Vertical Herb Garden

Herbs, lettuces, and strawberries do not need as much soil as many other plants, so they are good candidates for vertical gardens.

The World’s Best Vertical Herb Gardens

herb wall
Vertical herb garden in the edible garden at Atlanta Botanical Garden. The section to the right is a water wall. Photo copyright Tim Martin.

herb wall
Vertical herb garden at Atlanta Botanical Garden. Landscape fabric surrounds the plant stems and keeps the soil in place.

herb wall
Herb Wall, Atlanta. These units can be taken down for maintenance. By Los Angeles-based AECOM; Atlanta-based Axios Architecture; and Dallas-based MESA Design Group.

herb wall
Pocket wall planter. At Le Virtu Restaurant Philadelphia.

herb wall
A vertical wall garden supplies herbs for the Homegirl Cafe at Homeboy Industries, LA, Calif. Such an excellent organization, training kids to work in the restaurant industry:

herb wall
Pocket vertical garden. 4 pocket:

herb wall
Pocket planter full of herbs.

vertical herb garden
Aquaponic Vertical Vegetable Garden. Water is recirculated through the panels from the tank below. Goldfish create the fertilizer needed by the vegetable garden. The tower is made from 9 PlantsOnWalls Full 12-Pocket Vertical Garden Panels threaded together with picture wire to form a triangle. The panels were attached to galvanized pipe and placed over a 36″ Stock Tank. A fountain pump recirculates the water through the felt panels.┬áJames Snidle Gallery San Francisco.

herb wall
Pocket wall planter. Woolly Pocket makes indoor and outdoor planters. Two Wally Ones or one Wally Three.

herb wall
Pocket wall planter made of fiber felt. $178 and $278.

herb wall
Vertical herb garden attached to wall. Modular living wall systems by Live Wall. Made in West Michigan:

herb wall

Vertical herb garden on a frame.
Modular living wall systems by Live Wall, Michigan.

herb wall
Modular living wall systems on wheels by Live Wall. At Bloomin’ on Blue Star in Saugatuck, MI. Available in six colors. Use on a frame or a wall. Made in West Michigan.

herb wall
Edible vertical garden. Modular living wall systems by Live Wall.

herb wall
Movable wooden planters on a plant wall. Zizmor House, Upper West Side, NY, NY.

herb wall
Indoor Herb rack at LYFE Kitchen in Palo Alto, Calif. Nice lesson in herb plant identification.

herb wall
Vertical Herb Garden at Clarence House. By PU+H Landscape:

vertical herb garden
Vertical herb garden. Reinforced steel holds the clay pots by their lip. More of this type:

herb wall
Freestanding Vertical Garden by Williams-Sonoma.

How to Make a Vertical Herb Garden

herb wall
Herb wall. Here the soil and roots are held in wire cages which are placed in a framed wall. See cage, bottom left. Wrap the bottom, back and sides of cages in landscape fabric. This design seems a good starting point (inspiration) for other similar designs. At Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Via:

herb wall
Rain gutter herb garden. Slant gutters and water will drip down to gutter below. You could also take gutters and attach them to wood. A 1×4 or 1×6 would be a good size, paint as desired. Attach mounting hardware for easy hanging. Don’t forget drainage holes if hanging straight. Galvanized steel or copper is a better choice for the environment than PVC.

herb wall
Gutter herb garden. Step by step – how to:

herb wall
Free Standing Pallet Herb Garden.
Be certain your pallet was heat treated (HT) and not treated with chemicals (MB). Step by step – how to:

herb wall
Pallet herb garden. Step by step – how to:

Another how to here:

herb wall
Vertical Herb Planter. Step by step – how to:

Vertical Herb Gardens from Recycled Plastic

vertical herb garden
Vertical garden from cut plastic containers.

plastic bottle garden
Plastic bottle herb garden at Clarence House, September 2010. Growing in recycled and re-used items on a vertical plane. By PU+H Landscape:

herb wall
Minigarden vertical. Made of recyclable polypropylene, 5 colors. Available in Europe.

One-of-a-Kind Vertical Herb Gardens

herb wall
Ammo cans as herb planters, in Chantal & Ryan’s backyard. More pics in the post.

herb wall
Shoe bag herb garden. Via:

herb wall
Aria Tabletop by Evo Organic.

herb wall planter
Mason Jar Wall Planter. With black rocks on bottom for drainage. Seems a good idea to keep a mason jar filled with dirt on the kitchen counter, ready to receive unused fresh herbs.

herb wall
Magnetic wall systems. Largest vessel can hold up to 14 pounds.

herb wall
Kitchen garden of the future by Hyundai.

Planters For Your Vertical Herb Garden

How to Make a Pallet Garden

How to Make a Plastic Bottle Tower for Your Vertical Herb Garden

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Author: keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building.

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If you live in Australia and you want to make your own vertical garden pockets you can buy the material in rolls of 35 meters - you can also buy smaller amounts but it gets expensive . Only black is available. Its not the same as the material used by Woolly Pockets - (ie its not recycled plastic) - but it looks and behave in similar fashion. The felted fabric is also made in Australia.

Vertical Garden Online also reviews new products as they come onto the market.


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