Telephone Wire Art

Telephone wire as an art medium.

telephone wire art
Telephone cord sheep by Jean Luc Cornec.

telephone wire art

Telephone cord sheep at the Communication Museum, Frankfort, Germany.

telephone wire sculpture

Telephone wire Guinea Fowl by Celia Smith.

telephone wire art

Walking Puffin. Telephone cabling and copper wire.

telephone wire art

Telephone wire robin.

telephone wire sculpture

Telephone wire Peacock.

telephone wire art

Telephone Wire Head
by Hilary J. Baker.

telephone wire art

Affirmative No. Telephone Wire.
By Gyongy Laky.

telephone wire art
Telephone Wire Basket.
Photo by Karen Lotter.

telephone wire art
For centuries, South Africa’s Zulu have been known for their long-lived, beautiful baskets woven from grasses and palm leaf. Some baskets were woven extremely tightly and were even used to store beer. Urban recycled telephone-wire weaving evolved from these traditional hand woven beer pots.

telephone wire art
Telephone wire basket, South Africa.
World Designs.

telephone wire art
Telephone wire bowls, Durban, South Africa.

telephone wire art
Telephone Wire Vessel. Signature Series.

telephone wire art
Telephone Wire Picnic Basket.
Handmade in Mexico. $170.
Easy cleaning.

telephone wire art
Defiance Bottles – This intricate wire-wrapped carboy (fermenting bottle) was created in Hungary in the 1950s and 1960s. In an act of rebellion, citizens pulled down telephone wires to cut communication within the Communist government and then used the wire to protect their wine bottles.

telephone wire art
WireWear by Tuan Tran. Recycled telephone wire.
Has roots in Tuan’s helping his grandfather weave fishing nets as a young boy in Vietnam.

telephone wire art
Telephone wire painting by Kiei Takano. After the death of the artist’s father (who operated a telephone construction company), Kiei became fascinated with phone wire and began applying it to his art.

telephone wire art
Untitled Drawing, multicore telephone wire, glue, black perspex, MDF, 60 x 60 x 30cm, 2008. By Maggie Madden.

telephone wire chair
Telephone wire chair by MeubleSoLoft.

telephone wire chairs
Telephone wire chairs by MeubleSoLoft.

telephone wire art
Telephone wire shades.
By West Elm.

telephone wire art
Crocheted telephone cord baskets by Magda Van der Vloed.

telephone wire art
Pier Voulkos, the first to use telephone wire in jewelry construction. Telephone wire pressed into raw clay will permanently attach during baking due to the plastic coating. Fall Leaves Neckpiece, 1993; polymer, telephone wire.

telephone wire art
Telephone Wire bracelets.

telephone wire art
Telephone wire is plastic-coated copper within a thick sleeve. Inside that plastic lay 50 thin PVC-coated wires in all different colors. Sometimes they are striped. You can wipe the stripes off with acetone.

telephone wire art
Fair-Trade means no child labor!

Sources for African Wire Baskets

How To Make Art With Telephone Wire

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I loved to look at your wire art pieces. Ii have a small glass bottle that is elaborately covered with telephone wire. Even the stopper on top is wire covered and the artist who made it wove a small raspberry to hang on the side of the bottle top. I bought it years ago (about 25 years) in a thrift shop for 25 cents. I'm not looking to sell. I love the piece. It is amazing the work that is done in different cultures using this technique.

sandy wischnewsky

I am so glad to see that this is a site that is still alive, still fluid, and continuing to add new work. I'm comments on this because this was one of my early and odd art materials. I found a bunch of this wire in a field, and while I had no idea what it was, I had great ideas for what it could be, and in 5th grade I was making jewelry for all my friends. I just wish I had this inspiration then. Amazing. And thank you for still being here. <3