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tiny-house-for-sale-horizontal-headerReady to live in a tiny house as soon as possible?

You can buy a tiny home the same way you would buy any other home, already built and ready to move into.

Many mobile tiny houses even qualify for RV financing if you don’t want to pay for it all at once.

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Tumbleweed RV Tiny Houses

Tumbleweed has “ready-made houses” that are livable on delivery. With Tumbleweed’s Ready Made House To Go Buying Guide you can flip through to view details of the models and their specific customization options. Financing charts are also available.


The corner porch and option for dormers allows for more interior space than their original model and has a large loft, adding more space to this Tumbleweed model.

Starting at $58,000

tumbleweed cypress


Features a front porch, lancet window and the option of adding dormers for extra loft space and a cross breeze.

Starting at $58,000


Very open downstairs and spacious up in the loft, the Linden features Tumbleweed’s innovative two-dormer roof two dormers, which provides more light and space.

Starting at $61,000



This model is sleek and and modern. Maximizing 170 sq ft with no loft, the Mica utilizes every square inch with built-in shelving, overhead storage and a separate kitchen and bathroom.

Starting at $61,000


Traveler Tiny Homes

Traveler Tiny Homes are hand-crafted and RIVA Certified, meaning that they’re street-legal. They are designed to handle extreme climates, while maintaining their goal of energy efficiency. Traveler Tiny Homes can be delivered throughout the United States, and financing options are available.


269 sq. ft. with full kitchen and bath, sleeping loft, attic space and first-floor dining area. Comes with standard RV hookups, with solar power and other off-grid features available.

Starts at $66,000


Traveler XL

344 sq. ft., sleeps up to 8 with a full sleeping loft, first-floor private bedroom and the option of a second sleeping loft.

Starts at $74,500



160 sq. ft., sleeps 2 with a daybed in the bedroom/living area. Has a small kitchen and bathroom, with the option of adding dishwasher or outdoor shower for more space. It also has large panoramic windows and extensive storage space.

Starts at $46,600


Solid Build Wood Sheds & Cabins

The buildings come as a kit for you to put together with your family or a few friends. Solid Build cabins use only natural Norway Spruce boards that are certified as sustainably-grown by the Forest Stewardship Council. Many new wooden sheds are made from processed wood that contains formaldehyde and other noxious chemicals. Solid Build’s don’t—their materials are 100% natural.

Niki Modern Shed

13′ x 16′, 161 sq. ft., with a contemporary design—banked roof, covered front porch and six-foot-wide window in front.

Buy for $11,195


Dakota Cabin

This 15′ x 13′, 168 sq. ft. cabin has a double-window in front and double doors.

Buy for $8,495


Haven Loft Cabin

20′ x 16′, includes two windows on each side, a spacious sleeping loft, and a porch. With the loft, the living area is 640 sq. ft.

Buy for $19,500



20′ x 28′, the spacious front porch leads to two sliding glass doors that supply plenty of natural light. Two bedrooms.

Buy for $25,225


Pre-Built Cabins on eBay

eBay is a good place to look for pre-built cabins—these are built so they can be hauled by trailer to your site.

Amish modular cabin, 14′ x 32′, starting at $33,610

Amish-built log sided cabin, 12′ x 20′ starting at $18,900.

Amish-build log cabin, 14′ x 40′, starting at $42,020.

Barn/Shed Kits

Buying a barn or shed kit is an expensive way to get materials for the exterior of your tiny house. The sheds below can be delivered to your site, with all the materials you need to assemble them.

Best Barns Easton 12′ X 20′ Wood Shed Kit

Frame is Swedish wood, exterior made from wood composite siding, with white pine trim and doors. Shingles, windows, and flooring not included.
Buy for $3,079


Solar Roof Shelter Kit, Waterproof 4.1KWp Crystaline Modules, Battery Backup and Hot Water System

A complete off-grid living kit, with fully-functioning solar electrical and hot water system. Structure made of kiln-dried lumber with pine finish.

Buy for $21,900


Best Barns Millcreek 12′ X 20′ Wood Shed Kit

Frame is Swedish wood, exterior made from wood composite siding, with white pine trim and doors. Has a second-floor loft you can access from the inside or outside. Shingles, windows, and flooring not included.

Buy for $3,658.99


Sunshed 12 Ft. W x 12 Ft. D Wood Garden Shed

Plastic roof windows—plus 10 other windows—let plenty of light into this bright, 100% Western red cedar shed. Floor and cedar-shingled roof included.

Buy for $5,499.99


Santa Rosa 8 Ft. W x 12 Ft. D Wood Storage Shed

Comes with three windows and a door; the cedar roof shingles are already attached. Comes with a 4-foot-wide deck.

Buy for $3,663.56


Used Tiny Houses

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Don’t let the word “used” turn you away. Buying a “used tiny house” just means you’re not the first to live in it and we buy lived-in houses all the time!

Buying a tiny house that has already been lived in can save you a lot of money. For example, a used Tumbleweed model can be found for $14,000—more than half the price of a new Tumbleweed model.

You’ll use fewer resources if you buy a used tiny home. There are enough homes, big and tiny, that we do not need to always be building new ones. If a reason for wanting to go tiny is to lessen your environmental impact and live more minimally, buying a used tiny house is a way to hold that intention fully.

Often people build tiny houses to live in temporarily, while building their “other house”. So this leaves a lot of newly built, “gently-used” tiny houses for sale.

eBay is a good place to start, they have a page listing all the tiny houses for sale on eBay, many of which are used.

Tiny House Listings connects tiny house buyers, sellers and builders from around the world. Converted school buses, small canvas yurts and other small homes for sale/rent can be found here too.

Tiny House For Us provides listings of tiny houses for sale or for rent, as well as trailers for sale and listings of property space for parking. They also provide resources for other tiny house related topics, such as books, workshops and a builders directory.

Craigslist and local community billboards are another great place to look for used tiny homes or used RVs and school buses that are ready to be converted.

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