Sand Magnified

Sand grains magnified 110-250 times reveal each grain is unique.

grains of sand
The tip of a spiral shell has broken off and become a grain of sand. After being repeatedly tumbled by action of the surf this spiral sand grain has become opalescent in character. It is surrounded by bits of coral, a pink shell fragment, a foram (a type of protozoa) and volcanic material. Photo copyright Dr. Gary Greenberg.

grains of sand
A handful of sand grains selected from a beach in Maui and arranged on a black background. Photo copyright Dr. Gary Greenberg.

Every grain of sand in the world is unique when viewed through a microscope.
sand grains
Sand magnified 250 times. Photo copyright Dr. Gary Greenberg.

sand grains magnified
Sand Magnified. Photo by Yanping Wang.

magnified sand
Sand magnified 250 times. Photo via Tumblr.

Sand Magnified Around The World

grains of sand
The glacially deposited sands around Lake Winnibigoshish, Minnesota, contain abundant sediments from the igneous and metamorphic minerals of the Lake Superior basin. A sample includes pink garnets, green epidote, iron-rich red agates, black magnetite, and hematite. Photo copyright Dr. Gary Greenberg.

sand grains magnified
Magnified grains of star sand from Southern Japan, made up of the calcified shells of tiny organisms. Photo by Richard Mouser Williams.


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magnified grains of sand
Magnified grains of Star Sand. Photo by Richard Mouser Williams.

grains of sand
Puffy Stars: Star-Shaped Sand Grains from Okinawa. These tiny foram, a type of protozoa, secrete beautiful star-shaped, calcium carbonate shells, or tests. Photo via

magnified sand
Coral sand magnified one-hundred times using transmission electron microscopy, brightfield mode. By Dr. David Maitland, Feltwell, UK,

grain of sand
Many grains of sand are tiny crystals (shiny, flat-sided solids). Sand from Zushi Beach, Japan, contains what looks like a sapphire crystal. The crystal is larger than the surrounding grains and has survived eroding because of its hardness and quality. Photo copyright Dr. Gary Greenberg.

grain of sand
Fragments of baby sea urchin shells, magnified one-hundred times. Biogenic sand, formed from the remains of marine life, is the major ingredient of many tropical beaches. Via

grains of sand
A magnified view of the tropical beach sand from the Caribbean island of St. John (U.S. Virgin Islands). The grains include porous fragments of brightly-colored corals, minute foraminiferan shells, fragments of sea shells and shiny, star-shaped sponge spicules. Photo via

Sand Photographer Dr. Gary Greenberg

Every grain of sand is a jewel waiting to be discovered. That’s what Dr. Gary Greenberg found when he first turned his microscope on beach sand. Gemlike minerals, colorful coral fragments, and delicate microscopic shells reveal that sand comprises much more than tiny beige rocks.

Author and photographer Dr. Gary Greenberg is a visual artist who creatively combines art with science. He has a Ph.D. in biomedical research from University College London and holds 17 patents for high-definition 3-D light microscopes. Dr. Greenberg lives in Haiku, Hawaii.

Dr. Greenberg has published two books:

The Universe Of Sand

Carl Sagan famously remarked “the total number of stars in the universe is greater than all the grains of sand on all the beaches on the planet Earth.” University of Hawai’i researches estimate that the total number of ‘all’ grains of sand on the whole planet could be approximately 75 billion billion. Scientists still believe there are more stars in the Universe.

Speaking of planets: If a grain of sand represented an entire galaxy; so each grain of sand, or galaxy, contains 100’s of billions of stars, you would need to fill six rooms full of sand to contain all the galaxies in the known universe. If you drilled a tiny hole in one of the grains of sand, ‘our Milky Way universe,’ that would be the area that we have been capable of seaching for planets so far. About 2000 planets have been discovered so far.

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Author: keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building.

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The Beauty of Nature


Oh Lord, how great thou are!


It is awesome


This is very very cool!!


This is fantastic. I love every bit of Science (except for those damned thermodynamics!) and I especially loved this read. And to the god commenter, yeah right.


I really like these beautiful images of nature magnified. I will look at sand with a more discerning eye now!


My first thought was: now I know what means amazing. Thank you for this work.

God bless you always!


This is mind blowingly beautiful!! Wow, such gorgeous uniqueness in every single grain. Who would have thought that grains of sand contain such an infinitum of distinctive exquisite creation? Thank you Supreme Creator indeed! Only pure intelligent design could construct such fractal micro/macro-cosmic design. I am so glad to know that from grains of sand, to vast entire universes, creation is boundless in its intellectual sculpting of existence.


These are really great. I need to strap a microscope to my camera!


Beautiful! Brillant, I wished I had a microscope to look at grains of sand. I never thought they could be magical.





fantastic, maravelious. Il like a lot.




Wow! The beauty of sand has been revealed.




I love what all the differents of sand is. Like the black sand coming from the lava, and red sand and white sand and the fish poop that makes sand.. Thanks for sharing your beautiful side of what sand does.. and makes..

Abdullah bin Abdul Rahim

What goes around comes around


WOW! That was magnificent! How much we miss by not knowing how and where to look...


Amazing.. never saw this, it is like 'another world'. Thank you very much for sharing.

Kind regards.



What a great GOD we serve! Only He could create such infinitesimal things. God is GREAT!

Thanks so much for your research. As another person said, I will NEVER look at sand the same way again!


Amazing, truly amazing!


Thanks for sharing 🙂 Now I don't feel so bad having the name 'Sandy' or when a friend shortened it to just 'Sand'


Thank you for sharing this magnificient beauty of nature ...Thanks for reminding His words ,

Carl Sagan famously remarked 'the total number of stars in the universe is greater than all the grains of sand on all the beaches on the planet Earth.' Love from one of the tiniest intellgent organisms on one of big blue marbles in the solar system,in the milky way, the universe:)


Magnifiques photos et découvertes qui donnent d'aller voir sur place!



It is wonderful how technology advancements, science and creativity expand the field of perspective we have on the universe. A very novel idea taking microscopes to a subject commonly disregarded as bland.


Thanks for opening my eyes!

I have a habit of collecting sand, rock, mud,...from places when I travel. I would like to use your magnifying camera to look into my collection to unlock the secret of the history of nature.

Thank you for sharing.

terence m spencer

only god can create the beauty beyond all imagination regards terry


I will never see sand as an irritation or nuisance again. Bless you for sharing these remarkable photos and for your ability to recognize the glory of the infantesimal.


Amazing. Simply amazing!


I have always loved the beach and shells and now I love them both even more!!!!!!!


Thank you for listening to your intuition and following it to this remarkable discovery.

Just makes us realise how Great our creator is,The giver of life who cannot be compared to anything.

Thank you for sharing Mr Greenburg;)


I don't have the words to say, but amazing.


Simple wonderful




Time to buy a microscope! Amazing.


I'm headed to the beach....I'll never view it the same again.


Why do people keep giving credit to god? Not to be rude, but it's a combination of water degradation and friction upon other particles. And the source of the sand is terrestrial. It is beautiful, but it's also natural. We don't need an excuse like a higher power to have things like this in the universe. Not that I'm bashing, but i'm pretty sure if he made up our whole universe, he wasn't thinking about making things pretty. They just happen to suit our human concept of beautiful... I mean he made the ugly, too, didn't he? Why are we being so selective here...


So, are you trying to say that God only has relation to the spiritual and supernatural and not also to the physical creation? What is so odd about God using natural means, when he was their author in the first place? Where did your 'human conception' of beauty come from, and why do we uniformly hold something like these photos to be fascinating? As well, if you don't understand the fall, you won't understand the ugly. God didn't make imperfection, but at the culmination of human history all fallen earth will be recreated into what it was meant to be (Check out the eighth chapter of the epistle to the Romans).


this is amazing stuff!!!!!!!


Just beautiful /each grain so different.. &

for sure another beautiful Jewel.

To think a grain of sand can look so beautiful--------




To Joanie.. You may certainly look at all of this and all of Creation as nothing more than an accident of the universe if you wish.. but I'm here to tell you that those that do.. those that refuse to believe that there is a design behind the brilliance we can observe with our own eyes.. all have one thing in common.. You lack a sense of ''AWE''. In other words you are not impressed sufficiently with what you see. If you were and you understood the magnitude of what is laid out before you..You too would have that sense of ''AWE'' that makes it impossible to think that this is nothing more than accidental.


wOW And it is not a million years old because the world is only cuple thousend years


Thank you


now just imagine if each one of those grains of sand were a universe in itself populated with life forms like our little blue marble, earth? The mystery of it is fascinating! I enjoy musing about the human body in the same way...What miracles to behold. How great is the gift of life. And the gift of imagination.


Thank you for the moment in space and time that I experienced looking at and listening to this site. It allowed me to momentarily feel my connection of place as a being in the line from the microscopic wink of those grains of sand to the spiraling Universe.

Thank you for reminding me what I am, a part of all that is.


Very beautiful and worth watching.


These pictures are really amazing,more people should be able to see these tiny miracles of nature. BLC


just never ever thought about the beauty of sand and i love the beach even more now what jewels God gives us and even we are made all different and fearfully and wonderfully amen thank you


Guess little bugs need pretty things to look at too.


Thank-You for sharing, they are magnificent!

Send more Please


I am so amazed at the beauty of the sand. I had no idea.


Well said 'Archangel' and 'Larry'. Beautiful grains of sand, beautiful creations of God.


These photographs are just beautiful. I hate to even walk on sand now. Thanks for such beautiful pictures, just amazing.


Thanks to you, I can't wait to get my hands on a microscope to examine some sand from various locations, Thanks

Phillip Gauthier

This beauty is a true testament to the 4 billion years of aquatic biodiversity of Earth. ? You could study your whole life and only gain a glimpse into the chemistry, evolution, and vast vast time spans that led to such complexity on every scale. ? The how and why is the true beauty. ? For those of you that choose to believe it all just appeared because your were too lazy to study the sciences in school, I leave you with one of my favorite quotes, 'Religion is the crutch of the weak minded'.


A geologists dream.


Walking on the beach will nevr be the same.


like grains of sand through the hourglass these are the days of our lives. and just think any fragments of organisms in the sand all had dna which in itself is totally different than any before or after it. talk about individualism!!!


Brings back memories of 50 some years ago while my 7th grade science teacher was talking.....I was thinking that we are but a grain of sand in creation but how special we are! Thank you for bringing forth the beauty.


Beautiful, amazing science of grains of sand.


Our God is awesome, not only did he create each of us unique and with our own identity He also showed that He was so creative, that every tree, every blade of grass, every grain of sand could be the same and so completely different at the same time. Praise HIs Holy Name!!!


God's work


Thank you for posting this! My last name is Sand and I had no idea how beautiful it really was!!


Philip wrote, with sarcasm: (O)ne of my favorite quotes, 'Religion is the crutch of the weak minded'. To which my favorite responses has always been: 'Yes, religion is indeed my crutch; and pray, sir, what is yours?'


I have to say that this is amazing. My son sho is ten now has always loved rocks crystals, and anything to do with geology. I would love to bye the book and find out more of our earths unknown beauty.

Thank you!


We live in Colorado. We own a condo on the Inland Waterway in St. Petersburg Florida. We have just returned from the Gulf of Mexico beaches.

Having been scuba divers, we have shell collections from all over. However, this beats all. Betsy


Awe- inspiring ! ! !


Brilliant! Wonderful! Gorgeous! Nature is truly astonishing and this work shows a special something that has been under our feet all this time. Love it. Think about it carefully.


Absolutely astounding! Makes one carefully consider and appreciate the greatness of our Creator. Many thanks for sharing!


I had no idea! Grains of sand are just like humans, and animals too-- no two are alike!



I collect sand ~ every time I go anywhere I bring some home. There is a verse in the Bible somewhere where it talks about us being as different as a grain of sand and this just proved it! Thank you for your beautiful research and photos! Awesome!


I had no idea how beautiful sand is, nor did I know that each grain of sand is different from any other. I am continously amazed by the beauty we can find on our 'blue marble.'


I am entranced by the tip of the blue spiral seashell as small as a grain of sand and mirrors the image of the whole shell. It speaks of how each cell is a diagram for the whole entity. It is also incredibly beautiful.


It is amazing to see that God has created everything so uniquely that no two things are exactly alike. It shows just how special each of us are to Him that He created us all equal but distinctive and that He has an individual relationship with all of us.


The beauty of looking deeply...


Who is to say that our Cosmos or Universe is not a handful of sand on a beach of a gigantic world, beyond comprehension ... and that it, in turn, is not a handful of sand.........? etc, etc, etc..... It boggles the mind!




I will be in awe when I walk the sands of any beach from this day forward.

The past cells of once live animals and objects not of this planet. Such beauty I would never have known.

Thanks to scientists who look deeper than the human eye and brain could conceive.


Nature and art in tandem.


If you drilled a tiny whole in one of the grains of sand... 'That would be 'hole'


I would never have known this! The pictures are

very beautiful. Good job


magical. thank you.


I am always in awe with God's perfect creations. So amazing, beautiful, spectacular and magnificent. There are not enough word's to describe. Thank you so much for sharing with us all. Maria


who would have thunk it---Amazing


I have walked the beaches of Hawaii, the beaches of the East coast of the U.S.A., the beaches of the west coast of America. I now live in the desert with abundant sand. God has truly given me a gift!


That's really kwel and interesting. Wish i cud c it in real life!!!!!!!!! *__* 😉


Amazing!!!! Our God is an awesome God. I will never look at sand the same way again.


sand is beautiful..... didn't know what it really looked like......thanks for sharing!


thank God for what He has given us- this is truly amazing-a work of art. We live in a world made by God and filled with His beautiful artwork, yet nobody seems to notice or care. How about we stop and smell the roses, and then thank God for them!


If you drilled a tiny WHOLE'...should be


Beautiful photography!'


Mahmud Iqbal Baig

Most wonderful effort to bring us nearer to understanding the hidden secrets of Nature, to open our minds to reality often ignored by us as insignificant, our own foolishness.


How unbelievably naive of me to think that a grain of sand is just speck of gray, black, silver, white or pink matter! A brilliant and creative-mind found what is inside and shared with us what the wonderful Creator made

Ishrat Dabeer Suri

Such splendor, such beauty can only be found in the works of God. It's beyond human capacity to create all this, thus appreciate the almighty for all what he has given along with the reasons as to why they are in the service of mankind. Man has produced the computer but who has given Man the brain - God and God alone.


Magnifcent, the handthat made them is divine, testifying to the creator's power, man tries to copy these masterpieces! God is in control


Beautiful, never would have thought that the sandy beaches I have walked on could have such beauty. The work of God.




And yet some, even those who marvel at the indescribable, stunning clarity and detail of the design, insist on denying the wisdom, the power, and even the existence of the Designer. Wow.


God promised Abraham that his descendants would be like the sands of the seashore. If we find these tiny grains of sand breathtaking, think how beautiful God's children are to Him.


thank you for sharing this beautiful magnificent piece of art and history. One day when I go to Hawaii I would like to meet you to learn more.


There are many things in the world that are not so beautiful in the sense that they represent threats to life. They too may have beautiful outside physical forms.

So are they also designs of a loving God?

Your faith is missing an essential component of human knowledge, awareness and maturity...critical thinking and a deep humility that realiizes that the universe does not revolve around us. We are part of of it, but not the ultimate focus of it.

You can admire and appreciate the subjective beauty of the universe without requiring a belief in supernatural origins. Life can be just as rich and rewarding without faith in a unverifiable higher power. Life as it enough.


This video shows how little we know of the processes elements go through in time.


Abby, I thought George and perhaps you and Greg, come to think of it, might find this interesting as I did. Uncle Bob


I thought you, Jeremy and the girls might find this interesting as did I. Uncle Bob.


Makes me want to grab a handful and hie to a microscope.....Absolutely beautiful and wonder-ful!


This is really amasing,young kids in science may really enjoy this.


You pseudo-Christians need to realize that not everyone needs a mythical 'god' to explain why there is beauty in nature and to use as an excuse for doing NOTHING to preserve it and,in fact, usually being the money-grubbing rapist of this beautiful planet. If you are not an environmentalist, you ARE the problem.


This is informative, educational, beautifully arranged and presented. I never thought that there was so much beauty in a grain of sand.


I cannot praise this highly enough!! The photos are BREATH-TAKING+++ AND the text is FASCINATING+++!! Many, MANY THANKS for sharing this WONDER+++!! Hugs


that is awesome I never knew that and it is all so very beautiful


Forgive me for writing a 2nd time, but you've got me wondering and wooondering about the ingredients that make up sand as I have never wondered before!! I'm sooo grateful!! Anyway, my question is this: do you find fragments of teeth and bones, I wonder? I've been thinking of allll of the sea-bound and earth-bound creatures - incl. the creatures known as humans - who, over time out of mind, have perished in or near the sea - and it just makes sense to me that fragments of their teeth/bones would have become/will become grains of sand. Hugs


God is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow, really fascinating. itty bitty bit's of the ocean. Beautiful stuff. I had no idea. Thank you for showing us that.


Evolution you idiots

Dont hate appreciate

Evolution....God....just remember...quarts doesnt weather into clay particles and these picture are stunning


The more we know, the more we need to understand!

Elizabeth A. Pellett


The more we learn the more we realize that we have the need to learn so much more. There are definately powers greater thatn ours.


Brilliant, I am going to buy this book for my niece who surfs and lives by the beach!! thank you


Now I want to go down to our beach and bring back some sand to check out. Ours is very fine and pretty white. If we have a very stormy winter much of it goes away leaving rock, but comes back. I have been told that most of it comes from river rocks in the Carmel River which gets deposited in the very deep Carmel Canyon. There it gets beat up by the waves and eventually is deposited around the point at Carmel Beach. So now I need to know how much of the sand is from the rock and how much from shells or protozoa. Thanks for making me want to find out more information.


What beautiful treasures we tread on at the beach. Thank you for the beautiful photographs and explanations. We're literally walking on treasures and gemstones.

(By the way, you mis-spelled 'whole.' It should have been spelled 'hole.' )


I was WRONG! Apologies. It was correctly spelled 'whole.' My bad. I am so embarrassed.


Gorgeous! I hope no 'grains' of ocean-floating junk plastic were picked up with the star subjects.


Another reason to walk in gratitude and reverence on this beautiful planet. We are literally treading on the continuum of life. The bodies of ancestors lie beneath us and someday so will ours.


I see every day the unending beauty that God has supplied for us that we take for granted, but I never dreamed that each grain of the sand at our beach held such unbelievable beauty. I appreciate your opening my eyes further to God's wondrous gifts.


Sand is used by God to set the bounds and limits of oceans.


I really appreciated the article and megnified images of various grain structures.

I would like to receive such brain storming information and or wonders of the world explored and photographed by many geneious persons.


I loved all these pictures. When I lived up in Ft Bragg Iwas in a mania for shells andsea glass. I made jewelry pins, and cards with pix of the pins.


Incredible and wonderful, I am inspired. Thank you.


I have walked on a beach almost daily for the last ten years and never realized the beauty beneath my feet. Thank you so much for opening my eyes!


Sand to sand is interesting. How about comparison from no magnification to graduated magnification. Thank you.


If you drilled a tiny whole in one of the grains of sand ...'

This is an awesome presentation!

But I still think the intended word here was 'hole' ... not 'whole'



Who would have thought we have at sometime been walking on these JEWELS, JUST MAGIC.

Dr. Gary Greenberg thank you so much for sharing this with us.Kate. P.S. I have now sent it round the world to my friends so they can share in the beauty of your work.


My first entomologist (Bug Dr.) encouraged us to always think small in order to see the wonder of insects and other micro organisms. Never did I think of how beautiful the world of sand grains could be. Totally awesome.


thankyou so much for shairing i neaver realized what i have been walking on every day when i walk i will ponder of what i am on


We were just on Maui and had no idea what was on the beaches under our feet. Thank you for your delightful photos. This strikes me as an interesting idea to apply to one of the Mars rover missions. Since it seems there were bodies of water there in the past, a close examination of the sands they left might be another way to search for signs of (past) life on Mars.


I'm a poet on Cape Cod. Your work I'm sure will inspire me to write one about our beautiful sand. It's more than beautiful! Thank you


Thank you so much for these beautiful photos of sand. I would never have imagined how very beautiful each and every grain of sand could be. Our world never ceases to amaze me of it's beauty.


A perfect example of 'NOW THAT IS GOD! '

Only HE can produce such beauty in some- thing most of us look at mostly and simply as dirt or snow and not as indivdual flakes. It's like actually seeing them as HE does! Magnificent Photos of HIS handiwork. Heaven will be even more exciting. One can almost hear the footsteps


Very nice, lovely, great stuff. God has nothing to do with it.


Romans 1:20; For his invisible [qualities] are clearly seen from the world's creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship, so that they are inexcusable;


this is amazing!


thank you for opening our eyes and admire the 'little things' Mother Nature is giving us - and

respect it!


Little do we humans comprehend what our Creator has wrought. He has created all these beautiful things for us to enjoy, and yet, He gave His only Begotten Son to come here and give His life for us that we might have salvation. What a wonderful, wonderful, loving, magnificent God!!


Gary Greenberg photographed most of these images. He's an incredible photographer. See more of his work at


Where exactly is this God's signature? People just take away all the mystery, wonder and humility to really try and comprehend the implications of natural phenomena by 'seeing' their favourite god's brand mark on them. For every new discovery, every new proof of nature's sheer scale and variety, they will make some dumb comment which is to say something like, oh, I know where that came from, it was my god, my father who manufactured it, ... and my holy book said something like that much before you took the trouble to work hard and show us what you are sharing. Personally, I think, it's people's not just lack of knowledge but their intellectual laziness that keeps them from finding out for themselves more about the amazing universe we live. When somebody else shares such wondrous stuff it that makes them feel sort of inferior;a sort of complex really that gives rise to jealousy. These people think it's more worthwhile to worship and pray, and occupy oneself in the world of religion and politics. Wasting time discovering the wonders of nature is for weirdos and geeks.

They will use their leisure time to enjoy and wallow in their mindless activities rather than acknowledge the need to try and understand what it all means. They will justify their selfish urges to lead a sinless life so they will be rewarded in some heaven or afterlife. They would rather not think but believe and stay in a state of hypnosis which is akin to a soporific drug-induced state of hallucination. Unfortunately, these images will not snap them back to consciousness and they will continue to see their maker's brand name inscribed in everything.


I have always loved the nature we have around us. The grains of sand prove that God is amazing in everything he has done.

What a wonder in each grain...


This is so cool!!! Where did you find the first one?


I don't know who YOU are, but I'M impressed!!

There is so much we take for granted without realizing and understanding the mirical that it is.


I feel sorry that you cannot know and see the joy and love that 'God' brings. And this is just another example of his hand.

Stephanie Duncan

Who hath measured the waters in hollow of His hand...And comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales... Isiah 40:12


Thank You Gary Greenberg and to all who put these pictures up for all of us to see. They are truly wondrous and incredibly beautiful. Outstanding Photography!!


this was the most amazing display ever. Thanks


What else can I say? Thanks Apryl for sharing this Dr. Greenberg, it truly amazing! Absolutely beautiful!


Thank you for sharing the marvel of sand!

The more closely we look at the everyday things around us, the more awe inspiring they become. One might expect they would be a humbling influence on humans to some degree. Many times it is, but reading the thoughts of others I get the feeling not often enough perhaps. If we can't share the special beauty of sand without being unkind, how can we expect to get along on a global scale, solve the really important problems on this tiny insignificant grain of sand we call home?! Therefore many do put their hope in a God, even if that god is science. But every holy book (I think) promotes peace, love, kindness & etc. So let us leave each person we contact with a beauty like we enjoy viewing the wonderous things around us. If inanimate objects can, intelligent humans should...if we try. One thing we all seem to agree on is if we look close enough at mere sand, what beauty we see! If we look as closely at each other, maybe we can see the beauty in each of us? OK, it may be true, at some of us you may have to look really hard, but still I pray we try. In the mean time what other wonders might we find? Surely some body had to design this stuff, someone a lot smarter than any human I have heard of. And chance so far means chaos.

Thank you again for sharing the marvel of sand.


one of the most awesome things i've ever seen. Only from Jehovah!!


Thank you so much for sharing this wonder.

I have looked at many grains of sand and of course unless it is a rocky beach or pebbly they all seem the same. I loved seeing these beautiful pictures. The internet has made it

possible to see all the beautiful secrets of the globe brought by brilliant photographers and scientists. Thanks again


What an awesome God we have.


beautiful, wish I could see with my naked eye

Sandra Sumang Pierantozzi

It's so magnificent--beyond words and can only testify to the Creator's magnificent handiwork.


I lived in Okinawa from 1978-1981, and spent many days shelling and exploring the wonders of the ocean and beaches there. I visited one of the small surrounding islands and admired the 'stars' in the sand. I could see the star shapes with the naked eye. What an experience. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photographs!


There is beuty in all creations.


Oh. . .so BEAUTIFUL ! I'll NEVER look at 'sand' the same way again!


Incredible !



Like snowflakes - each one unique.

Thank you.


GOD is good!!




Ready? Get this if you can- There are about 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (2000 billion billion) grains of sand on Earth; EACH ONE IS UNIQUE! There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on Earth; EACH ONE HAS A NAME FROM JEHOVAH GOD! There are more connections in your Brain than there are grains of sand or even more than stars in the known universe! Try repeating that to 3 people. Check out this amazing web site. What are your comments? I need some Tylenol.


This is truly a work of art. God in His infinite wisdom, has made each grain as individual as He made each person. Even though we share the same components,(DNA,Ectoplasm) etc. we are all as different as the grains of sand on the beach.


What an amazing world Dr. Greenberg has opened up ...

This excerpt from William Blake's poem (He lived from 1757-1827) shows that he was ahead of his time ... or at least had an amazing vision, both physical and philosophical.

'To see a world in a grain of sand,

And a heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,

And eternity in an hour.'


Save the planet!


A wonderful site - thank you!


Extraordinary! Other than walking barefoot on the beach I had not given sand much thought. I'll never look at it as ordinary again. God is so good.


fantastic discovering truly mind-boggling


fantastic discovery, truly mind-boggling! how precious our God given natural resources are, even a grain of sand.

Thank you Jehovah and thank you Dr.Gary for revealing this matter to us.


If you would like to see one of the very best dune sand collections in the world today, stop by Sand Master Park in Florence, Oregon USA and see our amazing display of SAND!

Michelle leFrancois

Love this video and will now buy the book. Amazing!


Wow, I never would have thought that a grain of sand would be so magnificent! I've always thought that they were rounded off pebbles! That really made me think!


What is so amazing, is that God thought all of this through and made all of it! I mean, it just blows my mind to think of how he made all of us and all of our surroundings! Praise God! 🙂


Thank you for showing us another one of God's wonderful creations. What an amazing God, taking the time to make even the smallest of his creations beautiful, unique and awe inspiring. I marvel at it.


Just amazing.


God created all of this for us to enjoy. Have a Blessed Day!


God God God.....blah blah blah..... our universe and everything in it is so vast and powerful, yet the human mind keeps returning to elementary beliefs...


Unreal so beautiful.shame can't be seen by human eye alone without being magnified ...this gets around to all those greedy guys ,,there won't be any sand left on any beach.........


how can you not believe in God and look at this world with open eye's?Its just amazing how people do that.


Thank you for these magnificent pictures. They truly is awesome and I'm grateful for the experience!

Thank you!


I agree this is the most beautiful panet in the universe, just made for humans, by Jehovah God. What a wonderful place it will be to live without Satan's system. How marvelous when every thing will be returned to the paradise Jehovah purposed. Maybe we will be able to see the beauty that is not apparent to us now. Yet there are so many beautiful things to enjoy now. Think what the new system will be like. Thank you for sharing this beauty of sand.


Sorry,,,beautiful PLANET


What a wonderful example again of the wonder of that man upstairs, hwo gives us all these things to use and learn of. Thanks be to God.


Sand : I love photography - not very good at it myself. This is so cool ! I had no idea our beaches were made up of these beautiful pieces of art work !

Thans so much for showing us




amazing how something can appear so plain and simple to the naked eye...when in truth each grain is a work of art, beyond imagination.

Makes one ponder how much magic and beauty that surrounds us all daily goes by unnoticed.

A true eye opener.


Mind-boggling and awesome.

Mary Ellen Steury

It's like looking into the depths of the universe.



I thoroughly enjoyed this website sent to me by a dear friend. Since I have a science degree I've seen al lot of this before but a refresher warms my heart.


Impressive - but it might be easier to drill a tiny hole than to drill a tiny 'whole'.


Thanks for sending. These are awsome pictures. Never imagined that much under my feet at the beach. The earth is an amazing place.


Thanks to Astrid for passing this on.


The world is full of Magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

--W.B. Yeats


Hard to put into words. Thanks ever so much for sharing. I find that if I look close enough,

everything is beautiful.


The Lake in Minnesota that you refer to is mispelled. Enjoyed the piece very much.

beverly paltridge

you see people create sand images on the beaches all the times imagine seeing them under the microscope like Dr. Greenbergs awesome indeed. thanks for all your works they sure do give the credit to the creator in all his magnificents. keep up the works and keep sharing it with us.


Dr. Greenburg:

We have a photoblog and a group of photographers called Lens luggers. One of our group forwarded this to me. We would like permission to include your inspirationgreen with credit and links to you site. Woudl tha be possible. thanks you.

Bob Grytten -


Wow; what amazing photos!! So gorgeous; I could look at them all day. 🙂

Frankovitch Grimowski

It is so interesting to me that the sand on Mars does not have the veriety that Earth sand has. Why? Life.


Wow what a wonderful work of arts the Wonders of Sands, the miracle of nature.

Kenneth W. Baguley

This exposure to sand in magnification, gives to me the sense that all things are valuable and useful...Look what we do with sand: We melt it and make glass for windows. Who'd a thunk it? God is the great organizer of all things and did a magnificent job creating conditions upon which we live...Why? Because He loves us.

Barbara Borelli

I will never look at a grain of sand in the same way.


I'm going to crack into my egg Timer. This is spectaclar who would have thunk it!


We cannot in our finite minds even begin to comprehend the wondrous creative power of our God!


Great pictures from a different view point, 100 to 250 percent magnification!! Bob :o}


Yah, it LOOKS cool through a microscope, so you should think about that when the sand in your shorts makes that ride home less comfortable... (heheheheh)

good pics. I wouldn't recommend taking a $2,000.00 microscope to the beach in any case. Shake out the shorts when you get home.


These particles resemble the glass- work of Dale Chihuly . . . or is it the other wat around?


We are on Siesta key beach, Sarasota Fl. supposed to be made of quartz???Very fine ,very white and very soft..Unique ???


Abraham to multiple until his people, not Jews at the time, but later, were to be as the sand in number. The Jews need to get busy!!!!


I have been collecting sand for years from all over the world. Thank you so much for such wonderful, unbelievably beautiful pictures. Going to purchase the book right now.



'if you drilled a tiny 'whole'??????



BREATHTAKING! THANK YOU! I desire to become a fan of Inspiration Green.


Beautiful pictures!

Oh the wounders of this small aspect of our living planet. That perspective can only be seen with the magnification of the microscope.

Thank you...



How wonderful to see that such tiny speck of sand is so magnificent!

Thank you for sharing the beauty.


Who but God can be credited with such a creation ?


I've spent years on sandy beaches. I learn something greater about our Heavenly Father every day. God Bless you all.

Paula Yencopal

This is such a visual of how Christ is in us and around us as the Father is in Him and we are all one, with the Holy Spirit as our intersessor. There is no loss of connection in this perfect plan. We must always trust in that.


So very beautiful and the only way to have seen this. Thank you.


Beautiful to be witnessing the constant evolution of the universe. How rock is eroded by wind and water to break it down. The power of nature!


I know you will say this is scientific,but it is mystical. It is a shame that both the scientists and the mystics cannot agree that we seek the same and fine the similarities and can't agree that they are one in the same. God, give us the ability to see you in all things, even the grain of sand. I am amazed at this find. Thank you , Dr. Green, for your efforts.


Thank you for revealing the beauty of our own wonderous world to us! We are truly blessed to be able to see it in all its splendor!


Absolute Magnificence what a wonderful World we

Inhabit! A truly Spiritual Experience!


Euclid's notion is proven in a grain of sand, God is, and if it were not so, I am would not have shown you.


It is amazing that we can see the wonderful works of God even in a grain of sand. Thank you for showing this wonder to us.


Beauty we walk on!




Anyone viewing these miracles of a loving God and still claims it to come from evolution and denies the handy work of God is either an idiot or a liar.


This is so beautiful! Who knew the wonders beneath our feet. I'm passing this on.