Recycling Old Doors

Painting on an old door by Cory Bonnet.

old door reuse
Salvaged door message board. How-to:

Old door recycled into workbench
Gorgeous workbench / desk made from reclaimed Douglas Fir and antique hardware. Via Etsy.

recycled door
Outdoor potting table. Lots more pics:

salvaged wood door
This Old House. How-to:

Old door coffee table. Note the still-attached doorknob.

recycled door
Old door coffee table. Note the still attached lock. More pics:

reuse of old doors
By Mitch available via the Etsy shop, J.Crabbit, Maine:

reuse of old doors
Old wood doors as headboard by Maria:

reuse of old doors
Old leather doors as headboard:

reuse of old doors
Door as a porch swing:

recycled doors
Old doors as a medicine cabinet. See:

Salvaged wood doors on the pantry.

Old door reused as a pantry door.

old door recycled
Old door reused as a slider. Image by

reuse of old door
An old wooden door becomes a basement door in a new house. Lots more reuse ideas:

recycled door
Salvaged wood door:

reuse of old doors
Sliding wood door, Coastal Living. Lots more sliding doors here:

sliding wood doors
Sliding wood doors. To save space, old painted doors from Watkins Culver Antiques were installed on rollers. Via:

reuse of old doors
Interior barn doors in Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne’s California home.

reuse of old doors
Salvaged wood door screen. Image: Tumblr

reuse of old doors
If you don’t want to strip it, paint it!

reuse of old doors
Salvaged wood door headboard.

wood door furniture
Door daybed made from two old wooden doors fit onto a daybed frame by Ida of The Urban Cottage.

reuse of old doors
Desk made from an old door. See other images here:

door as table
Old wooden door table by Amber Interior Design:

wood door as table
Wood door as a dining table. by Basak Aydin Notz, via:

Outdoor wooden door table. Lots more pics:

Reuse door table. Legs are a door cut in half and then moldings were added at the base and an apron at the top. Recycled Desk by Eternal Furniture & Design at

recycled doors
Door wall by Piet Hein Eek. Commissioned by Geusebroek and Alliantie:

recycled doors
Door wall by Piet Hein Eek:

Choi Jeong Hwa 1000 Doors installation.

On Great George Street in London, an unknown artist covered the outside of a derelict tenement building with old front doors, all painted red. The building has since been demolished. Photo by Philip Mayer:

bench made from old doors
An outdoor bench fashioned from an old chicken coop door:

old door greenhouse
Four old doors equal an easy DIY tool shed!

outdoor garden doors
Salvaged garden door.

Gateway to a secret garden, located at a conference center called Airlie in Warrenton, Virginia. Photo taken by Eileen:

Doors as Trellis.

garden doors
Image by Monica Roberts, via:

reuse of old doors
Salvaged materials turned into a door. This double-door slider shows that just about anything can be made into a door. Crafted from: early 1900′s cypress siding (with original green paint), wood from a 100-year-old barn and wrought iron fencing. (

Old Doors for Sale

Architectural salvage warehouses and restoration businesses like Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore are good places to look for old doors. eBay’s doors auction page has an interesting mix—especially if you are looking for something specific. Cool inspiration too.

A few places that specialize in selling old doors:

In CT:


Winnipeg, Canada:

How To Decorate With Old Doors

How to make a dressing vanity from an old door:

Make a headboard from an old door:

Make a coffee table from an old door:

Make a message board from an old door:

Another coffee table:

The Best Books On Decorating With Salvaged Materials

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  1. I’m glad that I looked at this link! I saw this link from a post that someone left on the ‘Dave’s Garden’ site. This link is outstanding and gives a lot of ideas to think about! I’m definitely ‘bookmarking’ this on my computer to come back and check out the other additional areas down below the comments. Thanks again for a terrific site! 🙂

  2. I love this page…I have a c.1869 home with many old doors in the barn just waiting to be put to good use. I picked out a huge one with a top swing opening as the perfect ‘door to my blueberry patch’! My weekend project…thanks for the inspiration!

  3. You have given me the inspiration I need to make an old door into my office table. Thanks so much, your site is fantastic!

  4. These are some of the best pics I have seen of recycled doors.

    Great job truly.

    I posted this post to Facebook.

    Tonya Ballew

  5. I love your pictures on old doors, great inspiration for me. I was wondering if you know if it’s possible to use an old carved Indonesian door to turn it into a kitchen bench top by pouring on lacquer to fill in gaps and make it smooth and flat. Will this work and do you have any suggestions of how it should be done?

    Jo Zopf

  6. Looking at these photos has inspired me to do things in and around my house using the charm of recycling old doors.


    Jo Anne

  7. Hi thanks for the great collection of pictures and links. I love old doors and am always trying to come up with new uses for them.

  8. hi, I have about 40 solid wood doors that I would like to donate to you. Would you be interested. Please let me know. Also, my phone number is 510-526-2665. Thank you.

  9. Hey Keiren, you have shared a beautiful collection of recycled doors, I must say…!! Like the way you have mentioned about such old things, especially with the images. Even, me and my husband were thinking to renovate our office place and were wondering about new ideas for old stuff, and luckily, I went through to this post, and I’m sure it would be useful to us. Thank you for the sharing. Keep updating such posts like this. 🙂

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