at this - 'bottle schools' in Guatemala: - Hug It Forward, a US non-profit has enabled the building of 7 bottle schools in Guatemala since October 2009, with more projects under way! They're showing that this can be a technology for large-scale use and not just for one-off homes.


Almost unbelievable, it is getting even more beautyful!!! And i always hated plastic bottles.


A W E S O M E !!!!!




Faced with rocketing construction costs and no funds, this is an amazing alternative - I'll look for more information!


Hi every one ,, thank you for the link

Great , very nice , hope every one save the Mother nature ...


From Morocco


Wonderful Idea...


What a great idea! The bottles are more beautiful now than ever before. This truely makes the world a better place. I am inspired to do the same.


I have thought for years that villages in flood-zones should build their houses on rafts made from PET bottles to float up in safety when the rivers rise. But this takes it a whole lot further. Brilliant, innovative, resourceful, beautiful, intelligent, local responses to need and capacity. More please!!!!!

MarySue Brown

Amazing. One mans trash, another mans home !!!!


...remarkable, imaginative, creative, practical ingenuity with a purpose...


My father inspired me to work with plastic soda bottles - he would have loved seeing these!


Simply the best ! thank you so much... from Belgium. We fight hunger, co2 and save water with plants and trees in collected bottles and recovered seeds from our fruits. Success all of you !

J .Amarasinghe

Fantastic job I would like to build a sample house in sri lanka , If possible pl advice us

Katriona Murphy

What a great idea. It should be done all over the world.

This makes me so happy.


How can we go about getting this kind of construction approved for use in the US? Here there are too many restrictive building codes and rules that prohibit anything out of the 'ordinary.'


What great ideas to recycle! I particularly like the projects where you can't really tell it's plastic bottles.


Most plastic breaks down in UV rays from the sun. How earthquake resistant are these plastic filled houses with the heavy roofs? How fire proof?


The Hug it Forward group says their plastic bottle schools are very earthquake resistant. Plus, I would think they would be very fire resistant as well. But, yes exposed plastic would offgas a bit in a tropical sunny locale. I do not think the exposed plastic would break down very quickly though. Best.

suleela barclay

this is a most extraordinary fantastically practical method of building - i saw some of this in Hawaii Fern forest back in 1992 from cans mostly....... food for thought, think i'll make something like a shed or greenhouse to begin! got me well inspired thankyou all for sharing this one <3


Where can I get a building plan for a plastic bottle greenhouse?


I see some of you are asking about durability, how fireproof and earthquake-proof the buildings may be.

Fireproof is a an easy one, if the bottles are filled with sand/earth. Even if they are mudded over, they'll be shielded and likely do fine.

Someone else commented that earthquake resistance seems to be proving very good.

Reusing these bottles right at home makes far more sense than shipping them elsewhere to be broken back down... but no matter what, please don't allow plastic bottles, bags, etc. to go into the garbage. Even from the middle of a continent, some of that stuff gets into the ocean, and has deadly effect. From the coast, it's a sure thing it'll end up in a whale's stomach and kill one of those magnificent beings.

Please, be kind. This is the only home we've got.

Sharmila Shaligram

this is an amazing way to use the bottles. in India, we have a tremendous nuisance of plastic waste generated each day, where the people are not educated about the hazards of that, nor the appropriate disposal.

i do have a doubt that i wanna clear, if the plastic degenerates and breaks in the sun, would the houses stand up for a longer period? what about water proofing? our rains may wash something like this in no time, i would like to experiment on this in India and make one here. would your team help us? you can take a look at our website also

i am interested in using this design to -

popularize amongst the rural area,

an alternative, as well as utilizing a category of waste that will stand for a long time, and would not destroy the mother earth. more details please

thanks, Sharmila

Nice communication back from Hug it Forward (see who have helped communities build 7 bottle schools in Guatemala.

'The plastic bottles degenerating in the sun is not an issue because the plastic bottles are not exposed to the sun. There is a layer of cement stucco on each side of the bottle walls. Without this, the classrooms would not be structurally sound - and would also get extremely hot!

These schools were designed with the climate of Guatemala in mind, a country subject to earthquakes as well as tropical storms and hurricanes. Independent structural analysis has confirmed the strength of this building method. The schools should last for at least 100 years.'


Yes, but what about outgassing? You'll be inhaling the crap forever & suffocate inside.


Don't you think we might feel like living inside a plastic wrap?

Lynda Edwards

What an outstandingly brilliant idea to be rid of the loads of plastic bottles etc. which people insist on buying then throwing away! The homes and businesses look really lovely with the plastic bottle constructions!

ignacio valdes

hermoso me gustaria construir una en una isla en chiloe


ca construction techniques like this, even double walled, yield fire-proof, cheap high R value walls for Northern Canada, the native and white popultions their, alike? We have 'Stackwood' from University of Manitoba files, using old rail road ties, We have Straw Bale up and working well, but we need more! can the bottles be filled with cheap expanding foam, for better ridgidity, higher R value, so important in our very cold winters? Can native Canadians redeem themselves? House themselves? even if only to build garages? Storage sheds? Outside the nortoriuosly corproate protective civil building laws? I wonder.


wont work in norway, since we get money back from the store when give the bottle back


Glass gets crushed and eventually becomes sand again.


Location, location, location.

Once you've got a place to build where the humans won't attack you it's easy.

H K Litchfield

What a marvelous way to save the earth from waste it doesn't need and to give people around the globe a way to reconstruct their lives. I'm impressed!


I want to build a garage in Maine--heavy snow and freezing winter weather--anybody got ideas of experience with this?


excellent work congrates


Great pictures and ideas! I love that people are using their heads to figure out ways to use all the 'junk' humans leave behind.


Simple ideas are always the greatest ideas. I would love to have a green house and furniture made of recycled plastic bottles. Thanks.


These are great! I am a papercrete fan and want to try plastic with papercrete! I had thought this would be ideal for areas that don't have clay. We have used papercrete with just a lime wash coating in Wisconsin and it has held up very well! Also Paper plaster, spreads like butter!



i guess this will be the futur of architecture, we have to make something out of this huge heap of waste that we leave here on this planet.

very inspiring.

just have a question about the pet-bottles witch are under suspicion to interfere the hormonal balance.


I don't know if this is on the website, but is there anyway I could get involved in something like this? I could get people at my school just to give their bottles to me rather than throw them away.


It's encouraging to see the ingenuity and forward thinking ways that will bring us all into a new beginning...taking the negative and turning it into something positive. Kudos!


UV degradation could be a serious problem. Our local Solar Village built in the late 70's used thousands of DHPE milk jugs as water/solar storage. After 20 years there was a multi thousand gallon problem. Not sure about PETE. Several plastics are stable but not usually the 'throw-away' type of products. Fill the bottles with local stabilized mud/adobe?




Creative thinking.


Check out this glass version I visited, built in the 1950's

Cassandra Thompson

My husband is certified in green construction but, had to take a job doing something else for financial reasons. We still wanted to exercise his skills by starting with something small, like building a carport. I wanted to know if it is just as feasible to use one gallon milk/OJ jugs and one gallon vinegar jugs as it is to use water bottles for alternative building. See, we don't buy water but, we buy a lot of milk, OJ and vinegar. We would deeply appreciate an answer. Thank you.


Hi Cassandra,

Thanks for writing. Too bad we are not yet building 'only' green construction.

I would think that if you were going to fill those bottles with a slurry, that will harden and become cement-like, then the project would be structurally sound. If bottles were then tied together and the exterior plastered. But, if you were considering leaving them empty- then that would be problematic, as all that empty space would be subject to collapse, if any weight (or strong wind) was applied. I guess it also depends on load and how you would connect the bottles. Can you be more specific? Best, Keiren


hi.. im jaclyn molto from the philippines. i am very much interested in making a bottle house and of course to help our environment. but i do not funds to use to make the said house a reality.. please help. thanks


Hi Jaclyn,

Sorry to hear that you do not feel you can afford to build a plastic bottle house. If you are associated with a non-profit and desire to build a structure for a school or community organization - the people at might be able to help. If for yourself, I would start slowly by collecting bottles...and when you have enough, maybe friends and volunteers will offer to assist you. Best to you!


Hi, I'm planing to exterior insulate a concrete wall in wet rural Ireland, I am concerned that the wall may go mouldy behind the PET bottles, and wondering what is best to join them so that there are no cold bridges. I intend to clad the outside withe either timer facing or render. Does anyone have any experience with this type of building? Thanks for your help and all the lovely inspiring photos.


I have designed and made a recycled plastic building block that inter locks. I need an investor help me develop and mass manufacture the bricks to start building houses. If anyone has info please let me know.


I have been pondering your challenge and cannot say I am an expert on concrete mold, so slow in coming to a solution. But, just read this: 'added a cup of borax laundry booster to prevent mold and mildew' from this page They are papercreting an earthbag home...but sounds like a potential solution for you too. 🙂


hello again. is it possible to build a bottle house in the Philippines? we are always devastated by typhoons.


i am highly impressed with this innovative idea of your......


What about off gassing from the plastic? I love this idea and would love to build my home out of it but what about off gassing from the plastic--I don't know much about this but I tend to not use any plastic products because I have heard that harmful chemicals leach from it. I don't know if it would be worse than what is already used to build homes....just curious! Keep up the awesome work!


Cassandra Thompson

Thanks Keiren for your response! Our plan was to start with a trench a tad larger than the jugs and start with a level of gravel. Then a layer of concrete. We were thinking it would be wise to fill the jugs with sand and give the outside of the jug a coating of watered down cement and sand so that the outside of the jugs would bond with the cement. From that point we would layer jugs and concrete mixed with sand while giving each side of the wall a good layer of cement. And yes, we were planning to tie the bottles together with some kind of twine. Since, I wrote last I have been trying to research building codes in our area. I am not sure if this sort of building would be allowed. ( I really would like to build a house!) Then, I had thought. We would build a wall or two, document when and how the walls were built and allow some time and our Houston weather to pass. Then present our building plans to our Structural Inspection Division and show them the walls. I want to do this by the book. I also believe that it can be done, even in the good ol' U S of A. Any thoughts?


These photos are inspirational! I want to add a new bedroom and bathroom onto my house, and now I have an inexpensive way to do it! Thank you.


I'm about to start on an exciting eco self build in Thailand and would love to hear from anybody who is interested in helping or has any ideas or contacts here. I have built a website to explain the project and my goals: please contact me if you have any interest in permaculture, living self sustainably or any other reason connected with building somewhere that is in harmony with nature...

Joseph Zakrzewski

Does the off-gassing of the plastic pose any health problems?


Hi Joseph, I would be cautious in an enclosed, hot space - like the inside of a plastic greenhouse. But if the bottles are covered over with plaster - then they will not break down and release noxious chemicals. When you think about how much plastic is in our seas degrading and offgassing, that is scary. Best, Keiren


Why not encourage mfg to design PET bottles so that when they are done being used for drinks that they can interlock like Lego Blocks to allow for stronger and easier assembly in a ECO friendly application?


This is great! We are considering the use of this technology as we are thinking of constructing reservoirs for capturing rain and spring water for use during summer. We will continue to use bamboo for other construction as it is lower carbon footprint than cement, but this is certainly something that we can apply in our project

Mr. de la Cruz


Problem not solved ... only delayed. Buildings also have a life-cycle and when it is over, the building will be destroyed and the bottles re-exposed. The only real solution is to stop making the plastic. Period.

Even if all building converted over to this method overnight, (and it does not seem suitable for multi-story commercial buildings) it would only hide the scope of the problem.

So long as there are customers for fluids in plastic containers (oil, gasoline, water, soap, soda pop, milk, paint and so on and on), the problem will remain.


What a great display of ingenuity!


yes yes ....creative solutions of this level can only come when someone realy does care and does want solutions...they call on the creative realm and things us creative souls did not know are always given answers...thank you for all your caring and love of humanity and their home...I am a recycle fine artist... check out some of my early flicker page link is @ you Terri


Too bad, nothing this creative is allowed in the U.S. tyrrany.


this is an intersting thing i like very much i have improve this thing into another way if any one intersting in my way those are also partiscipate how to introduced the pet bottels in concret mixing and controle the harm full gasses or reduced that gasses maximum 50%


thank you


Are the any water bottling companies that shape their bottles for later use as building material?

When taking further use of the bottle into account in proper design it would greatly improve its versatility as building material!

Have a bottle designed by


Are there plans available to help build these wonderful places.?



i would be very much grateful to have contacts of people who may help me in techniques of building house with plastic bottles




Have you also looked at the page?

There is a 'how-to' at the bottom of the page. The organization Hug it Forward helps schools and non-profits build plastic bottle buildings.


This is inspirational - wow! You make me want to get out there and do some of this. In 3 years time I'm taking a year off to building work exchanges and I'm really hoping to work on some bottle buildings. Thank you for inspiring me. I've built out of cob, but what I love about this is that it actually utilizes what others just throw out! Great stuff.


Fantastic rather it seems unbelievable but it is fact which can save us from so many problems because used bottles are thrown into streets, on roads who block the sewerage system also. This is very constructive and right usage of the used bottles.


I would rather have a Bottle in front of me than a frontal Labotamie


I agree with some of the other comments. This is a pretty good answer for the plastic bottles that we already have but we must stop using them altogether. This is good for the trees in that they don't have to be cut but plastic is not a full answer either. Use what we have but do not produce any more waste than is necessary.


How can you get planning permission in the UK for any of these projects.

I have a great idea to get rid of PET drink bottles but need funds to produce tooling. any ideas. .


this is wonderful. i would like to initiate a project with plastic bottles in my area. the plastic bottles here are just too many and are scattered all around. may you assist me in how to construct simple houses using plastic bottles.

thank you.


I am a 64 yo retired grandmother. I would like to make a circular bench around a tree in my yard with my 7 year old grandson. Can I do this myself with plastic bottles. Do you have a 'how to booklet' to get me started. We recycle a lot of water bottles.







Thank you so much for sharing these ingenious ways to use bottles to build sustainably! I would like to try re-building our greenhouse with bottles since the roof on our greenhouse is deteriorating. I would love to see you teaching people in Haiti to build these houses. There is so much garbage and bottle clogged rivers there that could turn into beautiful homes!

Keep up your wonderful work!





This site is so radical. I would do almost anything to be a part of something this amaing. Is there anyway I can help? any way I can donate bottles or anything you may need to further this amazing project?


Amazing I will build my house


You guys have rversed the term WASTES, when it comes to plastics, am forced to think that word is non existent in your dictionary. Keep on keeping on.



Angelica De La Garza

My daughters are working on earning their Silver Award in Girl Scouts and they were inspired by the plastic bottle houses being built in Nigeria. we hope to construct a house from plastic bottles and donate to the Womans shelter. Thank you for the ideas/.


I am currently looking for alternative building methods and am going to investigate this further. How well does this type of housing do in colder climates?

Jack E Cook Jr.

Hey Guys, I stumbled onto your site yestrday. I am currently building a project out of recycled beer, whiskey, wine, and various other glass bottles. As soon as it is complete, I will send ya'll some photos. I am a 20 year exp'd mason in almost every field of masonry, now, glass bottles,too. I'm interested in getting some info on going to other regions of the world and teaching others how to build their own houses/structures out of recycled materials. If there are any programs ya'll offer to facilitate my interests, please contact me at my E-mail addresss. P.S. I am not trying to capitalize on this, just help others, however, I am not in a position to embark on an indeavor like this in the financial straight I am in. if ya'll can help me help others, let me know 😉


This is amazing! Thinking of using this concept to create a small retaining wall instead of block..


Anyone knows if there is any fundation, organization etc to bring the ecobricks i have in thailand?



I live in the boston, ma. area and the coke company recycle those bottles for about 5 cents a piece, otherwise, its a good idea.


hola muchas gracias que temperatura resiste en caso de un incendio o una catastrofe similar

Rafael Navarrete


Just to congratulate you for this great idea.

I live in Kenya right now, I am wondering if I can help you in any ways.

Moreover, next year I am going to move to Spain. (I am Spanish), so let me know if you have any branch in Spain to collaborate with.

Nima Tashi Bhutia

We also run a waste segregation centre at Khangchendzonga, the third highest mountain peak of the world, Sikkim India.

We are also planning to use this collected waste into eco-tech and learning parks. Is it possible to get your videos, can i download ur you tube video. if possible please share me more documents on eco-tech using plastic bottles.



If you look at Eco-Tec's website, there is a lot more info there.

Videos, more pictures, a step by step download of how to build a water tank.

Also check out the plastic bottle school's page for different construction ideas. Best to you. Keiren


I came across this site while looking at alternitives to exterior walls for my home and fell in love with the beauty of some of these places!

Kaska Kowalska

someone had a very good idea to build at any of the used plastic bottles in favor of


Amazing work! A wonderful way to use waste and empower people.


I like this idea.It's terrific to see how people in different regions are using waste materails.and thereby turning it to a more eco friendly use.Love the houses.I am very interested in the concept.Garbage is aplenty,it is how you incorporate it into ur/our lives.Good work to those people.Genius.

Portia Manlapaz Mendez

This is cool, I enjoyed looking at these beautiful structures made of bottles which we usually not paying attention at all. I thank God for inspiring the people who started doing this great ideas. God bless you all.


i think this is a great idea. i would like to make 1 for my patio. i'm 58 and having trouble moving around and i so miss having a garden. this is going to make my life a lot easier. how would i start my my mini green house. i don't own so i would like to take it with me.? t/u




Brilliant & impressive ideas/projects!


What about out gassing (of BPA)? Has that been considered and how have you dealt with it? I love your work, just want to know if/how you've handled this problem- thx


Zou dit een oplossing zijn voor onze grootste wens??? XXX


Is this project possible in New England? I'm a college student, president of Habitat for Humanity on our campus, and I would like to build a small structure using these techniques on our campus.


Hi Jenny, I suppose it depends on what the use of the structure will be. In certain U.S. states it would be very difficult to acquire a building permit for a home for this type of structure. But for a shed or greenhouse you do not need a permit, unless you live in a neighborhood with specific covenants against them. Kudos to you as to being involved with Habitat, it such a great organization. I hope you get to build something!


I think it's absolutely the best creative idea i've seen in a long time, great job i just love the pictures…….


greetings. 2 yrs ago, in a small village on Lago (Lake) Atilan in the western highlands, I met a young American couple volunteering for an organization erecting buildings (houses, schools) from plastic bottles. I don't have the info, (the name of the organization with me at this time) but it was very interesting.


I think this is absolutely inspiring.. #Thanks.. I'm going to experiment.

Question.. wouldnt the plastic degrade and crack when put under such pressure or in concrete??


i love the pics of eco tek plastic buildings and other bottle ideas...the cisterne is great!

how beautiful the results can be!

Thank you!



My name is Maurilio Rico and I first want to say that this is an amazing idea to create architecture. But I also want to say if you create a structure with only water bottles exposed to sunlight do you think it's going to be really hot inside of the structure? I'm saying this because I also want to create something similar to this for a competition.

Thank you.


I'm putting together a book called Epilepsy Korps and I'm

organizing people with Epilepsy globally to introduce new green technologies. I'd like to use your website for one to visit in my book. Please email me with your response.